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Found 6 results


    Boat Trailer

    Hello, I have a Chap 260 which is somewhere around 5900 lbs and 26 ft long. My toyota says that can tow up to 6200 lbs. I was looking videos and websites where they talked about getting a weight distribution hitch, which would help reduce the tongue weight and help front wheels. I called one store which deals with trailers and they told me that's only for rv's or stuff like that not for Boat trailers. according to boatUS : Tongue Weight Most vehicle manufacturers recommend that 10 percent to 15 percent of the trailer's loaded weight be on the hitch when towing. However, if you're towing a larger boat, say one longer than 24 feet or so, your tow-vehicle manufacturer may recommend a weight-distributing hitch. (See sidebar.) You also must be careful that the desired tongue weight doesn't exceed the capacity of either the hitch or the vehicle specifications. But for conventional, weight-on-ball setups so... have any of you use one of this hitch on boat trailer? any experiences? or toughs? thanks!
  2. At the risk of asking a foolish question, can someone tell me the best way to tow inflatables on our 277? We have the arch which the owner manual states can be used for boarding and skiing, but NOT towing. It says to tow from the back, but with no further information. I don't see any true tow point on the back, no pylon, hook, etc. There is a small (I mean small) welded 'T' on the grab rail near the waterline. But it seems too small and fragile - and also very low - to be used for towing. So I'm not even sure what that is, exactly? Kids want to get going already, but I'm hesitant to damage the boat. Any thoughts or experience with this? Thanks in advance -
  3. Hi all, Anyone saw them at a boat show - missed them in Toronto. Any feedback on this system https://www.magicmarinetow.com/pages/frontpage Thank you all!
  4. Hi -- late last season we bought a 2015 307 SSX and have enjoyed getting our sea legs under us on the Maryland eastern shore. We have 2 kids and are adding a tube to our plans this year (likely the sit on kind, vs lay on -- one of our kids is 6) and have I expect typical newbie questions and was here searching and decided I might as well ask around! I thought I had been on a friend's similar boat and they had their tube attached to the arch towing location/anchor light post, but when I was looking at the manual Chap says that is only for towing a skiier and not for an inflatable. Glad I saw that warning but now I have a question -- the stern has a bar that runs across the center of the swim platform and has a small T hook fore of that which I assume is the tow point. Despite my best efforts on the manual and online, I can't seem to find specific guidance on how to attach a tow rope to the hook and whether it goes over (my assumption) the bar on the back. Can someone help? Also to that end, I'm looking at tubes and rope length etc and there's not much guidance out there. The only time we've tubed on our own before was on a rental with a lay on tube and at throttle up, the rope didn't float well and the nose of the tube began to dive with speed -- so any advice on avoiding that experience (which led to my older one vowing never to get on a lay on type again even though I am pretty sure it was user/equipment error). Thanks in advance for any insight!
  5. Got a boat and a trailer by never had a tow vehicle. So, I am looking to get a tow vehicle for a Chaparral 24 foot bow rider. Boat 4900 lbs. trailer 1200 lbs. So should total 6500 lbs. Larger engine 2014 Jeep GC 8 cylinder or diesel rated by mfg at 7400 lbs. Will only tow 3 or 4 times a years. I would be thrilled if this works as I could use this Jeep for daily driving and avoid buying an additional tow vehicle. Advise will be greatly appreciated.
  6. Mhans

    Tow Vehicle??

    Looking for advice. I have a Sunesta 264 that I need to trail around to different lakes this summer. I only have a Chevy Tahoe that is just too small to handle the weight. Looking at pickups, specifically, "duallys" and thinking diesel, but this is way out of my area of expertise. I am confused by how big, what kind, etc. I am probably looking for a reliable used vehicle to tow the boat...will be my non-work car. Any advice?...the boat weighs around 7800# "dry" and the trailer 1800#. Thanks Mike
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