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  1. Ahoy! Wanted to start a thread specifically for the Chaparral Signature 350 where we could discuss topics, successes, and failures! I purchased a 2005 Chaparral Signature 350 late last season and had her shrink wrapped and dry docked. I would like to order my vinyl decal/boat name logo to go on the trunk storage lid. I am unable to measure the space or find the dimensions online, from chaparral, or parts dealers. I was hoping someone might know the dimensions or is able to measure the space on the trunk storage lid where the lettering would go (width: end to end x height: bar to 350 logo).
  2. Hello all, it’s been a long time since I posted something on here! I hope everybody had a great boating season. We still have our 350 and still loving it! however, I notiaced that our “wood” floor in the galley is now coming unglued in the middle, so it is flexing when you step on it. It’s somewhat annoying. Does anybody have encountered the same issue? Or did anybody removed that section before and how? Thank you all in advance! Chris
  3. Par


    Help please, I have a sig 350 from 2006, I can't find forward bilge. Suggestions please.
  4. I have a 2006 Chaparral 350 Signature. The other day while using the microwave it just stopped and went dark. After checking the microwave breaker on the board (which didn't pop) I looked for a gfi outlet it may be plugged in to? I could not find any. Is the microwave plugged in somewhere and if so how in the world do you get to it? It is in a very tight place. Thanks all in advance!!!
  5. Here we go again! Generator would run 5 minutes and stop. Replaced fuel filter, overheating switch, plugs, impeller, and still same issue. Today I replaced the low oil pressure switch and surprise!!! Opaque brown oil! Remind be the dipstick, and et voila! Fuel in the oil!!! So, what say you? fuel pump, carb or rings?? thank you all as usual.
  6. So here we go again. My generator stops running. I have a clean strainer, and I have replaced the fuel filter, the spark plugs, the impeller and the overheating switch. I have good water flow but it just quits after 5 minutes What gives? thank you all for your input.
  7. Happy new year to you all! I hope 2017 brings you a great boating season! I'm also looking for advice, I just replaced my fresh water pump, it runs smooth and much quieter than the old one, but it keeps running while I'm running water. Shouldn't it pressurize and stop "humming"? thank you and again happy and safe new year. Chris
  8. Hello y'all. I hope everybody had a great Turkey day! Maybe even took their boat out! The time has come for us to replace the VHF radio. I have a Raymarine VHF 215 right now. I am looking for a suitable replacement. VHF218 maybe? Should I stay with Raymarine, if I switch to something else than Raymarine, should I be concern with any of the wiring and connections? Thank you for your input!
  9. Ok! What a weekend! 1st we blew another cranck shaft seal on the generator. My fault. Dirty strainer. But, now my one year old vacuflush is not sealing, so it's constantly running, my water pump won't stop running, I think I have air in the system, and today my holding tank shows full although it's empty and my macerator pump may be done too!!! I'm just really ticked off right now!!! i also have water coming in in the head, I assume while under way, underneath the sink, in the little storage that holds the toilet paper. This baffles me quite frankly. 2nd Edit; so no
  10. Hello y'all. Quick question: has anybody removed the "big" TV on the aft wall right above the aft cabin on Signature 350? Because for the life of me, I can't figure out how that thing is affixed to the wall. Thank you y'all.
  11. Hello y'all, tried to drop anchor and windlass was inoperable. I replaced the 2 foot switches that were old and dried up. Today, I pushed on the windlass button and the breaker popped. Does anybody have encountered similar issue? i'm thinking solenoid? Thank you all as always
  12. Hello y'all. I hope you all are enjoying this Labor Day weekend and that you had a great summer boating season. I am concerned about cracks in the gel cost that have appeared seemingly out of nowhere!!! Meaning within the last 2 weeks, or between the last wash and today. Boat didn't move during this time. Cracks are multiple, about a foot and a half in length. Located between the deck and the rubrail on the starboard side. Thank you for your advise as usual. Chris
  13. Alright! So who has done it? we have decided to put wood floors in our 350! My main concern is removing the carpet and galley floor and cleaning up any glue residues. Does anybody have had experience with that? as always, all my thanks for your advises. Chris.
  14. Hello y'all and happy Friday! Could anybody tell what brand are my sea strainers on my 2002 350 Sig? i cleaned them and found out my upper seals were worn, sadly, 2 marine supply places and 2 hardware stores could not provide me a matching seal. And the two marine supplier could not even identify the brand of the strainers. I have attached pics, thank you for you r help and happy boating! Chris
  15. Hello y'all, So... It's probably in there somewhere but... how do you unclog a vacuflush. It's running, I CNBC her it, and it's a brand new unit, but it's not flushing!!!! thanks for the help. chris
  16. Hello, I am a new owner of a 2008 350 Signature with mercruisers. I went to use the boat this weekend and none of the mercruiser gauges were working. The gauges worked during the sea trial and during the 5+ hours I have put on the boat since I picked it up. Any suggestions on troubleshooting the problem would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  17. Hey y'all, so another day brings another challenge!! I just discover I have water.. And of course, mildew, in the storage under the forward berth. It seems that the water is coming from the anchor locker above?!?! Is that even possible? And if it is, is it a minor incident or a major problem? I just discover that tonight while looking for something. I didn't have the time and enough light to look into the locker. We haven't used the anchor since we bought the boat. Anybody encountered a similar situation? Thanks!
  18. Although we have done a substantial amount of work on our 2002 350 signature, shafts, belts, generator, water pumps, TV and antenna, cockpit speakers, lights, impellers, services, canvas, isinglass, fire extinguisher, it seems there is still so much more to do!!! However a local dealer has a 2006, blue hull, wood floor, nicer vinyls, but... It's equipped with I/O's... So, is it worth trading my 02 8.1's V-drive for it?
  19. Well, here is another oddity, it seems that my A/C is blowing some kind of carbon deposit. But mainly out of the main vent in the cabin. it looks and feels like soot, my A/C is set in dehumidifier, I have installed 2 new filters, and the problem is persisting. Any ideas on what would be creating this? Thank you y'all's
  20. Hello y'all, My newest project is to clean and repaint the bilge, what paint would you recommend? Thank you all.
  21. While cleaning the engine bay Sunday, I noticed that the check valve or anti-siphoning valve on the raw water hoses was seriously leaking. First I replaced the valve itself but it was still leaking I proceeded to replace the entire assembly but now I still have some seepage out of thru valve. is that normal? please see attached pic thank you
  22. Hello all, So we went through the survey on an overall pretty clean 2002 signature 350 but here are the bad news; - fridge in the cabin is inop. - vacuflush pump doesn't shut off - dripless shaft seals are leaking - secondary air valve is noisy on port engine - one ruder has a bit too much play, for the pin is a little worn Of course I am going to ask the dealer to take care of those or as much as possible. My questions are; - even with all that stuff fixed, buy or don't buy? - in you guys experience, are those normal issues on 350 Sig or that boat has been abused? Thank you all!
  23. Looking to see if anyone out there has any experience on selecting the prop pitch for the Sig 350 (formerly the 330 before 2011). I have twin Merc 5.7 Mag 350 Bravo 3 and am using stainless 24 pitch props (came with boat). I am thinking of lowing the pitch slightly to get on plane quicker. I'm ok when the boat is not heavily loaded (just 4 of us) but once i add a few more people it obviously slows me down. I notice that many other cruisers of similar size that i ride in have little issue getting up on plane with the same 5.7 engines and 12 or more people . For me it takes a lot more time
  24. And so it begins; after a month of waiting and preparing, and fixing, and servicing our newly acquired 2002 Signature 350, after 6 hours the starboard transmission started to make a banging sound at 2,500 rpm, at higher RPM it's just a strong vibration. At 200 RPM you hear some kind of grinding in the gear. Any ideas? Anybody has experienced that? How much is a transmission these days? 😜 Fortunately we have a good dealer that came to pick us up and trailer the boat back to his shop. But talk about a disappointment! Thank you in advance for your inputs.
  25. We officially closed today on a 2002 350 Signature. We are pretty stocked. She needs some TLC but nothing big. I do have a couple questions though, - what are your preferred cleaning products/brand? - what do you use, besides bleach, to maintain/clean your fresh water holding tank? Thank you all. Chris
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