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Found 14 results

  1. For many years on my 420, I have noticed a build up of water collecting in the outboard stringer in the engine room. I first noticed it when an engine belt shredded and found it was wet because of this water build up. After searching for the source, I noticed if you spray water on the boat, it runs along the topside walkway and over the side right above the vents of the engine room. I found that the way the structure was made in that area, the water adheres to the side and flows in the vents. I attached some plastic strips above the vents to diver the water away and it seems to prevent the
  2. I have a 2016 H20 sport 21' and in the ski storage locker located between the captain and passenger seat will not drain. There is a drain in the aft wall however the problem is that the fuel tank is pushed up so close to the drain hole that it prevents any water from exiting into the bilge. I have contacted Chaparral about this and they sent me an email with pictures of how to fix. They show to drill a hole in the locker floor board just in front of the hole on the wall and that should do it. However, I have drilled into the floor 3 1/2" and it did not open up. I did not want to drill any deep
  3. 1st year owner/Newbie. I keep my boat (2005 Chapparel 190SSI Sport w/ Volvo Penta 4.3 GL-D) on a JetDock at my home in SC. I'd like to keep it out there all winter, so I can take out the boat in the fairly common 60-degree weather during the Winter. But we do get an occasional light frost and I certainly don't want to crack the block. Let me know what you think about this idea: If the forecast calls for a freeze, I was planning to attach the hose to the engine port and trickle water though it until the outside temperature is above freezing. --Good Idea or Dumb Idea. When searching th
  4. rubrail

    deck boat

    I have a 1999 233 deck boat the forward storage compartment is holding water, for the life of me I cannot figure out how the water is supposed to exit the compartment I sure could use some help
  5. I am about to rebuild my water pump and would like to know what else makes good sense to replace or rebuild along the way. I own a 2004 Sunesta 236 and the engine compartment looks more accessible than it really is. I am already planning to replace the serpentine belt while I have the water pump bracket removed. Is there anything else I should consider replacing so I do not have to repeat some of the same work and contortions it takes for me to reach certain parts? I considered the thermostat but it appears to be located more toward the top of the motor (if I have in
  6. Hey y'all, so another day brings another challenge!! I just discover I have water.. And of course, mildew, in the storage under the forward berth. It seems that the water is coming from the anchor locker above?!?! Is that even possible? And if it is, is it a minor incident or a major problem? I just discover that tonight while looking for something. I didn't have the time and enough light to look into the locker. We haven't used the anchor since we bought the boat. Anybody encountered a similar situation? Thanks!
  7. Finally got the new-to-me boat out on the water for an extended period of time over the weekend and everything worked pretty well. The only real issue I have that concerns me is that the bilge pump kicked on at one point after we were out for about 40-minutes or so. It may have run more, but that's the only time I noticed it running. I have a couple of questions for everyone: 1. The boat is only a 2010 with about 340 hours. Could the bellows be going bad already? Other potential sources of the leak? 2. I did fill up all onboard coolers with ice the night before and again the day of, so probabl
  8. I have a '95 18' with the SS motor. I noticed last season some water leaking from under the dash while I was driving. Thought maybe water was collecting some where under neath the horn vent from the rain. I had just taken it out for the first time this last Wednesday, I know I had the boat covered with a tarp before taking it out. Thought this would solve my problem. Once got the boat launched and was getting up to speed, the same problem recurred. I had my friend drive while I looked under the dash to see where the water was coming from. There was a 1/4" hose gushing water out while in drive.
  9. Hey guys, Have a small amount of water (2-3") sitting beneath the engine of my 2006 Chap 190 SSI. Have run the bilge pump but the water remains. Not sure how to remove it.. The Manual says that a small amount of water is "normal", but I still would like to learn how to properly remove it.
  10. We just purchased a 2005 Signature 260. For the life of me I can not figure out why we are not getting water to either the galley faucet or the head faucet. Our transom shower works as does the bar sink. The water pumps works. We are getting water to the toilet itself though??? Any suggestions are appreciated.
  11. So I bought my 2000 240SSi last September & hoped I bought a great boat. One owner, service by the dealer, rack kept under cover... Just finally getting into some of the nitty gritty on the boat & finding things yo never want to see. Water in parts of the hull! The port side of the boat appears to be really dry, but found water under the gas tank & inside the starboard side floor. This is how I found it. Any suggestions or info on how these hulls are built is appreciated. 1) Removed the bilge pump from the small ledge in front of the gas tank. When I took out one if the screws wate
  12. Hello All. I am the proud new owner of a new 2012 216 ssi. My research on this forum was instrumental in my purchase decision. Thanks for all the great content!!! Now that the weather is somewhat warm, we have had her out a few times and I discovered the universal unwanted passenger.....water in the bilge. Now I am new at this, but pretty sure that any amount of water in the bilge of a brand new boat is not normal. She is stored at an indoor climate controlled facility (no rain water), has not been washed in weeks (no hose water), no one has boarded from the lake (wet). So, I don't see a
  13. Hello, I have a 94 2130 with the Yamaha 5.7. Yesterday was the first day having it in the water for the season and I noticed a small amount of water leaking out of the exhaust in the engine compartment. There was also a small rattle coming from the engine exhaust. Any thoughts? thanks in advance
  14. What do you put in the water tank to keep the water clean/safe to drink and do you have to check it occasionally, I have had some folks say bleach, and then some have said aqua tabs. Any suggestions?
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