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Found 17 results

  1. Hello - I have a new 2019 Chaparral 21’ H2O w/ a 250 HP Merc and Alpha Drive. It came w/ a 3 blade 14.25 x 21P and I think it is over propped. WOT only 4300 RPM and 43mph. RPM range s/b 4800-5200. Would like to go to a 4-blade for Watersports. Any recommendations on size and pitch? What has worked for you. Shocked it shipped w/ something that only can get to 4300 RPM.
  2. 1naylor

    gear ratio?

    Another noob - 2002 Chap 186 SSi with a 5.0. I'm looking for top end speed. I went to the online prop selector and what I don't know is the gear ratio of my out drive. How can I find this out? Or does anyone just have a good suggestion for me to use? Thank you!
  3. I bought this boat in July 2015. I had a mechanic recommended to me by several friends check it out stem to stern. We did some basics (oil change, service outdrive, a few switches and bulbs that needed fixing, etc.) but all in all he said everything was in very good condition. Since then my kids and I have had a lot of fun on it without having to do much besides basic maintenance. I've made a few newbie mistakes and well, I guess my prop has paid the price for a few of them... Last time we were out I noticed a bit of vibration and upon inspecting the prop I can see it's taken a fair amount of abuse. I don't need to put it on a balancer to tell you its out of balanced. I'd include a picture but its too embarrassing... I'm going to replace it, but I'm not sure if I should just replace it with the one that's on there or if there is a better option? I tried a few of the "prop chooser" tools online but I never seem to have enough of the data they need for a full recommendation (for example, I have no idea what the boat weighs...) The prop that's on it now is a 48-832832A45 21P. It's aluminum, which seems to be where I'm leaning vs. SS... Anyone know if this was the prop that originally came with this setup or was it something different? My inclination is to simply replace what I've got with the same unless anyone has some kernel of wisdom or a recommendations they'd like to share. Any info or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I bought a 2000 235 SSi last year with a 280 hp Volvo Penta 5.7 GSi SX drive. Propeller is in poor shape and not original. Can someone please give me any idea of what the original prop it came with? Thanks.
  5. OK. Another question. I was wondering if any of you have had your stainless props reconditioned. How much wear is enough to warrant having them worked on? One of mine has a fairly decent sized nick on it and the edges are rough.
  6. Slapshot

    Proper Prop

    I want to replace my current aluminum factory Mercury propeller with a stainless propeller. I am not looking to upgrade or change performance because I am happy with the current time to plane. If anything I would select more top speed over hole shot. Here is my boat's configuration: 2004 Chaparral 215 SSi Mercury 5.0L with Alpha 1 Gen 2 (320 hours) 1.62 Gear Ratio Current Prop: 14.25 x 21P Can anyone please recommend a suitable replacement Stainless Steel Propeller? I tried to use Mercury's Prop Selector site, but it recommends Diameters and Pitches that I don't believe are relative to me keeping my current overall performance. Here's what the Mercury site recommends based on my boat's configuration: Propeller Material Blades Diameter Pitch Rotation Part # Enertia® X7 Alloy 3 14.2 18 RH 898996A46 (NOT USED) Enertia® X7 Alloy 3 14 19 RH 898998A46 Revolution 4® Stainless Steel 4 14.625 17 RH 857024A46 Vengeance® Stainless Steel 3 14.5 17 RH 16314A46 Vensura® Stainless Steel 4 14.5 17 RH 825898A48 All of these propellers have lower Pitch numbers which if I understand Pitch correctly will give me better hole shot performance, but my top speed suffers. Thank you for your time. Jake
  7. I have a 2010 Sunesta 284 with 295 hours. Boat is used during summer boating season in NJ (late May - early Oct). The marina that stores my boat in the winter just sent me a service estimate to recondition my prop ($375). I did not inspect my prop, which is the original that came with the boat when I purchased it new. First, is this a fair price? Should I replace the prop vs have it reconditioned? How can I tell if it is in need of repair? Not sure of the cost and whether their estimate is fair. Thoughts?
  8. hello what is the max speed that I should be able to go in mph on a 2002 chaparral 350 with 8.1L V- drives? with the propellers I have now when I have 12 people on board it still launches out of the water to get on plane. I believe I can change the pitch and it should go faster. thanks for any help. please include the size and pitch of the blades you have.
  9. I have a 2005 Sunesta with a 5.0 tks (carb), alpha 1 drive, and a 20 pitch Mer prop (alumnimum). Also, the altitude of the lake is about 500 feet. I got it up to about 40 mph with one passenger with a full tank and the rpms topped at about 4,500. Question, does this top speed sound right? And, should I consider a 19 pitch prop to get it out of the hole quicker (boat kinda lumbers when I have over 8 folks). Thoughts appreciated.
  10. I'm looking to upgrade my prop. Currently, I've got a 21 pitch Mercury Black Max 3 blade mounted. I had a 21 pitch Vengeance reconditioned and mounted on the boat, but found similar performance to the cheaper Black Max. 4 hours after the $170 reconditioning, I smacked the Vengeance on a stump - I don't boat on that lake anymore. Everything I read about the Enertia seems to be favorable and many have praised it against the Revolution 4. I was settled on picking up a Rev 4, but I hate to give up the top end - I love seeing 50 mph on the GPS speedo at the end of the night ... I do an equal mix of putting around the lake, watersports, and some high speed runs when trying to get to the glass bay. Any Enertia users want to chime in? If you have recommendations in pitch vs a 21 pitch Black Max, that'd be extremely helpful …
  11. I just bought a very nice condition 2002 216 SSi, which incidentally has the same hull as the 220 SSi, so owners of that boat please weigh in as well. It's powered with a Mercruiser 5.7 EFI with Alpha Gen II drive, swinging a 3-blade Vengeance SS prop, 14" diameter and 19" pitch. With a moderate load, it will top out at about 51-52 mph at 4,800 rpm, and we operate at Lake Mead, with an elevation of 1,100 feet. The hole shot and low speed planing of this boat are not quite what I would like. I am happy to sacrifice 5 mph top end speed for better low speed acceleration, planing control and tight turns. I have looked into both the Revolution 4-blade and the High Five 5-blade props. Does anyone have some experience with either prop, and if so, what do you think is the better overall compromise? We mostly do cruising, towing inflatables and wake boarding. Many thanks guys Paul
  12. Chaps, I am in the market for a new prop because the one I have has a lot of wear and some pretty big dings. I have a 06 215 SSI with a 5.0L Merc Cruiser. I have a little trouble getting on plane with four or more people and it is not very responsive at idle when docking. The suggestions I got so far were a 14.25 x 21 3-blade and 14.5x20 4-blade. Any suggestions or advice. Regards
  13. I have a '02 Chaparral 216ssi with the Mercruiser 5.0L MPI engine. I am currently running a refurb 3 blade AL prop 21" pitch which came with the boat. My current prop tops out around 4800-4900 rpm and the top speed is around 52 mph at WOT. I am looking to buy either a Mercury SS Rev 4 or AL Alpha 4 because I want to gain hole shot performance and stay on plane at lower speeds. I have read that the rev 4 is a great prop, but is it really worth 3-4x the price over the AL Alpha 4? If I go with the AL Alpha 4 would 18" be the correct pitch? If I go with the SS Rev 4 would 19" pitch be correct?. Has anyone with this boat tried these props? Any suggestions? Thanks
  14. cdnpar

    204 SSI Prop

    Hi Guys, I'm new to the forum. I just purchased a 2005 204 SSI 20' bowrider with 5 li. 220 hp Volvo Penta. The boat came with a 4 blade prop. Top end speed was very poor. I assume the previous owner installed the 4 blade for better hole shot. I want decent hole shot but also top end speed. I had Smart tabs on my last boat which were a huge help. I was thinking of installing Bennet M120 tabs. Anyone out there with a similar boat that could recommend a prop that would give me good top end speed. I think the trim tabs will get me out of the hole fast enough. Thanks Paul
  15. So, yes, I get it... the proper propeller question is probably the most asked question on any boat forum. But... I'm still going to ask it. What good is a boat forum without a virtual cornucopia of screw threads? Everyone loves to ad their 2¢ (I've got a mac, so making the "cents" sign is as easy as pressing option + 2) to the prop threads. First, my current boat specs: Year: 1998 (I was 15 years old when this boat was sold) Make: Chaparral (what else would it be on this forum?) Model: 2130 SS (Limited Edition - I think that got you some faux wood trim, a compass, and a depth sounder... how does that make it "limited"?) Length: 20' 6" Beam: 8' 4" Engine: GM 305 V8 w/ Throttle Body EFI - 240 HP (Yes, I would love for it have the 350 V8... no idea why the previous owner skimped on the motor...) Stern Drive: Mercruiser Alpha One, 1.47 Drive Ratio OEM Weight: ~ 3150 lbs Current Prop: Mercury 21 Pitch Aluminum 3 Blade (don't know the diameter) And the current Performance: Full Laden Specs - 6 adults: ~ 1020 lbs Gear: 100 lbs Full Laden WOT Engine RPM: 4,800 Full Laden WOT GPS Speed @ 4,800 RPM: 45 mph Minimum Laden Specs - 2 adults: 350 lbs Gear: 70 lbs Minimum Laden WOT Engine RPM: 4,900 Minumum Laden WOT GPS Speed @ 4,900 RPM: 49 mph Here's the condition - I mostly travel with 4-6 passengers in the boat and I prefer to cruise on plane, but at the lowest speed I can maintain on plane while still maintaining an efficient cruise speed. Furthermore, wakeboarding, tubing, and skiing are inevitable on a lake outing; being able to maintain a good holeshot/plane-out time with 6 people in the boat is a necessity. Yes, a bigger motor would be wonderful, however, my current motor runs like a top, so it is staying as is. My boat did come with a stainless steel 21 pitch Mercury Vengeance propeller that was a bit chewed up. I had it reconditioned and installed on the boat yesterday, but I haven't had it out yet. I have no idea what to expect in performance compared to the current prop. I've been considering the Mercury High Five as it comes highly recommended for this type of boat and intended use (and I have a wonderful source to get it quite a bit a cheaper than current market price). I'm also wondering about the Revolution Four. Are there any other props to consider from the other propeller manufacturers? Everyone seems to recommend a pitch, but no one ever comments on radius/diameter. I would imagine that diameter has a substantial effect - is it something to consider in addition to pitch?
  16. I know this question has been asked two dozed different times. I've spent the past couple of hours researching and reading and I've picked up a lot of knowledge about props. However, a few suggestions would be welcome. I'm relatively new to the boating world, but love to get out every chance I get. Boat: 2008 Chapparal 210 SSI Engine: Volvo 5.0L Max RPMs: around 4500 Current Prop: 4 blade aluminum (not sure about pitch) My current prop is in need of replacement. It had a couple of decent dings in it when I bought the boat and last weekend my boat found a shallow ledge. As far as the trade-off between top end speed and hole shot, I do a decent amount of pulling (tubes, skis, etc.). So I'd be happier with a little better hole shot. Also, is the performance of SS vs aluminum that noticeable? I'd be willing to pay the extra, but would want it to be worth it. Thanks.
  17. Perkinellis

    New prop

    The boat I purchased last year needed a complete rebuild. That problem, with the help of several members, has been corrected. I have boated long enough to know that carrying a spare prop is a good rule to follow. There was no prop on the out drive, so here is my question. The boat is a 1988 chaparral 2350 sx powered by a 7.4L Mercruiser. Do I need to get a 3 or 4 blade prop? What diameter and pitch should I look for? Maybe buy a stainless and a less costly aluminum for spare. We intend on using the boat for general cruising and pulling the kids on tubes and skis. Thanks, Perkinellis
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