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Found 1 result

  1. Futzin'

    Boat trailering, yes or no

    Wondering how many of us trailer versus storing at or near the water. I figure most cruiser owners don't trailer regularly. To date we have kept the boat at our house, trailering to different lakes. We've enjoyed the flexibility of being able to go where we want, and being able to clean it whenever we want. Being able to keep an eye on it is good, too. Gonna try slipping at a marina this year, see how it goes. We found a slip and lift at our favorite lake. Our goal in recent years has been to maximize time on the water; to enjoy the morning and evenings on the water, rather than spending that time loading up and driving. Toward that end we've been staying at a motel about 30 minutes away, and tying up at a marina (no developments allowed on this lake). Goal this year is to camp as much as possible (converted cargo trailer) at the lake and enjoy having the boat ready to go.