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Found 16 results

  1. Newbie question - We have a 2014 246SSI and we do all of our boating in Midwest lakes. Most, if not all, are mud bottom lakes. I believe our current anchor is the one that came with the boat. It fits nicely into its bow pocket and has slots made for it (so I'm assuming its the one that came with the boat). My issue is that it does not hold us and we drift almost every time I throw it out. Do we need a different style or maybe a bigger now? Why am I the only boat moving with the anchor out in the cove? I loaded a picture of the style anchor we currently have.
  2. After 21 years of ownership, decided to build in a drum windlass, and anchor roller Planning - 5 kg Nonestar Claw anchor - hinged anchor roller - Lone Star Marine GX2 Drum Windlass https://hammermarine.com/shop/anchor-winches/gx-series/gx2/ Cut away for build in of anchor roller GX2 drum winch fits in this storage cubby Will need to build a new raised cover from teak planks to clear the 26 cm height of the drum The base plate of the GX2 unit is the size of the white piece of paper sitting in the well
  3. I have heard that it is not recommended to get a windlass automatic anchor for a Signature for a boat frequently used in the Chesapeake bay or in areas having 2-3 foot waves. The argument against it is that due to the constant movement of the bow the anchor might smash into the boat and damage the hull, compared to a manual anchor that resides in the anchor locker. Is this true ? Me and my wife are debating on whether we should get an automatic anchor for the signature or stick to a manual one Best Amar
  4. I recently bought a Signature 290 of 2008. I will do some changes before starting the boating season. We decided to change the regular setting of 30ft anchor chain plus rope to 175-200ft of 5/16" polished stainless chain. Will there be enough room for the chain at the locker?
  5. Hello, does anyone know what the exact stock width of the anchor for the H2O 21 Sport is? I got a performance 2 fluke anchor as a replacement from WestMarine and the stock was much longer. I heard that cutting the stock shorter is not necessarily the best option due to the galvanization. The Chaparral web page shows “Horizon Anchors”, but I can’t find anything of this company.
  6. I have a problem with my anchor pulpit on my 2011 signature-310 with windlass. A pin broke on my pulpit that forces the anchor chain lower as it enters the chain locker. Without the pin the locker door wont close correctly.. There are two screws that held the pin in place and it would be easy enough to slip another one into it. The Chaparrel parts breakout of the anchor pulpit doesn't show the pin. The local dealer suggested that I purchase an entire new pulpit for $766. Any advice on how to get the pin part number or the manufacturer and part number of the pulpit would be appreciated.
  7. Wondering if anybody has successfully added an anchor winch on to their sunseta? I've a sunseta 224, and I'm wondering how to add a winch on to it, since pulling it when i'm out with kids proves too much of a hassle!
  8. Hi out there! I have a 2005 290 Signature. Can anyone tell me the size of the anchor rope and chain that was supplied by Chaparral? I am looking to replace the setup and can't find it called out in any of my documentation. I have a vertical windlass, original to the boat, and the manual calls for several different sizes according to the spool number. I have not been able to find a number on the spool. Thanks in advance for your help.
  9. I am working on a project of installing an anchor windlass on my 205. I already have the windlass assembly which I intend on mounting inside the anchor locker. But, the system I have is more or less for deck mounting, especially the windlass retrieval bracket. I would like to make that a thru-hull unit like that pictured below. Is this part available from somewhere? This or even a smaller one? Any ideas appreciated! Thanks!!
  10. This season I have switched from DELTA plow anchor to FORTRESS Danforth type anchor ... a huge difference in soft and/or weedy bottom holding. DELTA was not reliable at all, once it lost the hold, it could not grab the bottom again due to weeds forming a ball around it (see the photo below). FORTRESS resets itself beautifully due to its long, pointy and sharp flukes, and despite its lightweight construction (anodized aluminum). Mind you, the Danforth type anchor is not easy to carry on a boat, and hardly, if not violently, self launches with a standard OEM roller. I found the FORTRESS FX-16, one size bigger than recommended for my boat, to be a bit harder to launch and to set back on the OEM roller, but much easier to retrieve, rinse, and handle in general than the DELTA. It is a much lighter anchor. One more feature of the FORTRESS anchor is that it can be disassembled into five main components with two bolts and nuts, and stored in a flat bag when not in use. Below are some photos of the new FORTRESS setup with a prototype fluke stopper on the bow … once tested and perfected, the stopper will be custom fabricated from metal. Also, the July/August 2015 issue of BOATING magazine printed the anchors review, where the fluke and plow anchors were tested ... FORTRESS and generic Danforth are at the top of list of best performing anchors.
  11. OK, so I've been a proud owner for 16 months and roughly 60 engine hours now and have never tossed the anchor that came with my boat overboard yet. That's a good thing, because she's not tied down. We do enjoy stopping and swimming, but thus far we've just been swimming for 10-15 minutes at a time while monitoring our drift. Now that I'm into our second summer, it's time to get my butt in gear with this. I have anchor line that came from the dealer, but it's my understanding that having a certain length of chain at the anchor is best in addition to the rope. I'm looking for advice on what to do here. Is there a specific kind of chain and coupling method that is best? Where should I go to acquire such a thing? (My boat is docked at a fairly rural lake.) I'm not the best at my nautical knots, so that is another reason I've put off this project. Thanks everyone!
  12. I've been having good luck with our plow anchor. It even held the first time we used it in 20+ MPH winds. Last night we anchored at an island on Lake Texoma with the stern to the beach. The muddy bottom has a pretty steep grade until it gets to about 4 feet or so. We dropped anchor in approx 14 feet of water then backed toward the beach until we were in about 5-6 feet of water. Trouble is, we reached that depth rather quickly and before I was able to put out much rode. I estimate I only had about 15 feet of chain and 25 feet of rode played out. I took a stern anchor (box anchor type) and walked it up to the beach to keep the stern from swinging on the bow anchor. With all the traffic on the water last night for the fireworks, there was an almost constant wake trying to push us toward the island. At one point I realized we were slowly drifting toward shore and decided to release the stern anchor and "reel in" a bit of bow anchor in order to pull us to deeper water. I then tied off the stern anchor again. So now I only have about 30 feet of rode and chain deployed. But it held. My real question (besides pointers on how to better anchor which I eagerly anticipate) is does it require less rode if anchoring in deeper water with the stern in shallower water? It would seem the uphill grade would help the plow anchor better set and stay put. Is my theory full of holes?
  13. I have a 2001 216 SSI and an anchor similar to this: Slip-Ring Fluke Anchor for Boat Length to 22', 11lb., Blue mfg part#669-11-ZR http://www.westmarine.com/greenfield-products--color-coated-slip-ring-fluke-anchors--P005_153_001_503 I'm normally in the Sacramento River which has a fast current and a muddy bottom. My anchor never holds me in the mud but does ok in the rare occasion that I snag some plants or rocks. I'm usually loaded up pretty heavy with passengers and ice chests so I'd say I'm typically around 5,000lbs when floating with a full tank. I read that fluke anchors work well in sand and mud so do I just need a larger fluke anchor and perhaps one without that soft PVC coating? Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.
  14. Hey guys im new to this forum. I have a 2002 183ss and this summer we were out on the lake and the anchor door latch handle broke and the door was stuck in the closes position. After looking at it for hours trying to pry it open, i was forced to break the latch handle. During this, I chipped the fiberglass and it looks like garbage. I know i can get a fiberglass repair kit but does anyone know where i can get a new door. I attatched pictures off the chaparralboats.com "PARTS IDENTIFICATION GUIDE INDEX" http://forum.chaparr...at/2002/183.pdf It looks like i need #1 (183SS Anchor Lid) Part# 3-1143 Any help would be appreciated mike
  15. Hey guys im new to this forum and this is my first post. I have a 2002 183ss and this summer we were out on the lake and the anchor door latch handle broke and the door was stuck in the closes position. After looking at it for hours trying to pry it open, i was forced to break the latch handle. During this, I chipped the fiberglass and it looks like garbage. I know i can get a fiberglass repair kit but does anyone know where i can get a new door. I attatched pictures off the chaparralboats.com "PARTS IDENTIFICATION GUIDE INDEX" http://forum.chaparralboats.com/publications/PartsGuides/Sportboat/2002/183.pdf It looks like i need #1 (183SS Anchor Lid) Part# 3-1143 Any help would be appreciated mike
  16. Can someone who bought a 2004 Chaparral 220 SSi when it was new tell me if there was an anchor that came with it or that could be bought at the time that actually fit in the anchor compartment that is designed into the boat? By "Fit" I mean that it actually "clipped" into place and was big enough to work with a 22' boat. I just bought a used '04 220 SSI and the previous owner told me that he lost his and the local Chap dealer tells me that there aren't any anchors that actually clip into that compartment. I found the one from Cecil Marine that is recommended on another thread, but I'm wondering if it really will fit. This is the one I found http://www.cecilmarineonline.com/servlet/the-108/8-LB-SAND-ANCHOR/Detail Thanks for any help!
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