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Found 3 results

  1. Weekend@Bernie's

    Chaparral Signature 350

    Ahoy! Wanted to start a thread specifically for the Chaparral Signature 350 where we could discuss topics, successes, and failures! I purchased a 2005 Chaparral Signature 350 late last season and had her shrink wrapped and dry docked. I would like to order my vinyl decal/boat name logo to go on the trunk storage lid. I am unable to measure the space or find the dimensions online, from chaparral, or parts dealers. I was hoping someone might know the dimensions or is able to measure the space on the trunk storage lid where the lettering would go (width: end to end x height: bar to 350 logo). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You, Bernie
  2. Just finished my upgrade to a Fusion UD650 head unit on my Signature 350 and think it's time to replace some of the speakers as well. I've been reading the posts about the cockpit speakers and have a good idea which way I'll go on that. My question here relates to the salon speakers and is a 2 parter. My 1st question relates specifically to the Signature 350, although It might pertain to some other cruisers that have speakers below in the salon, but I'm not sure. Anyway, there is a pair of speakers that is part of the starboard cabinet "run" behind the settee. I haven't dug very deep yet, but has anyone replaced these 2 speakers? I know from the parts list that the speakers are standard issue 6" JBLs, but my question is about access and removal. The speakers are behind a fabric grill face that is about 6" w x 9" high. I didn't want to try and pry off these speaker covers because my luck is they have a clip or some other fastener that I would break and be really sorry. So, if anybody actually knows how they are attached and come off that would be great. I'm thinking the speaker mounting will be obvious once the covers are off. Question 2 is simply a suggestion on a good 6" speaker. The ones in the salon are not outdoor/wet environment speakers, but recommendations from you folks always proves valuable. This is to be paired with the Fusion unit in case that influences the suggestion.
  3. Onefastaudi

    Lights fixture

    Hi everybody, another winter project. I can't find those light fixtures bezels say any store. Any ideas about a website or a resale shop? I'm switching everything to LED but I have 4 of those burnt and I can't find full LED that fit the non flush way the old fixtures are mounted. I'd rather not cut a bigger hole in the ceiling either. And I would have non matching lights. Each LED is between 35 and 68 deers when the led "bulb" is only 20 deers. If I can only find those bezels... Thank you. PS, due to weather I haven't investigated further in the fresh water tank leak. I'll keep you posted.