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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Folks, On my 3rd outing on my new-to-me Chap (a 2013 ssx) the battery switch seems to have lost its 4 point "click stops" and just spins to the touch. Correspondingly it makes hot contact sporadically. Not a wear and tear issue, and seems to have just appeared. Could vibration have backed out a tension screw on the back of the center post, etc? Any experience or ideas on a fix, other than a new switch? Thanks all!
  2. I think my VSR on my factory battery switch has gone bad for the second time in 3 years. Gonna order a new one and install. The power to my boat doesn't turn completely off, only partial when switch is in off position, for example everything still has power but not enough to turn motor over. I replaced the original VSR with a new one about 3 years ago when I experienced this first and it resolved my problem. Now it has come back. Anyone have ideas or similar issues in what the root cause could be?
  3. Well, I guess my boat is entering its 10th year and therefore things start to fail just because . . . First item and question. Parallel battery switch. I have the four switch set up with three batteries. One battery and switch for house battery (top of panel), then a row of three. The outside switches in the row of three are for the port and starboard engines, and the one in the middle hooks all batteries in parallel to provide power if any of them fail. The parallel switch in the center just snapped off the post while sitting for a week without being touched. End of outing, turned all batteries off. Next week, opened panel door and parallel switch knob was snapped off. I've taken the panel off to get at the back (what a spaghetti scene). Question is, is the center, parallel switch the same as the others. Can I just order the BEP 701 or is there a special parallel switch with different connections? Second item and question. Hatch lift jammed up on me. Was able to disconnect with the pull pins and the electrical connection and pull the motor and ram as one unit. It's a Acculift MQ 347. Took motor off of right angle gear drive and the torque connector (connects the slotted shaft from the motor to the slotted shaft on the ram gear box) was worn out a bit. So I repaired that. ed the gear drive through the grease fitting. Motor works fine. Tested the gear drive with a drill and bit in the slotted drive for the ram and all I get is a clicking sound like the worm gear isn't catching. Anyone every take one of those apart and repair it? Or is it best just to get a new one and keep the motor as a spare? Sorry, no photos yet.s
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