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Found 6 results

  1. My 2006 Sunesta 274 with 100 hours starts fine, idles fine, revs fine - all is good until we put it in gear and try to go. It lugs, sounds like it is struggling, and only gets up to 2800 rpm's. The engine has been running great all summer. This just started and was instant - did not happen slowly. Ran into a guy today that claimed to know about boat engines. He said the first thing he would do is replace the secondary fuel filter. He said people don't know about it because they want it to be a dealer repair. Can anyone confirm that there is or is not a secondary fuel filter? The primary fuel filter was changed about 10 engine hours before this started. The fuel pump is not whining. Any other thoughts on what could be happening?
  2. I have been through the operators manual for my Volvo V8-300 boat motor. Under "Technical Data" I found that the fuel filter is the "Volvo Penta, water separating, spin-on filter." Super. Even I know that is not enough info. So I went to the Chaparral site and looked at their part guides, and they don't even list a fuel filter at all! Geez. I called my dealership and had to leave a message. Still waiting for a return call. This is asinine! It's not like I'm looking for some obscure, special, hard-to-find item. It is a fuel filter for heaven's sake!
  3. LakeLady

    Water in the fuel tank?

    So, I think I know what my problem is, but I'm not 100% sure. Any feedback/suggestions would be awesome. Labor Day weekend, we took the boat to a different marina to refuel. The one I usually use is sometimes unreliable with staff (the owner is in poor health), so the pumps aren't always open. My sister in law and her husband found another marina, so we went there. When the boat is at idle speed (putting it in the slip), it sputters and dies. They thought this was weird, but were wrapping up the long weekend and didn't give it much thought. Last weekend I experienced the same thing. My slip is hard enough to get into anyway, this made me insane. So I took the boat out again, (not much farther than I was interested in swimming!) and ran it at varying speeds. I noticed the occasional hiccup. Again, it died at idle (forward or reverse) while trying to dock. I am assuming this is water in the gas. I have had suggestions that I should get SeaFoam Fuel Additive to solve the problem. It was also suggested that I use rubbing alcohol, but I'm not a big fan of that. I've been told I will need a new fuel filter and that I need to drain all the gasoline. Anyone been to this rodeo before?
  4. So, took boat out on lake for first time this year last weekend. Wouldn't fire up. Tried, would run really rough then stop. Figured, OK, probably need to replace fuel filter, plugs, wires, distributor, etc. Ordered all the parts. Got to work last night. First step, replace fuel filter. Took a while to get the cover off. Turns out it had a wire thru the screwdriver slot that went up thru the clamp (Mercruiser 3.0 engine). So, I'm thinking that "has this filter ever been changed? Or is it 16 years old?!?!?!". Clip the wire, get it off, and, yeah, I think it was 16 years old. The spring appears to have deformed it it was so old. Fired up the engine after replacing fuel filter, night and day difference!!!! Still went on with the rest of the tune up which helped smooth it out a bit more and the timing was off previously by a degree. I'm thinking the previous owner didn't care as good of care of the boat as I thought. At least in the engine bay. Maybe they thought "only 190 hours, fuel filter doesn't need to be replaced". New vs. old in picture.
  5. Buster

    2014 Chaparral Signature 27

    I am searching for a maintenance manual on how to do basic things like oil changes and fuel filters. Does anyone have a pdf manual or a link for a 2014 Chap 27 Signature with a Volvo 380 engine? Also so have a "maintenance required" message when starting up I'd like to know how to clear. Owners manual doesn't address this message or how to clear it. Any help out there? Please email me at bustercrabbe@yahoo if so. Many thanks in advance!!!
  6. I am having fuel delivery trouble with my 1990 Chaparral 1800 SL. So far I have replaced what I believe is a perfectly good fuel pump with a new one. I removed the out line from inside the fuel cell and checked the screen type filter on the bottom end and it is clear of all obstruction. I have replaced the fuel hose with the upgraded fuel hose from tank to pump, (just in case the line was breaking down internally.) I have completely discarded the fuel filter, (at least until I get this fuel delivery issue resolved.) Now this brings me to the forward, 151A, (late model), carburetor. There is a vacuum line that routes from the flange of the forward carb down to the fuel pump. The forward carb has very low vacuum and when adjusted for balance it runs like junk. The rear carb has terrific vacuum and can be adjusted like normal. I can find no vacuum leaks. OK, now the past symptoms are as follows; Drop boat in water. Fire off the engine and it fires right away. Sounds really good Take boat out on the water and run it hard or easy for 15 to 20 minutes. Stop engine and fish for an hour or so. Engine will not fire again and there is no fuel in the lines and/or carbs. I dont understand that vacuum hose from forward carb to fuel pump. What is that vacuum line supposed to do? Is that vacuum line there to assist the fuel pump ..... Kind of like a mechanical over vacuum (or vise versa) fuel pump? Why can I not get any measurable vacuum in the forward carb?