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Found 4 results

  1. Houston, I have a problem. I am having an issue with a SS 216, 2002. The bilge was leaking through the shiftier cable bellows and replaced every thing since it was out. I leave my boat in the water and it leaked maybe a week or two before I pulled it. Maybe 40 gals per 8 hours. "How is this rain water getting into the bilge????" before that boat was always very dry. So the float switch was not working and when I unscrewed it from the bilge floor, water came up through the holes where it was mounted! I assume it must have gotten in the same way, BUT it was under enough pressure that it came up like two small water fountains, rising about an inch each. So I let it drain and then used a wet vac, got about 2 gals out of her. I assume I will need to drill holes and see if they weep? Use a moisture meter to see where it is or is the glass to thick? Is this a common problem with Chaparrals? Are they cored bottoms? Any Idea what they are cored with?
  2. I have now had 3 surveys done. 2 on 330's 1 on a 320's. All the boats are about 10 to 12 years old. All had delamination and cracking on the stringers. Can anyone tell me is this common? Is there a large issue with this hull? Is there any extended warranty placed on this issue? I love spending money on surveys but I'd rather own my own boat this summer. All input is welcomed. Thanks in advance!
  3. The aft edge of the sunpad on my 1995 2550sx is sagging. Anyone have a suggestion on how to repair or get a replacement. It's still functional but upholstery needs replacement and I'd like to fix this at the same time. Thanks in advance
  4. The worst 3 words anyone could say to you, I have a 2004 Sunesta 27.4 Chaparral. I got a call from my marina this past Sunday saying my boat is sinking! Once we pumped out the water... came to find out that the boats hull had delaminated.. on both sides. The Chaparral dealer said he has never seen anything like this.. Long story short..I have had 2 fiberglass guys tell me it was not laid right and that the resin was never applied correctly. Has anyone ever seen this before? I need to advice from Chaparral! Help!!
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