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Found 5 results

  1. A couple of years back, there was a discussion about building or buying a portable a/c system to cool cabins on boats that did not have factory air. It was jokingly called "the Red Neck" air conditioner. I found this unit available on Wayfair which, although a little pricy, might fill the bill, https://www.wayfair.com/outdoor/pdp/icybreeze-38-qt-portable-air-conditioner-cooler-without-battery-icyb1002.html?source=gateway
  2. Is there just one chilled air outlet at the 2008 Signature 290 with factory opted A/C? I can't find the air handling in any PDF... Where do the cold air hoses run to?
  3. Well, here is another oddity, it seems that my A/C is blowing some kind of carbon deposit. But mainly out of the main vent in the cabin. it looks and feels like soot, my A/C is set in dehumidifier, I have installed 2 new filters, and the problem is persisting. Any ideas on what would be creating this? Thank you y'all's
  4. Woohoo … boat winterized just in the nick of time. Freezing night tonight, and even worse tomorrow night. It took me three days, including the delays due to the pouring rain one day and the hail another. This was my first attempt at winterizing the boat myself. A few surprises, a lot of experimentation along the way and frequent trips to the web for tips and confirmations. First Day - Boat lifted from water, power washed, set on its trailer, derigged and hand washed, and hauled back home. Second Day - Engine error codes checked … none. Props removed. Engine and genset oil and filter changed. Some experimentation with oil extraction methods (drill pump vs vacuum extractions). I found the vacuum method easier although both methods worked and oil extraction times were similar. Third Day - Buckets, hoses, y-valve, and antifreeze galore. I have used whooping 16 gallons of the antifreeze altogether … maybe one or two gallons were wasted due to some glitches. The engine and genset took the antifreeze voluntarily, but the dreadful A/C systems had to be force fed. The sump pump box, the toilet and waste system were treated with antifreeze, and the entire bilge from bow to stern was flushed with antifreeze and drained afterwards. The fresh water system including a hot water tank were only drained. Quite tired now but quite happy knowing that everything necessary was done and how it was done. BTW, before you ask … the drive lube change will wait until spring since the drive needs a periodic service by a qualified marina. ***** Now the A/C winterization tip … might not be anything new to many but just in case someone might find it helpful. For whatever reason I was never able to test the A/C while boat was on the hard by forcing the water via a plunger attached to A/C scupper and seacock. Never worked, some sort of an air lock happens that goes away once boat is in the water. The same thing happened during my attempt to winterize the A/C … it did not want to take the antifreeze via a scooper nor from a sea-strainer. The only method that worked for me was to reverse the flow and force feed the antifreeze via the outlet thruhull using a drill pump with the A/C off. After a short while, and to my relieve, the antifreeze started flowing from the scupper on the bottom of the boat. Hope this helps someone …
  5. Hi, I have a 1993 Chap 300 Sig...instead of pumping river water through my A/C unit, would there be an issue to installing a hose and adapt from the dockside supplying fresh water to the A/C unit? Would I still need a pump to pump the water through the unit or would city pressure suffice? I plan on installing the unit in the spring......any advice is appreciated in advance!
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