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  1. Hi, we recently got a 23 ssi with electric wake tower. Is there a way to keep the Bimini partially hooked up (around the top cylinder insert) and just 1 pole attached and not in the storage cover? We have kids and when we go out with them want the Bimini up for shade. When we go out without them we want it down/off, but it’s a pain to always switch back and forth. Currently we have the Bimini top folded in the storage cover and hooked up to wake tower with the straps and 1 pole inserted. But that is just for storage and that’s not a shortcut for reinstalling. Any shortcu
  2. Can anyone share photos of a 19 H2O Sport with a factory installed tower and Bimini? Preferably a model year 2013? This summer I purchased a used 2013 H2O 19 Sport with a factory installed wakeboard tower. I was able to track down the original manufacturer of the Bimini top (http://www.greatlakesboattop.com) and they were great at getting me the Bimini top. Unfortunately, I have been told that Chaparral was supposed to have pre-mounted brackets for the Bimini support poles on the back and pre-drilled holes in the tower for Bimini support poles in front. These holes were not drille
  3. I just bought a 1996 signature 240. It came with a full enclosed camper top but its in very rough shape. All the zippers and seams and hanging on by only a couple of threads. All of the frame work is in great shape but i do believe i will need to replace the canvas. Does anyone know the best way to go about this? I like the idea of the full enclosure but i really would only require the bimini portion. Can i just buy canvas specific for my framework, or does it have to be the whole deal? Any help and advice would be appreciated.
  4. Hi. I currently own a Yamaha ar240 Jetboat and am planning to upgrade to a Chapparal signature 250 or 270 possibly 2007-2008 year. I have already started looking around for a boat and my family wants the signature in order to spend overnight in the boat and enjoy the weekends more. I have made the Bimini Bahamas 2017 crossing on my Yamaha and it was rough on the boat. I plan to make the crossing again in 2018. My question is whether the hull will be strong enough to withstand the crossing without breaking up or getting damaged. This will be my first prop boat and your feedback is greatly appre
  5. Thought I'd start a photo and discussion thread for our Bimini trip. Three Chaparral Forum folks are going (maybe a fourth... @Robert Loehr you still in?) Confirmed members going are myself, @RRRR, and @jeffk. We depart Ft. Lauderdale with the Bahamas Fling group on June 15 and return to Ft. Lauderdale June 18 all weather depending. Along with my wife and 7y/o son, I'll be towing from Dallas to Orlando then on to Ft. Lauderdale beginning in less than 36 hours Cleaning and final prep underway. About to get real!!
  6. I'm not real happy with it, but here's the Bimini video. Had trouble with sizing while mixing still photos with video. Hope you enjoy. Starring: @RRRR @jeffk Edited with the corrected (and a bit better) version:
  7. Just ordered a new bimini top for my boat from Ameritex. They are the original manufacturer of the tops for my boat. Has anyone else ordered a top from them? Just curious as to how the new top fit vs the original top that came with your boat.
  8. Hi folks - Just purchased a 2013 277 SSX from down south (I'm in the northeast). Putting on the bimini cover, I see two hanging plastic buckles (aft) that don't seem to connect anywhere. But they hang directly at head height, which is obviously not intended. I'm thinking maybe I'm missing some straps that connect it to the arch to snug it down? Can't find anything online, and pics aren't detailed enough to make it out. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  9. I recently purchased a 2001 chaparral 205 sse. I am looking for replacement windshield mounts for the bimini. They are in good shape but if one breaks, I'm out of commission with the bimini. These are very unusual mounts and I cannot find them anywhere. Any response would be appreciated. Thanks. Scott
  10. Hello all, This is my first post. Just purchased a '07 Sunesta 214. Previous owner can not locate the Bimini or frame. The way this Bimini mounts is somewhat unique. It has two mounts on the windshield but the toughest part is the rear support stanchion. This stanchion is has a double push button and fits into a spring loaded receiver. I have found some pics online but nothing really clear. Can someone who has this Bimini Please take a few pics of it installed. I have a Bimini person who can make it but I would like to know what it is supposed to look like. Also, help in locating a source
  11. Hello all, I'm a new boat owner who just purchased a 2004 280 SSI. It has an arch with bimini but it's not very large. I like the style of the new folding arch towers like on the 2017 246 SSI. Is there a way to extend the stock bimini or update with newer look? Thank you!
  12. Does anybody know how fast I can safely drive on the road with the bimini fully extended? I have a Suncoast 230 with a bimini attached to the arch. I'm fairly close to two boat ramps and i figure the max speed on the road to the boat ramp will never exceed 50mph. Thank you in advance!!
  13. Thinking of running to Bimini this August and wanted to gauge if there is any interest? If not, I'll probably just head to the keys again. I would ideally want multiple boats heading over. The plan would be to relax for a week and hit Great Isaac and many of the cays nearby using Bimini as the base. Let me know if you're interested! I would also be interested in a Tortuga's trip, but that's a longer tow.
  14. I am not sure if this is alright or if this is the correct place to post this. Over the winter we "lost" our 204 SSI due to a tree falling on it. We remove all of the items (Bimini, carpets, etc) from the boat every fall and store them in our basement. Due to the boat being a total loss we have the parts that were in the basement. Is this a location where we can post the items that are in perfect shape and still like new? If it is not, can you direct me to the best place to list the items?
  15. All, Was wondering what the common thinking was for leaving your Bimini top up while trailering but NOT out and connected to the windshield? Always in the boot cover. When I have it laying down it seems to bang around on the boat. Appreciate your thoughts as always!
  16. I have a 2014 H2O 19 ski and fish with a tower and I'm wondering if other's have found a way of pulling wakeboarders/skiers with the bimini top installed without rubbing on the tow ropes. I know that there is an access hole to attach the rope to the tower but the rope still rubs on the bimini top. When I collapse the bimini top and leave it attached to the tower, it's still in the way... Do I have to take the bimini completely off in order to use the tower for pulling someone? Thanks for your input. This is my first post to this forum. I appreciate all the information.
  17. Looking for a bimini for my 233 Sunesta year 2000. No longer available through Chaparral. Any recommendations based on experience for secondary suppliers?
  18. New to my used 235 SSI, I am trying to figure what the hardware is for on the middle of the rear bimini support pole. I am guessing a travel height attachment point? but I find no other poles in the boat,... Can any one fill me in , and I am open to suggestions for trailering with the bimini. I trailer every where I go . There just isn't room to safely store the entire bimini if I remove it without scratch danger in the boat, leaving it up in the boot seems to stress the mount points as I have had the front knob break already in my first summer (no, not driving 80), and I will add the mount kn
  19. Anyone know of options to extend the shade rearward from 264's with the arch? The older models of this boat (263/274) had much larger bimini tops/shade coverage. Admiral wants more shade and I can't blame her. Must be some kind of simple way to add some bimini poles that would extend from the rear of the arch to cover the rear seats?
  20. I made the mistake of leaving the Bimini up (folded up and covered in the boot) while driving down the freeway. The wind got the canvas and tore it straight down the middle. Where can I get a replacement canvas that matches my covers? It says Taylor made on the side if the boat but they say it isn't theirs It's a 2007 204 ssi and the Bimini came w the boat Thanks
  21. Hello 246 SSi owners (ahoy Eric and 246inColorado...) and wisers, I attempted to install the clear connector between the windshield and the bimini last week during a little shower. Zips into the bimini just fine but could not get it stretched down to connect to the windshield snaps. Have you experienced this? I have the extra bimini support/brace installed at the rear of the cockpit from the rearmost port leg to the bulkhead behind the seat. Not sure if that is preventing some necessary "play" in the structure to tilt forward and secure the snaps or if it should install even with the rear brac
  22. Hi all- Just bought a 2002 Sunesta 243. It has a full Bimini, but there are no instructions about how to remove it. Any idea how to either remove it entirely or fold it into the boot? Thanks!
  23. Just got the boat back with her new canvas! Changed up the color to cocoa, which is a bit darker than the factory taupe. Looks greak with the Cool Teak. If anyone is looking for canvas in California, we highly recommend West Coast Canvas. Curt and his team did a great job and they even sealed the edges of our Cool teak.
  24. Well guys I messed up this weekend. I backed my 2005 215ssi into the garage and left the bimini up and bent two of the bars. The canvas is fine and all the mounts are fine. First what are my options to fix it, next what size bimini do I have and what's the best place to buy a new one that will work with my enclosure?
  25. Hi everyone, I tried to remove a screw that had rusted (previous owner didn't use SS) and unfortunately I broke the screw head right off. I tried everything to remove the broken screw, but it would appear I have caused more damage that anything. Does anyone know if this is a standard "part" I can pick up at any marine store or is this something I'd have to contact Chap directly for (or a dealer)? The part attaches directly onto the radar arch and holds the metal bar bracket for the forward facing Bimini. Here are some photos of the part:
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