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Found 6 results

  1. Hello my name is Steve and I am new to this. I have a 2002 Mercruiser Bravo III 5.0 MPI Fuel Pump Problem. I used to turn the ignition on and wait 2-3 seconds for the fuel pump to shut off after priming. It takes up to 30 seconds for the pump to start now and has a solid alarm sounding once it does. I did buy a new relay and swapped it around with the two old ones and still have the same issue. I also put a fuel guage at the schrader valve at the fuel rail and appears to be around 42 PSI when the pump finally starts. It wants to start but won't, so has anyone got any ideas on what the problem may be? Thanks, Steve
  2. So after having the boat winterized, the moment I start it up at the dock it begins to squeal. Id like to believe there something else going on with the boat and that the fuel pump itself wouldn’t go bad by just sitting. Other symptoms, loss of power, clacking noise, trouble idling. Any other reason it could not be getting the pressure? Boat: 2015 Chap 216 SSI, VP 4.3GXi EFI. Less than 50hrs on the boat.
  3. replaced my fuel pump & filter with a new one (whining and poor performance) prior to replacing the engine would fire right up with no problems, after replacing (whining and performance issue now resolved) but its very hard to start, need to give it plenty of gas and it still takes about 10 seconds to start. These are twins 8.1, replaced the pump/filter on the other engine last year with no issues. I bought both of pumps at the same time from the same dealer, the only difference is that one of the pumps has been sitting in the box until I replaced it this year. Any ideas? Thank you
  4. I am having fuel delivery trouble with my 1990 Chaparral 1800 SL. So far I have replaced what I believe is a perfectly good fuel pump with a new one. I removed the out line from inside the fuel cell and checked the screen type filter on the bottom end and it is clear of all obstruction. I have replaced the fuel hose with the upgraded fuel hose from tank to pump, (just in case the line was breaking down internally.) I have completely discarded the fuel filter, (at least until I get this fuel delivery issue resolved.) Now this brings me to the forward, 151A, (late model), carburetor. There is a vacuum line that routes from the flange of the forward carb down to the fuel pump. The forward carb has very low vacuum and when adjusted for balance it runs like junk. The rear carb has terrific vacuum and can be adjusted like normal. I can find no vacuum leaks. OK, now the past symptoms are as follows; Drop boat in water. Fire off the engine and it fires right away. Sounds really good Take boat out on the water and run it hard or easy for 15 to 20 minutes. Stop engine and fish for an hour or so. Engine will not fire again and there is no fuel in the lines and/or carbs. I dont understand that vacuum hose from forward carb to fuel pump. What is that vacuum line supposed to do? Is that vacuum line there to assist the fuel pump ..... Kind of like a mechanical over vacuum (or vise versa) fuel pump? Why can I not get any measurable vacuum in the forward carb?
  5. I have been having one heck of a time with a 1993 Chapparral 2250SL. I have 93 Mercruiser 5.0LX 305 Small Block V8. Heres what has happened: 1. First time out after 45 minutes RPMs started to flutter. I lost about 2500 rpms and if I didnt pull back on throttle it would stall out. Limped in at 1000 rpms after restarting 5 times on a 4 mile trip home Mechanic - Changed Fuel Filter 2. Second time out after 25 mins RPMs fluttered. Shut off for 10 minutes then started up and limped into a swimming area. After 30 minutes tried to restart and while it was turning over like a champ....could not get gas to go Mechanic - Tune up completed. 3. Third time out stopped to swim - 45 minutes later tried to start back up and same thing could not go. Mechanic - Installed Check Valve under recommendation of 2001 vapor lock mercruiser report. 4. Fourth time out - went fishing in a spot for about 40 minutes.....could not restart again!! Mechanic - Installed a new carb. Sierra 4BB 5. TODAY!! Go out for about the same 40-45 minute ride.....RPMs start to flutter like just time 1-2. I limp home. What are some thoughts? Change Fuel Pump? Maybe change the gas lines with it as well heading into the carb? My mechanic was scratching his head. He seems to think its definitely a fuel issue and its cranking. I appreciate anyones input. One of these days I will be able to get across the Chesapeake Bay!!!!
  6. Well, Sunday I arrived at the marina and prepped the boat for a day out on the water with the neighbors and family. Everything was going great, flushed/filled the water tank, charged the batteries, fixed a broken zipper, got ice for the cooler etc, and dropped her in the water. She cranked right up, and idled perfectly while we loaded everyone on board. Well, we then got about 5 feet from the pier and the motor died. Started to drift into another boat but luckily I had my boat hook poll at the helm and kept myself off the other vessel until one of the dock hands could come and hold me off the other boat long enough to throw a line back to the other pier for the other dock hands to pull my back over and tie me off. So lessons learned: 1. Keep the boat hook poll close by when around the pier and other boats. Never know when the boat will die and off you go. Amazing how fast this boat moves with just a little wind. It ain't a sailboat! 2. Keep a dock line or two attached to the cleats while around the pier and other boats. Having the dock line still attached to the cleat made it easy to throw the line back to the dock hands to pull my boat off the other one and back to the pier. 3. Keep fenders out until clear of all piers/boats. (see 1 and 2). 4. If your boat is going to break, have it break within a dock line's throw of the pier. Might not be able to enforce this one. Oh well, break out another thousand. Fuel pump is sounding sick and not putting out any pressure, seems the low pressure side is a goner, which means I'll have to get the buy the whole hi/low fuel assembly, complete with filter. 813 deer retail. Maybe she'll be running by next weekend. Any special tools to replace the fuel pump? Maybe I could do it myself, or is it best left to a pro?
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