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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, new to this forum. I was looking for some advice on pricing out having all of my bellows and gimball bearing replaced, along with a new throttle cable. I just bought a 1997 Chaparral with a 2009 190 hp Merc Cruiser. Bought it from my brother dirt cheap because it took on water for a few hours due to failed bellows. It was immediately towed to the marina and the oil was changed per insurance request, in order to save the engine. According to the mechanic, it runs fine. The boat looks like new. He said to have the bellows and Gimball Bearing replaced and the throttle cable. The cost will be $1100.00 . Then he will winterize the motor again for free. Does that sound reasonable? Could I do this on my own? Any help would be great! Thanks in advance!
  2. Hey everyone, Looking for some advice on my Alpha one drive. It's a 2003 and i'm not sure what the previous owner did as far as maintenance. I have replace the impeller last season so I know that has been replace recently, but as far as getting deeper in the drive i'm not sure. How often are you supposed to look into changing the gimbal bearing, bellows etc? Are their any warning signs to look out for that they need to be replaced?
  3. I have original bellows on my 1997 Mercruiser Alpha One Gen 2. There are no leaks or other problems so far, but there are visible cracks. I mostly worry about U-joint bellows, and least about Exhaust one. How often do you replace them? Here are pics: Exhaust 18654A 1 Exhaust 18654A 1 Universal Joint 816431A 1 Exhaust 18654A 1 Shift Cable 74639 Exhaust 18654A 1 Shift Cable 74639 Universal Joint 816431A 1
  4. After last weekend I feel like I should maybe post this in the nubes section. Went on a nice crisp fall cruise with a few guests in the boat last Saturday. After reaching our destination and having a nice late lunch, we decided to head back up the river for the marina, about an hour up river at a 25-30mph clip. Made it about 5-10 minutes, well off the shore when - blaaaaahhhhh. The boat comes to a not very abrupt stop. About a stop when you come off plane a little too fast, but definitely not more than enough to throw anyone out of their seat. After surveying the situation, the admiral points out that we are in fact sitting on the bottom of the river. I argued with her that we were not, using the logical methods of proof - the depth sounder mainly, that clearly said we were still in 7.8ft. of water. She won by soundly pointing at the bottom of the river, which you could clearly see was very near the top of the water. So after so maneuvering of guests to the bow area I was able to, with some effort, get the boat pointed out in to the deeper part of the river, throttle myself off the sandbar, and get in to safe waters. This is where the trouble starts. After about 2-3 minutes, I started getting the high temp alarm. I gave a throttle blip while checking the temp gauge to try to clear the obviously clogged intakes. That made more heat, then the temp alarm got really unhappy, so I killed it, hoping to float and cool down a bit before trying again. Long story short, we hydrolocked the engine, needed to be towed in (about a 2-3 hour ordeal in all) and trailered the boat to the marina store for a checkup and waited for news. While we were being towed, I noticed that the front bilge ran. Not a little, and not constantly, but maybe 2-3 times over an hour, which is uncharacteristic for this boat. My first thought was that during the quick stop that I moved some residual water in the bilge and the boat was taking care of itself. Later on Monday, the mechanic at the marina called and said that the boat was running, that I had clogged it terribly with sand and soot, it was in fact hydrolocked, and that he had changed the oil twice but was still worried that there was a little moisture in the engine - so he asked me to take it out for a good rip down the river before we winterize it, just to make sure all was running alright and that if there was any water left in the engine that we might evaporate it with a nice heat soaked run, so we took her down the river for a 60 mile cruise and popped her back on the trailer. No bilge pumping was noticed, but when I pulled the plug, there was more water than I am comfortable with. Looking in the bilge with the engine off, we see no intrusion at all. That said, the more I think about it, the more I am concerned that there actually is a leak somewhere. Here is what I know for sure - The boat hit the sandbar hard enough to push the outdrive to the full up position. I noticed this because when I tried to move off the sandbar I had to trim down ALOT to get it to register position. Also, we hit hard enough to remove ALL river scum off the keel of the boat. What's more, we do NOT see evidence of water anywhere in the boat when sitting on the water, and the rear bilge was never seen running, although it is possible that it did and we just did not notice it. Here's the questions: Is the hydrolocked engine issue properly taken care of? We plan to replace the impeller and thermostat first off in the spring. Is there anything else I should key in on to make sure we aren't taking any unnecessary risk of engine damage? The hull and keel are unscathed as far as I can tell. No bad scratches to sight or feel, and certainly no missing chunks or cracks that anyone has been able to detect. I highly doubt we hit any rocks on that part of the river, but it is a river, so you never really know. Mechanic has been ordered to remove the drive, replace the bellows and inspect u-joints, gimbal, etc for wear while he is at it. Is there any other intrusion points that I should key in on below the water line? I know there is the A/C intake and the transducer to look at, both of which appear to be intact. My pre-launch will now consist of a thorough cleaning of the bottom along with a detailed waxing. Not because I believe waxing the bottom is beneficial, but because that way I will make sure to have inspected all of the hull very closely. Talking with the locals, it turns out "everyone" knows that sandbar is there, because there are boats there in the summer parked on it. I got a knowing "nod" when I told my story, because as it turns out, I am not the first to be caught off guard by this obstruction, that is both unmarked and uncharted. It kind of grates me a little, but I glad that nobody was hurt and that the damages appear to be less than catastrophic at this point. .
  5. Hello I have a 2006 Sig 276 and have yet to replace the three bellows. Is it necessary to replace if they look to be in god shape. If I replace them can I do that without removing the volvo penta DPS stern drive? Thank you!
  6. I have a 2004 190ssi with a 4.3 MPI with 400 hrs. I was looking at the Bellows yesterday before I went to the lake and noticed that the U Joint bellows appears to have some tiny cracks in a couple of the pleats so I think it is time to replace it. The Shift cable bellows was replaced 3 years ago by the previous owner and I had the Gimbal bearing replaced 2 years ago. Questions: Can I replace the U Joint bellows without removing the Gimbal Ring? What brands of Bellows should I consider if not OEM? What specific tools do I have to purchase and where is the best place to purchase? What tips/tricks do you guys recommend?Thanks , Patrick
  7. Finally got the new-to-me boat out on the water for an extended period of time over the weekend and everything worked pretty well. The only real issue I have that concerns me is that the bilge pump kicked on at one point after we were out for about 40-minutes or so. It may have run more, but that's the only time I noticed it running. I have a couple of questions for everyone: 1. The boat is only a 2010 with about 340 hours. Could the bellows be going bad already? Other potential sources of the leak? 2. I did fill up all onboard coolers with ice the night before and again the day of, so probably 80-100 pounds of ice total. Could this be the source of my water? I thought these were supposed to drain overboard, not into the bilge. I'm planning a trip to Table Rock Lake in two weeks where the boat will be docked and in the water for a solid week straight. Should I be concerned? If there is a bit of water coming into the bilge, should I worry about the pump doing it's job and handling it?
  8. Hey Shephard, I was just wondering if you knew if there was any difference between a Merc, OMC, or Yamaha lower unit shift cable? Is a cable a cable, or not? Also, what about Merc bellows and gimbal? The pictures (and what I can see on my Yamaha and Alpha drives) look identical and the Yamaha's are way more in $ as one would imagine. Thanks, Drew
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