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Found 3 results

  1. El Capitans.. I am having my 264 coated in bottom paint and have narrowed it down between Interlux VC-17 and Pettit Vivid (please no religious debate on whether to paint or not paint) I wet slip in the Milwaukee River from May-Oct. Last season was the first season for the 264 – trailer princess prior. The ‘fresh’ water is HIGHLY-organic and despite regular in-water scrubbing, by Oct the south facing side was covered in a thick coat of green fur. An acid wash later and the fur was gone, minus some minor staining. More concerning, the acid wash revealed a handful of small blister, soo time to lock it down. I have no concerns over sacrificing a mph or two off of top-end, my priority is resistance to fouling, durability & longevity. VC-17 feels like the gold standard to me, Vivid is attractive on account I can color match the hull or to my grey band and mimic the ‘stealth’ option avl on the 2018’s. Again my priority is resistance to fouling, durability & longevity. Thoughts??
  2. My bottom paint requires some TLC.I believe the original owner of the boat prepped and painted it himself and then touched it up as necessary so I think what is necessary is to sand / strip off the old bottom coat, prime / block and then repaint. Does anyone have an idea of what a reasonable price for all this work is? I have a estimate from a guy who will has a lift to take the boat off the trailer, remove the old paint, remove all thru hull fittings and re-calk, remove trim tabs, block, 2 coats primer, 2-3 coats bottom paint and his price is 140 deer / foot. Is this reasonable? The person doing the work has been in the business for 30+ years and provided a list of references so I'm sure I will get a top notch job but I am just wondering if buying a quart of paint from West Marine and touching it up is the way to go.......
  3. Bottom paint or wait and if wait, then when?? is the question. Picked-up my first Chap this past fall, an '08 264 Sunesta with less that 70hrs and at a price that would make you think it was stolen. (and at this point, probably best not to ask) It was a two-owner California boat that was just never used and other than preforming a round of basic maintenance, its rock solid. Its now safely home in Mke, tucked away for a warm winter nap in its heated indoor storage and dreaming of warmer days (which, sitting here in 7-degree Jan, feels like forever away). Warmer days will come and when they do, 'Raul' will find its home in a seasonal fresh water wet-slip on the Mke river May thru mid-Oct. Having hardly ever kissing the water, the hull is in pristine condition however I know a season of wet-slipping will certainly change that. I feel like bottom paint is an eventuality but looking for the school of thought on preemptively painting now or do I let it waste away for a season or three and paint it when the pig is in need of a little lipstick?? Excited to be part of the board and looking fwd to your thoughts!