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Found 14 results

  1. bryana

    Signature 260 cockpit cover

    Does anyone know if the 2004 Sig 260 has the EXACT same cockpit dimensions as the 2007/2008 model year. I have found a replacement cockpit cover on a website that is non-returnable but when I checked with Ameritex who made the cover, they told me that the part number I supplied them with was for the 2007/08 model. The boat "looks" to be the same dimensions, but before spending $5-600 to buy the one available, I'm trying to figure out if it will fit. There are snaps that come with the cover but need to be put on by me. I have tried contacting Chaparral customer service but so far no luck in their getting back to me. Thanks!!
  2. Kehrlide

    Spring Cleaning Routine?

    I was curious if anyone out there had a proven routine for getting the boat ready in the spring. I leave my 264 Sunesta in the water all year under cover but it still gets coated with pollen. I usually strip everything out of the boat, all canvases, carpet, cockpit pillows, head towels, microfiber cloths, life jackets and take home for a good wash. Anyone have some good suggestions for cleaning sunbrella canvases, and the boat carpets? Right now I am just using the home carpet steam cleaner on the carpets and laying the canvases on the driveway and hosing off and scrubbing with pole brush with soap, spraying off and using the 303 protection when it dries....it’s always a bear of a job so if anyone has a better faster way I’m all ears. As as far as the boat interior I usually just spray everything down and go over floors with the same pole brush and then microfiber towel everything else with the 303 cleaner.
  3. TexasPilot71

    Camper Canvas - Pieces Missing

    Fall is in the air! I thought I'd check out the camper canvas for our 250 Sig this past weekend. I wanted to make sure I could properly install it and to make sure it's in good shape for the coming cooler weather. The canvas is in fantastic shape. I don't think the previous owner has ever had it installed. It was relatively easy to figure out and the zippers although a little stiff, zipped up just fine. The front Eisenglass is a little yellowed, but the canvas material itself is in almost perfect condition. EXCEPT that I am missing the side curtains. See pics: I've found the side curtains here, but I'm wondering if there are other sources or if this is the best place to order them. Seem a little pricey, but that's boating I guess Also, the little rings on the rear of the canvas that hook onto the transom studs are broken. Any idea how to replace them? I'm betting there's a better way to secure it to the boat without replacing them. Need to think about that one a little. Any thoughts or ideas? Thanks as always!!
  4. sfd902

    2006 310 Signature Canvas

    Just bought this boat needs new Canvas camper style can anyone steer me in the right direction
  5. I have a 2001 280 Signature, which was re-badged as a 290 in 2004. I am looking to replace the canvas with the newer style which came out in 2006 -2007 for the 290. My canvas goes under the arch, and the newer canvas attaches to the arch. Hopefuly this will give me the additional headroom at the helm that I need, I'm 6'4". In addition, the speakers and lights on the arch will be inside the canvas, instead of outside, and it will be easier to fold up the bimini to the arch. I have a connection to Taylor Made- Ameritech, which made the factory canvas. He is trying to get me a deal on a replacement. I am looking for pictures of the full camper canvas, and I need a Hull Id or Vin number for Ameritech to identify what was provided. I have a feeling that I might be able to use the original bimini poles, just mount them on the arch towards the stern, instead of going under the arch. That would also save me a lot of money, stainless is expensive. Any pictures of the mounting locations, hardware, dimensions would be greatly appreciated. I added a picture of my boat, and an image of a 2006 290 from the internet. Hopefully someone on this forum has a camper canvas similar to this and would be willing to share some information with me. If you are concerned about posting your Vin number on line, you can send any inforrmation to me at Bilacqua@verizon.net. I will not share the information with anyone other than Taylor Made - Ameritech. Thank you for any assistance you may provide, Brian
  6. gunman

    Need a Top! Any Ideas? 200 xlc

    Would like to find an original if someone knew where one might be, even if I had to buy new canvas. Thanks
  7. I'm looking for a way to support my bimini top. Today my rear bimini is stored in a sock that's attached to the radar arch with a few turn button snaps (when not in use). I've always suspected that there was too much weight on the straps and while highway driving concerned that wind resistance may cause a snap to pull out. To help reduce the weight and secure it better I started to tie rope around the arch and I've had some success but limited... wondering if someone else has discovered a slick approach to solving this. Here are some pictures to help better understand...
  8. AJSwart

    Bimini canvas replacement

    I made the mistake of leaving the Bimini up (folded up and covered in the boot) while driving down the freeway. The wind got the canvas and tore it straight down the middle. Where can I get a replacement canvas that matches my covers? It says Taylor made on the side if the boat but they say it isn't theirs It's a 2007 204 ssi and the Bimini came w the boat Thanks
  9. I have a Signature 310 and is looking for a winter canvas for it. Does anyone know who would have one or make one for a boat that size??
  10. Hello 246 SSi owners (ahoy Eric and 246inColorado...) and wisers, I attempted to install the clear connector between the windshield and the bimini last week during a little shower. Zips into the bimini just fine but could not get it stretched down to connect to the windshield snaps. Have you experienced this? I have the extra bimini support/brace installed at the rear of the cockpit from the rearmost port leg to the bulkhead behind the seat. Not sure if that is preventing some necessary "play" in the structure to tilt forward and secure the snaps or if it should install even with the rear bracket in place anyway. Any ideas?
  11. ispmb000

    New canvas! and Cool Tek sealed,

    Just got the boat back with her new canvas! Changed up the color to cocoa, which is a bit darker than the factory taupe. Looks greak with the Cool Teak. If anyone is looking for canvas in California, we highly recommend West Coast Canvas. Curt and his team did a great job and they even sealed the edges of our Cool teak.
  12. Hello, Me and my family had a 2005 215 SSI and loved it. We would go to our dock pull off the cover and be on our way to a day of fun. When the time came to get a bigger boat, it was a no brainer for me that it was going to be another Chaparral. However, when we purchased the 2013 264 Xtreme I never imagined that the canvas would leak so bad that my carpets would be soaked from front to back of the boat. They are soaked to the point where people were asking me if I didn't bother to cover my boat when it rained. My carpets are now starting to smell and I am getting annoyed with having to pull them out everytime after a rainfall. I have been working with the dealer to get the issue resolved and it has been slow going. They believe it to be an issue with the design of the canvas for my boat and I would agree. The point where the bow cover meets the cockpit covers seems as if it would channel water into the boat. Also the corners by the front of the windshield seems as it leaks as well. This is not a quality or well designed canvas. I am wondering if there are other xtreme or sunesta members having the same problem? Also what have you done to solve the issue? -Nick
  13. sloaty215

    Bent my 215 bimini

    Well guys I messed up this weekend. I backed my 2005 215ssi into the garage and left the bimini up and bent two of the bars. The canvas is fine and all the mounts are fine. First what are my options to fix it, next what size bimini do I have and what's the best place to buy a new one that will work with my enclosure?
  14. I just picked up a new to me 2008 264 Sunesta. Boat is copper in color with orange canvas. Maybe a rust color (not sure what the correct name of it is). Canvas on the arch and bow cover have obviously always been on and out in the sun. This was used with a mooring type cover that went from the windshield to the stern. All faded very badly. The previous owner had an additional option for canvas that tied into the arch from the windshield and stern to arch, plus all the windows. Being it was never used it looks brand new. Putting these pieces up makes everything look worse. I had a talk with the dealer before we finalized the deal to make a claim to get these replaced being it is only. Four years old. Anyone have any luck with sunbrella standing behind their no fade warranty? Thanks in advance for any input.