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Found 4 results

  1. tetonguy

    2018 Chaps

    I go to a boat show at least once a year. Went to the Spokane boat show last weekend. I love boats and IMHO its always a good indicator of how the economy is doing. This year there were more boats than ever on display in Spokane. Very few vendors for accessories but the dealers had 99% of the show room space. Appears the economy is doing well so far. Also appears that the future is on outboards. Inboard engines are going the way of the wankle, lol. Saw the new 26 foot Chap and loved the LED goosneck lamps in the cabin above the lounge. Tried to fin them online and did but for some reason they are NOT FOR SALE in the United States??? Anyone know why? Not UL approved? They are 20w polished aluminum cans on short stalk goose necks. You turn them on and off by pressing the lens. Very sleek and nice looking design. Saw them in a few ebay UK stores and they will not ship to the US. Protection tarriffs?
  2. jeffk

    Ft lauderdale boat show

    Went to the show yesterday. It seemed more crowded than usual. I went on quite a few boats. we really like the Jeanneau NC 11. I also liked the Monterey 33. Quite surprisingly I really liked the searay cruisers with outboards. I saw Richard from our Bimini trip....check the website, they are doing port lucaya next year. Highlight of the show....I met John Griviskas from ship shape tv......very nice guy. Many thanks to Volvo Penta for the comped tickets
  3. TXAgg

    DFW Boat Show

    Did anyone go to the first weekend of the "Dallas International Boat Expo" aka DFW Boat Show? I was going to be there on Saturday and was wondering if there was anything I needed to make sure to check out. I was already planning on taking a look at the outboard and rotax powered Chaparrals. Pretty interested to see what the other manufacturers are up to as well.
  4. Hello shipmates - So I am in Singapore this week on business and had some time to kill today. It's the last day of the Singapore Yacht Show so I figure I'll just spend the afternoon at the marina looking at the $500K and higher (most were higher, actually) yachts and as I complete the outdoor circuit lookie what I come upon: The 240 foot behemoth in the background is the Oceanco luxury yacht Anastasia, which was boardable by pre-arranged invitation only. Many of the other 50-125 footers were tourable if you registered with the agent at the dock and showed your last year's 1040.... I'll post some of those pics later but thought you'd all enjoy seeing Chaparral represented in the Orient.