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Found 4 results

  1. I’m new to the forums but been reading a lot of good information but thought I might throw my situation out there and see what you guys had to say I recently bought a new 21’ Thunderjet Luxor OB OS (aluminum hard top fishing boat) with a new F200 Yamaha Outboard which has a recommended WOT of 5000-6000 rpms. I bought it at sea level and brought it up to 6500 ft. elevation (elevation sucks). So I have playing with props. I am currently running an aluminum 13p x 16” prop getting the motor broke in. I installed trim tabs to help plain out. It runs at 5800 rpm at 34 mph at WOT. I would like to go a pitch up and get a little less rpm and help with fuel and change to a stainless prop. I know changing a pitch should drop about 200 rpm but if I put a 14p x 15” Solas HR Titan prop (about the only 14 pitch I can find that will fit it) how much will a lil small diameter stainless prop change the rpm. Like I said I’d like to run around 5500 rpms. Its a fishing boat that I want to get from point A to point B as fast and best fuel mileage I can. My other option is a stainless 13p x 15 5/8” Solas New Saturn prop. I seem pretty limited on prop selection at that low of pitch. Thoughts and opinions?? Thanks
  2. GrandLakeBoater

    Prop Question

    Hi, newbie here. Just purchased my first boat, a 2017 21 H2O Ski & Fish OB. We went with the 150HP Yamaha. Supposed to be ready before Memorial weekend (I hope!). It comes with a stainless steel prop. We'll be using the boat to pull tubers/skiers, fishing, & general cruising with the family. It will be used at our cottage on an inland lake, which has a rocky bottom. Wondering if a switch to an aluminium prop would be a good idea? I realize I may be sacrificing some performance, but if I run the bottom, I'd rather ruin a prop than the whole motor... What do you guys think?? Appreciate the advise, & can't wait for it to warm up here (Michigan)!!
  3. timmedo

    Which Prop for Best Low End

    I have a 2008 190 SSI with a 4.3 220hp Volvo Penta, with a 4 blade 19" 14.25" prop. I want to increase the low end performance to get on plane easier and quicker. Would changing the prop to a 17" (or even lower) SIGNIFICANTLY improve the low end performance. I'm OK loosing some top end performance. With 4 or 5 adults on the boat, it is hard to get on plane (even with 2 of them in the bow). Would this create any issues or overload the engine? Would a stainless prop make much difference. Any suggestions or experiences from others who have the same boat?
  4. LambChop

    The Proper Prop

    So, yes, I get it... the proper propeller question is probably the most asked question on any boat forum. But... I'm still going to ask it. What good is a boat forum without a virtual cornucopia of screw threads? Everyone loves to ad their 2¢ (I've got a mac, so making the "cents" sign is as easy as pressing option + 2) to the prop threads. First, my current boat specs: Year: 1998 (I was 15 years old when this boat was sold) Make: Chaparral (what else would it be on this forum?) Model: 2130 SS (Limited Edition - I think that got you some faux wood trim, a compass, and a depth sounder... how does that make it "limited"?) Length: 20' 6" Beam: 8' 4" Engine: GM 305 V8 w/ Throttle Body EFI - 240 HP (Yes, I would love for it have the 350 V8... no idea why the previous owner skimped on the motor...) Stern Drive: Mercruiser Alpha One, 1.47 Drive Ratio OEM Weight: ~ 3150 lbs Current Prop: Mercury 21 Pitch Aluminum 3 Blade (don't know the diameter) And the current Performance: Full Laden Specs - 6 adults: ~ 1020 lbs Gear: 100 lbs Full Laden WOT Engine RPM: 4,800 Full Laden WOT GPS Speed @ 4,800 RPM: 45 mph Minimum Laden Specs - 2 adults: 350 lbs Gear: 70 lbs Minimum Laden WOT Engine RPM: 4,900 Minumum Laden WOT GPS Speed @ 4,900 RPM: 49 mph Here's the condition - I mostly travel with 4-6 passengers in the boat and I prefer to cruise on plane, but at the lowest speed I can maintain on plane while still maintaining an efficient cruise speed. Furthermore, wakeboarding, tubing, and skiing are inevitable on a lake outing; being able to maintain a good holeshot/plane-out time with 6 people in the boat is a necessity. Yes, a bigger motor would be wonderful, however, my current motor runs like a top, so it is staying as is. My boat did come with a stainless steel 21 pitch Mercury Vengeance propeller that was a bit chewed up. I had it reconditioned and installed on the boat yesterday, but I haven't had it out yet. I have no idea what to expect in performance compared to the current prop. I've been considering the Mercury High Five as it comes highly recommended for this type of boat and intended use (and I have a wonderful source to get it quite a bit a cheaper than current market price). I'm also wondering about the Revolution Four. Are there any other props to consider from the other propeller manufacturers? Everyone seems to recommend a pitch, but no one ever comments on radius/diameter. I would imagine that diameter has a substantial effect - is it something to consider in addition to pitch?