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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I got an used boat. turned the AC on and air does not get treat it. Opened the Compressor compartment and I heard the compressor working, and it gets hot ( IM sure this is normal like all compressors do). OAT is 85 degrees. Wondering If I need refrigerant? or it needs service? do I need to contact an specialist? or It is something I can fix? Chaparral 260 signature. Any one had has this problem before? thanks in advance.
  2. I just bought a 2001 Chaparral Signature 300. The AC works great, but neither my marine surveyor or the previous owner knows how to switch the system over to the heater. Apparently there is a sequence of buttons to push on the on/off panel along with the thermostat?? Does anyone know how to do this? Any help or advice would be appreciated.
  3. The condensate from the AC unit is very rusty in my 310, and I'm planning on pulling the unit out soon to fix the rusty pan. Anyone have any experience with this job and have any pointers on removal and permanent rust repair?
  4. Hello Friends, This is my first season with my 04 - Signature 290. I have had a great experience with this boat so far. All was going well until I tried an overnight. I was connected to shore power and getting good readings on my breaker panel. I put the AC unit on and set the thermostat. It was taking a while to cool but the ducts had good flow and the air was chilled. I put the kids to bed and then watched a movie in the cockpit.... AC pumping good. Then we decided to go to be about 2-3 hours later. I went into the cabin and it was literally chilly! Felt great to get in bed with the cool conditioned air. Thermostat was not satisfied by the the temperature I set at 68 degrees but it was reading 73 degrees and felt nice. Then this happens: I wake up at 3:00am in a sweat! For some reason it was an oven in the cabin. I could hear the compressor and the air-conditioner running. Sounded like it always does however the ducts did not have any airflow! Felt like the unit had athsma. Previously the time I had used the air conditioner it was for short amounts of time and worked great. What I did was shut the unit down and open the windows. This was not the greatest plan because it was hot and muggy out but still needed air. After waiting 1.5hrs I tried running the unit again. Seemed to kick on again and start working properly. Has anyone had an experience like this before? I have some ideas on what it could be but I wanted to know first if anyone has had this happen to them before I go trouble shooting something thats been diagnosed and fixed. Figured it can't hurt to ask. Appreciate any and all responses.
  5. Curious question about my 285SSX. Dealer has been great, did a real short familiarization, doing the full thing next year. In the meantime though I was wondering what I can/can’t run off of battery power. The radio works for sure, but would the TV, microwave, refrigerator, and AC run or does those require shore power?
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