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Found 8 results

  1. Captain Ed

    When to get a new prop?

    I just bought a used 264 that has 660 hours on it. Runs great, seems to have been well maintained. A new out drive was installed in 2017. The prop set looks like the originals, they look okay, the edges are slightly nibbled in areas, no big hits. My question is; should I just replace the props as a matter of maintenance? Will it perform better with fresh props? Also has anyone had any experience with SOLAS brand props? I found a new set for $749.
  2. Pioneer81

    Props, Shafts and Struts

    I have been boating for over 20 years and I am looking to purchase my first Chaparral - 2008 350 Signature. I have a question related to prop placement related to the strut. On the Chap I am looking at the prop is 2.5 inches behind the strut. The diameter of the shaft is 1.5 inches. I have been told this is out of spec, and that the prop distance from the strut should be equal to the diameter of the shaft (1.5 inches on this boat). Do any of you have experience with this, or awareness of the design specification used by Chaparral? Any guidance you can provide would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. RogerDale


    I have bought a 98 200LE 220 hp It will not pull me out of the water on a slalom??? Any suggestions?
  4. Aussie Tony

    2003 Chaparral 180ss

    Hi all its Aussie Tony touching base for the first time. My problem is I need to replace my dual props on my Chaparral 180ss motor is 4.3 litres Volvo. I have no serial numbers visible on the aluminium props that are on the boat. The boat is used in saltwater only. Is there any one out there that can provide the correct prop advice for this model. My email address in Australia is info@tonystermites.com.au. Thank you all for reading. Tony
  5. Bears34


    Hi, hopefully I can get some advice. I have a 2005 SSI220 with Volvo Penta. My aluminum prop is 14.5 x 19. I am interested in going to a SS prop. We boat on a shallow, but soft bottom lake - I was hoping to lesson the dings and costly repairs... 1. Is moving to SS a good idea? 2. What is the correct size SS prop to replace my aluminum? Thank you!
  6. I am new to the IBO game. I just bought a beautiful 2008 264 Sunesta with the 496 and a Bravo III with the 26p 3 blade prop. I love to wakeboard and pull people on tubes but this boat really seems to have trouble getting them up. It does have trim tabs but I am still not happy with the holeshot. My top speed is 55mph at 4400 rpms. I was thinking a 4x4 24p from Hill Marine would help jump this boat out of the water like it should. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Richard W

    Season prep has started!

    Repaired and polished props … reasonable price and great service by propmd.com ... happy! Now, let's see ... when exactly Spring is suppose to start?
  8. 2K03 Sunesta

    Trim tabs on your Chaparral?

    Just curious how many are running trim tabs on their boat? I have a 2003 Sunesta Deck Boat....Original Owner with 400 hours on the 5.0 (Volvo) I've noticed as my kids are getting older (Heavier) I'm having a bit of trouble getting on plane. Currently I'm running a 4-blade 18 pitch blade that was recommended by Sun Country. I used to have zero problems getting on plane, but as the weight increases in the boat I'm having a bit of trouble. Even having everybody shift to the front of the boat helps, but as more passengers jump in so does the inability to quickly go on plane. So here are my questions?? If your using trim tabs, what brand, and would you recommend them? How difficult is it to swap out for a larger engine....Chevy 350, slightly built? Or is there a better alternative for power? Note: Boat still has plenty of power with just a few passengers, and with the wake tower I'm still able to pull everybody out of the water without problems.