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Found 21 results

  1. Hello, I'm new to Chapparal boats and the forum, just purchased a 2003 240 signature last year. I love the boat and the quality of the product given it is 15 years old. I have a question regarding the port windows and if there are any possible upgrades. I have attached a picture of the design that is on the 2003 and a newer design I have seen on likely 2010 or newer Chaparrals. I'm curious if it is possible to change out to the newer design or if anyone has done any other upgrades on old design to stop the leaking which I can only assume is at the seal for the glass. I like the newer design better as it doesn't retain water on the outer side of the glass so less chance of leaks.
  2. I am getting a small amount (shot glass) of water in the forward under berth storage and the dinette under seat storage. I'm suspicious of the railing mounts. Has anyone ever re-bedded those, and how did you get to the bolts ( I assume it is a bolted connection)?
  3. I have a leak coming from the water lines underneath my sink in the head. Does anyone know how to access the waterlines in the head on a Signature 270?
  4. This is for Volvo Penta owners that change their own gear lube. It might also be for owners that have their gear lube changed at a shop but it always seems to leak/weep some "oil" into the water. Maybe this is a no-brainer, but make sure you get a Volvo spec rubber O-ring to go back in that little groove around the drain plug. The OEM part from Volvo is a similar size but much thinner than a typical rubber ring, and I don't think you're likely to find a proper substitute in the trays at your local hardware store. My local marine shop uses/sells a part that is not quite right. It looks the same at first glance (and it even has the Volvo part # on the baggy) but my marina's part is a little too fat when you try to reinstall causing the housing to shave off the edge of the rubber ring when you screw it back in. The ring shreds on installation, but you can't see that because the drain hole narrows about 1/2" up inside the opening. The damaged rubber ring allows fluid to seep out and water to seep back into the drive. The outdrive case and the drain screw are very well machined, and the whole thing depends on this thin, little rubber ring/washer. There is very little tolerance (i.e. none!) for size variation. Get the right part and it's fantastic. Dry as a bone, not a leak in sight, etc., etc. Stray by a fraction of a millimeter and your outdrive turns into a mint milkshake dispenser. I ended up driving about 45 min to a Volvo parts supplier and bought ten OEM rings. They're cheap! Now I have a ten year supply. The rubber rings supplied by the marina failed twice and gave me a heart attack each time. I spent hours pressure testing the outdrive, etc. because I thought for sure replacing all of the seals would solve the problem. Nope. It was always that I was getting the wrong rubber ring for the slot around the drain plug. With the wrong part, each time I "fixed" it I broke it again, always with the added cost of new synthetic gear lube. I had been getting a light, but regular oily sheen behind the boat for two years. It all came down to the wrong ten cent part. BTW, the marina still maintains that they're using the correct part. They have a cross-reference chart that they use to show they're using an identical/equivalent part. They most certainly are not! Most boats in this market seem to be Mercruiser and apparently these guys treat Vovlos like an old V12 Jaguar engine--spooky magic! [slaps forehead]
  5. Slapshot

    Gear Oil Leak

    Over the past two summers I've noticed that my 2004 215 SSi with Merc 5.0, Alpha 1, Gen 2, uses or leaks a little bit of gear oil. I've always just kept a quart on board, and topped off as needed. Every Spring I change out the gear oil before starting the season. However, I've never been able to pin point where the small leak was. It seems that has changed because I can now definitively say that the gear oil is leaking from the lower unit, or between upper and lower (please see picture). I noticed a small puddle of gear oil around the lower "fin" below the bolts that connect the upper and lower unit. The problem I have is I still do not know exactly where that oil is coming from. My question to the forum is could the seal between the upper and lower have gone bad, and if so what is the process for replacement? I'm assuming the cold temperatures this past winter may have finally done in the seal since the boat was not stored in a climate controlled environment. Thank you.
  6. Hello everyone, We just purchased a 1995 24 ft chaparral Signature. We noticed there is water damage on the headliner in the aft cabin directly below the captains chair. Does anyone have an idea what could be causing this? Also, we do not have a manual to show us the schematic of the boat layout. Does anyone have this? Any help would be much appreciated. We are new boat owners. Thank you!
  7. Hello shipmates - got a late start on the season due to recovering from rotator cuff surgery. Had the Chap de-winterized first week of July and just this weekend managed to make the inaugural trip of 2017. Here's what happened: launch boat in usual way, pick up the Admiral on the pier after she parks the rig. Idle out of marina, sitting stationary idling for a good 10 minutes just off the marina entry - no issues. Get up on plane for about 25 seconds then run up to about 4800-5000 to get the cobwebs out of the engine. Life is great being back on the water for the first time this season..... After 2-4 minutes, I get the trusty Mercury shrill warning beep and the engine starts going into limp home mode. I look at my instrumentation: temp ok, oil pressure ok. Bilge on - WTH? Yes, we double checked the plug before launching so I know its not that, and we didn't hit anything. We just detailed the boat Saturday morning and I didn't see anything weird at the stern - I didn't check the bellows but she's only in her 5th season, just over 200 hrs so that would surprise me. I'm really puzzled. I pull the rear seat cushion up to peek into the engine compartment and I see about 3" of water in the bilge and the bilge pump going gangbusters. Okay, turn around and head back to the marina about 3 miles away. Staying in limp home mode, the bilge is keeping up but it is pretty unsettling. I try to improve on the 6 mph we're making and see if I can get up on plane - I get to 22 mph but she won't plane so I look back and see some spray beginning to come up from the belt on the crankshaft - crap, now what? Water isn't over the crank but it's deeper than it was - I'm thinking I have more than likely submerged the starter.... so I kill the engine and we start getting jackets ready and electronics in the water tight bag ready for the worst. Bilge is still going, we flag down a passing boat and get a tow back to the marina. Without the engine running the bilge is dry by the time we get to the dock. Our rescuers refuse my offer for dinner at the marina burger joint - they'd been out in the Gulf last week and had a dead battery so this was their pay it forward moment. I tie up and the Admiral heads for the truck. From the time I start the engine, idle the 50 feet and drive onto the trailer, the bilge pump is going again and runs for a good 5 minutes before pumping dry. I'm thinking (hoping) I somehow blew out a blue drain plug in the run up to max throttle. Now the questions: what is the source and what potential damage do I need to check for? Second question - do I take it back to the folks who winterized and re-commissioned for me, a big box sporting retailer (I won't call names, but it starts with a 'C', they sell mainly outboard rigs, and their building is made of logs) or just give in and head to the Chap/Merc/VP dealer that I didn't use this year for my service?
  8. Hi All, So my thru hull exhaust ports are leaking water into the bilge. Except for the contortionist part, the job of resealing looks pretty straight forward. However, I've said that before and have been completely wrong. Has anyone tackled this before that can offer a few words of advice? Thanks, Steve 2007 236 SSX 350 MAG MPI
  9. Hi everyone. I cannot find a leakage in my engine hatch (Chaparral 250/270 MY2008). When docked, all is fine. When I run low speed (ca 3 knots), all is dry. After higher speed or planning I can always find some water in my engine hatch (1/6 of gallon). I am allergic to any leakage, so this frustrates me big time as I cannot find the source. I’ve checked the engine cooling system, running the engine at 2000 rpm when docked and all is fine. Under my engine I found 2 drain holes (close to transom one on each side – see pictures below), which probably drain the ballast tanks. On one side I can see a dark pattern suggesting the leak (I remember to my surprise I found same pattern after winterizing the boat last season) and I wonder if my ballast tanks are leaking. Does anyone know the chaparral construction well enough to know if the ballast tanks are somehow connected with other parts of the boat? How come, the drain hole could leak during winterizing (from where)? If there is a leak, why I can see a water after planning only and never during docking? Any suggestion is very much appreciated, thanks.
  10. I went fishing today, and after I loaded my boat on to the trailer I noticed some blue fluid on the ground. I checked the drive fluid reservoir in the boat, and as you can see by the pictures below it did not appear to be too low. This leak just started today because I've never noticed it before. I called my local marina to determine what the problem could be; however, due to the holiday weekend coming up they cannot look at my boat until after the holiday. So I did some poking around and took some pictures for you all. Initial leak seems to be due to a cracked or dry rotted line: Nothing leaking from the grey plastic elbow that connects the O/D to the bellows (i ran my finger all the way up the elbow and it was dry): However, as you can see below the leak is coming from the hose that connects to the O/D: Fluid level of the reservoir after I found the leak: It's not an extremely fast leak, but the more I examine that line it is definitely dry rotted pretty bad (much like the exhaust bellows). Since my local marina cannot fix this issue until after the holidays I just wanted to get some input from the community. Thank you. Jake
  11. Hey y'all, so another day brings another challenge!! I just discover I have water.. And of course, mildew, in the storage under the forward berth. It seems that the water is coming from the anchor locker above?!?! Is that even possible? And if it is, is it a minor incident or a major problem? I just discover that tonight while looking for something. I didn't have the time and enough light to look into the locker. We haven't used the anchor since we bought the boat. Anybody encountered a similar situation? Thanks!
  12. Hey guys, just spent $175 on a new head unit. After a rain, I feel under the dry box and glove box areas at the raised area of carpet underneath and its wet. Also, I feel on top of the business end of the head unit, and it's wet as well. I don't see any way water can leak down, as it looks like a solid sheet of fiberglass above the head unit. Is it possible that I have bad weather stripping on the dry box door and it's running down all the way? Radio is in the same location as factory. Thanks!
  13. Hello All, I thought I’d check with the Chaparral Owner’s community to get feedback regarding a quite major problem I’m having (at least by my standards). I have a 2000 Sig 300, Twin Gas Engines, with about 700 hours. The boat is moored at Lake Coeur d’Alene, in North Idaho, fresh water. I’m the second owner, and have owned the boat since 2003. We spend all of our summer free time aboard her, and until now, have had very few problems, and loved the boat immensely. A couple of weeks prior to the Fourth of July, we were out on the lake. My wife was down in the cabin, and complained to me of smelling fuel. After monkeying around with a couple of other mechanics who couldn’t get to it any time soon, we got the boat to Tobler’s, the Chaparral dealer in the area. This is where I also purchased the boat. Sadly, it took so long to get the boat looked at, the cabin became quite permeated with gas fumes. After inspecting, they told me the hull was full of gas, and there was most likely a tank leak, and that I should contact my insurance, which is Farmer’s/Foremost. They said they would also contact Chaparral, and see if there was going to be any assistance from them. I contacted the insurance company and opened a claim. I was told they could not determine if there would be coverage until the tank was completely out of the boat, and at that time they would send someone to do an inspection. I contacted Chaparral myself, and they told me there was nothing they would do regarding the tank, but they told me that both of my engines would most likely have to be pulled. Since that time, Tobler’s has gotten the tank out. Besides having to cut a portion of the floor, pull both engines, they also had to remove the radar arch. So far, I’m being told this is going to be costing at least 14K. That amount does NOT include any damage to soft goods in the cabin that might be permeated or ruined by the gas fumes… It’s likely that carpet, fabric etc. will need to be replaced, or thoroughly cleaned. As of now, the insurance company has not yet let me know the status of their decision, and I don’t know the exact cause of the hole/breach in the tank. I will most likely know within a few days as to whether I’m covered or not. I’m hoping for the best, and preparing for the worst. I may be facing the very difficult decision of weather it’s worth it to throw so much cash at a 15 year old boat…. I did read one post regarding corrosion of a tank in salt water, but could not find anywhere this happening on a fresh water boat. Has anyone else experienced this on a fresh water boat? Did insurance help? Did Chaparral participate? Thanks for reading, and I welcome your feedback.
  14. So I just got my boat and I had a small drip leak during the sea trial so last night I was running the engine on muffs to determine if the leak was coming from the engine or an outside source. Sure enough, I have a steady trickle of water coming from the sea water pump assembly. This water seems oily/greasy, so I'm thinking one of the seals protecting the bearings may be leaking. Maybe it's just the impeller housing, but it seemed to be close to the pulley. The bearings are spinning true and the impeller is working as of now, but I don't know how long it's been leaking, so I'm going to pull it off and look at everything. I think I'm going to need to rebuild it with new bearings and seals or just order a new one. Any tips or comments? Can the housing be cracked and cause a small leak? What special tools do I need to pull the bearings out and is it even worth it? Thanks in advance for all the assistance!
  15. Finally got the new-to-me boat out on the water for an extended period of time over the weekend and everything worked pretty well. The only real issue I have that concerns me is that the bilge pump kicked on at one point after we were out for about 40-minutes or so. It may have run more, but that's the only time I noticed it running. I have a couple of questions for everyone: 1. The boat is only a 2010 with about 340 hours. Could the bellows be going bad already? Other potential sources of the leak? 2. I did fill up all onboard coolers with ice the night before and again the day of, so probably 80-100 pounds of ice total. Could this be the source of my water? I thought these were supposed to drain overboard, not into the bilge. I'm planning a trip to Table Rock Lake in two weeks where the boat will be docked and in the water for a solid week straight. Should I be concerned? If there is a bit of water coming into the bilge, should I worry about the pump doing it's job and handling it?
  16. I have a 2001 265 ssi with the factory A/C option. Last weekend when I turned on the A/C, the raw water pump turned on and the rear bilge started filling up with water. I promptly turned it off as I obvisouly have a leak somewhere in the system. Before I start removing panels to figure out the source, does anyone have suggestions as to where I should start? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Hello, Last time out on my old boat I leaked gear oil into the bilge (I got a new boat, but may use the old drive and motor. see here for details: http://forum.chaparralboats.com/index.php?showtopic=26634). Also, the gear oil was milky and had water in it. I had just replaced the impeller and all of the surrounding gaskets. I had also just changed the gear oil and it had metal shards in it before servicing, and also after my last time out. So, what could be my issue? I think it may be the o-ring in between the upper and lower casing. Also, maybe it was a missing gasket on the oil plugs (not sure, I will check next time I see the drive)? What else could it be? All of the gears, splines, u-joints, yoke, etc. looked very good and were not work. I have no idea where the shards could be coming from. Thanks, Drew
  18. Hello, Last time out on my old boat I leaked gear oil into the bilge (I got a new boat, but may use the old drive and motor. see here for details: http://forum.chaparralboats.com/index.php?showtopic=26634). Also, the gear oil was milky and had water in it. I had just replaced the impeller and all of the surrounding gaskets. I had also just changed the gear oil and it had metal shards in it before servicing, and also after my last time out. So, what could be my issue? I think it may be the o-ring in between the upper and lower casing. Also, maybe it was a missing gasket on the oil plugs (not sure, I will check next time I see the drive)? What else could it be? All of the gears, splines, u-joints, yoke, etc. looked very good and were not work. I have no idea where the shards could be coming from. Thanks, Drew
  19. Hey everyone, I just recently purchased a 2007 256SSX with 8.1 Volvo and Douprop (125 hours).....Love the boat thus far but slightly concerned about something I saw while out on the water the other day. i'll clarify that i'm a newbie here, but hoping to get your help/opinions on where to start with this issue. When the boat was at idle and in neutral after a good 1-2 hours of driving, i started to notice small bubbles of either oil or P/S fluid, or possibly unburned fuel coming up from behind the swim platform...maybe 2 or 3 "bubbles" surfacing every couple seconds. I've had the boat out a few times before this and hadn't noticed it, but this was the first time out where i had ran it for an extended period of time. I'm trying not to freak out over this (yet), but wondering if anyone else has had this issue. The engine runs great, starts right up, pulls strong, and the power steering seems to function as intended. Aside from seeing these occasional bubbles that give off a rainbow slick (which each one dissapates in a matter of seconds) i wouldnt even know anything is potentailly wrong. If it's as simple as unburned fuel/carbon buildup, that's not as concerning, but curious if there are other specific places i should check for leaks. I'm going to head down to the slip after work and check oil and P/S levels but open ot any help/suggestions from you guys. Will get some pictures up soon, thanks guys, glad to be here. Dan
  20. Hello All. I am the proud new owner of a new 2012 216 ssi. My research on this forum was instrumental in my purchase decision. Thanks for all the great content!!! Now that the weather is somewhat warm, we have had her out a few times and I discovered the universal unwanted passenger.....water in the bilge. Now I am new at this, but pretty sure that any amount of water in the bilge of a brand new boat is not normal. She is stored at an indoor climate controlled facility (no rain water), has not been washed in weeks (no hose water), no one has boarded from the lake (wet). So, I don't see any reason for there to be water in the bilge. We have run 4 times about 1.5 hours each. The last run resulted in 30 seconds of water draining full force from the bilge drain hole. The simple solution would be to pull her back to the dealer; however they are 100 miles away, so I wanted to pick yall's brain first. Any ideas? Thanks! Specs: 2012 216 ssi Vapor Blue Dune interior 5.0 Merc Convenience Package Premium Package Dual batteries with on-board charger
  21. Hello, I have a 94 2130 with the Yamaha 5.7. Yesterday was the first day having it in the water for the season and I noticed a small amount of water leaking out of the exhaust in the engine compartment. There was also a small rattle coming from the engine exhaust. Any thoughts? thanks in advance
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