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Found 42 results

  1. Hey all, I have a 2018 chaparral H20 Surf and the surf gate isn't opening or closing on either side. I hear the PORT side attempt to calibrate but the gate isn't working. On the Starboard side It's stuck about an inch open and on the menu I see "Surf Gate Right Sensor Fault" The only problem with the boat is the surfgate otherwise I have no problems. Well, the last problem is that my dealer is 2.5 miles away. Any suggestions on what I can do to trouble shoot this? Thanks,
  2. For starters, I’ve never owned a boat before and I have been wanting to buy a project boat to see how I do on it. Just picked up a 1988 Chaparral 178XL for 400 bucks. I think I did pretty good. The body looks to be in good shape. The interior will need new seats and some plywood up front. As well as new carpet. It’s got the MerCruiser 3.0L. The man who sold it to me hasn’t started it in a year. Do y’all have any tips as far as what I should look for? Also, should I get the engine running first before starting on the interior?
  3. Impulse purchases. Some buy candy bars or lottery tickets, I'm buying a boat. I'm new to the boating world, and will appreciate the wisdom and information of this forum. That said, here's the boat story: A few weeks ago, I saw a 1994 Chaparral 1830 SST Sport with a 4.3L l6 MerCruiser in my friend's yard and said: "ooh, who's boat?" The response was jokingly "wanna buy it?" And then I thought about it. And that was a mistake. Unfortunately, my response due to my "thinking" was not: "haha, nooo- I have way too many protects already." It was instead: "how much?" Long story short, I'm looking at a 203hp ski boat with cosmetic issues, some hull surface damage on the side from a dock collision, and the need for a comb-through tune-up. It ran last season which encourages me, and is a solid boat overall in my opinion. Most of the issues are cosmetic. Right now, I want to clean it, comb through the engine and maintenance points, and pull the carpet to examine the wood. I will be doing everything I can myself to save money. And I'll certainly appreciate help received. I will eventually start a new thread to document my progress and engage in discussion. Though I have zero boating experience, I am fairly mechanically inclined and have worked with epoxy before. I love learning new things and diving into unknown projects, so here we are! So how much did I pay? Well, that's yet to be determined. However, there have been numbers thrown out, and they seem reasonable to me- even the trailer is included which is a must for me. I really just wanted to introduce myself today and thank you for the join. A question today is regarding how much of a deal am I getting on this boat. Well, it looks as though it may be between $500 and $700. I offered $500 today and it is being legitimately considered. So is $500 a deal? What are thoughts on this boat and trailer? From what I've seen, this boat looks pretty good in terms of reputation of brand and product quality. I think I'm going to love it, and I am cognizant of challenges to come... I just don't want to be throwing money away. Thoughts? Thanks for your response and allowing me to join.
  4. Replacing a broken hinge on my 2014 SSI glove box. Removed the screw that holds both parts of the hinge together. I see that the glove box door - which has the top portion of the hinge - has a couple of nuts on the back.. Appears the bottom hinge, which is attached to the glove box trim piece...also has screws and a nut. Didn't see how to access that so I assume the trim pops off?Can someone verify please before I do something stupid. Found my hinge from Cecil Marine for under $30....original part coming soon. Didn't want to break something so asking first before I create a bigger issue. Thanks....
  5. Time to sell the cottage but what to do with the boat? She's been sittin a bit. Right after a brand new upper & lower unit installed took her out for one hour at the end of the season but the ol gal was not winterized properly and suffered a cracked engine. To restore or not to restore, to part out or not part out is the question. Looks like this but snatched the image from another member as I am currently not at the lake home.
  6. Hi all. We have put a deposit down on a Vortex 203 VRX. We will be doing an on-water test next week and hopefully finalizing the purchase. I have a question for all the 203 owners out there with the single Rotax 250 HP engine. Is it enough to pull a medium sized slalom skier up from a deep-water start? I'm much more interested in fuel economy than going super fast...but I do need it to have enough grunt to pull a skier out of the water. My dealership is telling me that the Rotax will supply plenty of power...but I'm not convinced. I spent 15 years skiing behind a Bayliner with a 135 HP I/O prop set-up. It had barely enough power to ski behind...I know 250 is a lot more but then I've read that jet HP is not equivalent to prop HP...is this true? I would normally just get in the water and test it out for myself...but we are several months away from warm enough weather up North to even attempt getting wet. And I don't think the break-in restriction programming would even allow us to get up to ski speeds for the first 10 hours anyways.
  7. Greetings - A tree at the camp fell and broke my drivers side clear glass. My marina said to just get a new boat (not helpful). It is Taylor Clear Curve, measures 27 1/2 inches along the walkthrough frame. I imagine that these panels were used by manufacturer's on many bowriders. I found a similar panel for sale on e-bay- seller says came from a 1994 1930, but dimensions are nearly exact. Might the 1930 and 1800 have shared the same curved glass from Taylor? Does anyone have any comments or suggestions for me? I contacted Taylor directly but no response. Thank you Chappy's.
  8. Greetings - A tree at the camp fell and broke my drivers side clear glass. My marina said to just get a new boat (not helpful). It is Taylor Clear Curve, measures 27 1/2 inches along the walkthrough frame. I imagine that these panels were used by manufacturer's on many bowriders. I found a similar panel for sale on e-bay- seller says came from a 1994 1930, but dimensions are nearly exact. Might the 1930 and 1800 have shared the same curved glass from Taylor? Does anyone have any comments or suggestions for me? I contacted Taylor directly but no response. Thank you Chappy's.
  9. Hello All, I've decided to take fixing my boat into my own hands after a long list of failures by the dealer and mechanics. Up until about two years ago my 2013 310 signature has been running and working fine. After about two years of on and off neglect, it ended up having a gear oil leak and growth on the engines and hull, it needed to be hauled and fixed up. So far two mechanics have attempted to fix the enormous issues with this boat to no success. We've spent over 40,000 to have two drives replaced, on parts and labor. Then we got hit with a surprise 8000 bill for the boatyard while the mechanics lazily worked on the boat for nearly a year. Currently the boat is back together and will run in guardian mode. After being uncovered while in the boat yard for a year, the Garmin GPS and VHF no longer work. AS for the engines: All of the sensors are going wild on the port engine. and an occasional sensor on the starboard side. The mechanic has stated that all of the sensors are wrong, the oil is fine, the coolant and sea water pump are both okay as well. On the off chance that it isn't in guardian mode it will get up on plane and up to 33 knots. But nearly the entire time we can't go above 6 knots, can't get on plane, and the engine alarms are sounding the entire time. The mechanic claims to have replaced all sensors with no success. He is saying crazy theories about how it may have been struck by lighting and the wiring system is all messed up. Current overall issues with the boat: The engine sensors / boat won't get on plane / limited to 5-7 knots issue. (stuck in guardian mode) The toilet won't flush, the light in the head is always red and never green. (I suspect the vacuum pump is broken) The bilge pump float isn't operational, the pump itself works when activated from the helm, but not via float. The air conditioner will run in fan mode but never gets cold in AC mode, also appears to have mold on the return vent. The generator will not run at all. Has been serviced with tune up, oil change, sparks, carb etc. The shore power seems to be messed up. I have had four separate 30A-shorepower-cords catch fire at the lighthouse connection on three separate docks. (this first happened during the first month of ownership, unrelated to the neglect, the dealer was also of no help.) The rear storage hatch pops up when hitting waves and the boat bounces, it seems the latch can't hold it. The gas indicator gauge doesn't work. On one engine or another, one or more of the following are non- or malfunctioning: Trim, battery voltage, oil, rpm. The GPS won't turn on The VHF won't turn on. The engine hatch won't open. Every time I try to use hatch it will move up extremely slowly and the pop the breaker after 3-4 seconds. eventually I will get open enough to fit in, but takes about an hour. Both radio remote controls are non functioning, look water / sun damaged. The seats are all sun damaged. (the boat was left uncovered with engine hatch open for at least six months we suspect. The water smells gross / moldy after several flushings with fresh water. The middle glass hatch to walk-up through, flew off while underway. I was wondering where to purchase a new one? The screws holding the hardtop to the support rails bounce out while underway. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I love the boat, want to keep using it and start taking it to The Bahamas, if it could be trusted. I can't afford to hire too many more repairmen and none of them can seem to be trusted. I'm pretty handy myself and would rather money go to repairs than labor whenever possible. Please let me know any other info or media which may be helpful. Best, and thank you!
  10. So disappointed in all involved here. A couple weeks ago my 2013 244 Sunesta started acting strange. It seemed to struggle getting into gear. In fact, I could let go of the throttle and count to 5 and then it would clunk into gear and engage the prop. This happened both in forward and reverse. I took the boat in for service. After inspecting the boat, they determined a bad “Cone Clutch”. They indicated a full rebuild of the lower unit would be necessary. I have a Mercury 2 yr warranty and a Brunswick +3 year extended warranty, but the claim was denied. After reading the covered items, it is clear to me these repairs should have be covered. The technician mentioned this failure is likely from improper cable adjustment from the factory. I contacted Brunswick to get a better understanding of the denied claim. I was told the “Passport” warranty is the cheapest warranty they provide and basically covers nothing. I am very disappointed in the failure of my boat, but I am even more upset about the lack of warranty coverage for the failure. This is a $2500 repair on a boat that is 3 years old. This is not something caused by me, just poor quality by Mercury and Chaparral. Anyone have any advice on how to proceed? This just doesn't seem right.
  11. Have a Chaparral sunesta 220. Need to replace the flywheel housing and believe I need to pull the motor, or maybe move it forward?. I have removed the outdrive. Is this a job that is fairly straight forward? Need any expensive tools? I've pulled a seadoo motor, but don't have tons of mechanical experience. Have a shop and lots of tools....anyone pulled a similar motor?
  12. I called the dealer to purchase the factory table and the price was $975. After some internet research I was able to find the manufacture and order the parts garelick 75337-01. Total cost after shipping was $319 for the complete table assembly from Autoplicity. I also purchased an additional side mount base for $51 from Wholesale Marine. There is an aluminum table leg option too. It is less expensive but I chose to stick with SS like the factory. The last things I need are the table leg storage clips and determine where and how the table top is stored. If someone who has the table option could measure the base mount location both distance from cusion base and distance from right edge. (see picture below) A picture showing the table top stored would be helpful too.
  13. Hey guys, brand new to the forums and to owning my first Chaparral. It's a 1999 2330 SS with a 5.7 injected small block and a Bravo 3. I did quite a lot of research and had the boat inspected prior to purchase, and it appears to be a nice family owned boat since new, allegedly still has the original upholstery and I see nothing to dissuade me from believing that. The above being said, I've read many things bashing Bravo 3's and especially concerning corrosion. I won't be keeping the boat in the water and I'm a fresh water boater, so that shouldn't be a major issue for me. Also, all sacrificial anodes are installed and in good condition. Are there any issues I should be aware of with 350 mpi and Bravo 3 combo? other than they are more expensive to maintain and repair compared to an Alpha) Thanks all and I look forward to getting the boat in the water soon! (I'm currently having all fluids and impeller changed and one more once over of the mechanicals and electronics before I get her wet!) Thanks again!
  14. I know I already have a Chaparral, but I wish I had $4000 of disposable income lying around so I could purchase a project boat. Check these out: https://altoona.craigslist.org/boa/6139767659.html https://altoona.craigslist.org/boa/6105306646.html
  15. Hello y'all, tried to drop anchor and windlass was inoperable. I replaced the 2 foot switches that were old and dried up. Today, I pushed on the windlass button and the breaker popped. Does anybody have encountered similar issue? i'm thinking solenoid? Thank you all as always
  16. Onefastaudi

    New job!

    Well, after 13 years in the car business, I decided to try something new! So I followed my passion for boats and now I work here: http://www.nauticgroup.com Hopefully it will work out. I hope you all had a great boating weekend. it was cooking hot here!
  17. bought this boat in July and love it. I get a max speed of 43 MPH from GPS at 4500-4700 RPM WOT. Seems a little low and engine bogs down a bit if I run WOT for more than a min. or so. seems to be fuel starved. I just replaced the fuel filter with an OEM part. The fuel pump is 1 year old. If I run the boat at low rpm it for awhile, it will stall and crank but not restart unless I take off the fuel filter and refill with gas. My first thought is the fuel pump, but since it is not very old, not sure. any ideas?
  18. I am currently struggling between two "final" choices, a 2016 226 SSi and a 2013 244 Sunesta. Both after my negotiation are equal in price ($55k) and I was able to a comparable rate and payments are within $20 of each other. I walked into the Chaparrel dealership torn between the 224 Sunesta (my initial first choice) and the 226 SSi and 227 SSX. With trailer the 224 Sunesta quickly priced itself out of the budget I set myself. Then because the queen bee liked the pasenger bucket vs. the Oasis lounge, ended on the 226 SSi. We test drove it, and enjoyed it very much. Engine is the Mercury Gen V 1.97-SX 240 HP V6 w/ short riser. THEN, at the Cobalt dealership a mile down the road we noticed the 2013 Chaparral 244 Sunesta with the Volvo Penta 5.0 GXi DP 270 HP. It has both the Convenience and Premium package and is a one owner (113 hours) an executive at BB&T Bank. One "major" difference is the 2016 for end of season is coming with a 5 year bumper to bumper warranty along with the lifetime hull. The 2013 we would need to add and pay for an extended warranty (would this be recommended)...so... It is my girlfriend and I and I have 4 kids, 11, 12, 14, and 16. We do lake boating, but hope to expand our experience, maybe even the Keys. Etc. THOUGHTS???
  19. Hello y'all and happy Friday! Could anybody tell what brand are my sea strainers on my 2002 350 Sig? i cleaned them and found out my upper seals were worn, sadly, 2 marine supply places and 2 hardware stores could not provide me a matching seal. And the two marine supplier could not even identify the brand of the strainers. I have attached pics, thank you for you r help and happy boating! Chris
  20. I am looking for a port side anodized windshield for my 2003 243 Sunesta, any ideas where I can find one.? ( broken by flying debris in the storm,)
  21. WD

    Engine hatch switch

    While attempting to repair another switch contact I have apparently pulled a connector loose from the engine hatch switch on the dash. I have a 2005 256ssi. There is not enough wire to allow me to pull the dash panel forward enough to get my hand to the back of the switches let alone the ability to pull it out far enough to inspect. Is all of that nest of wiring connected to a harness somewhere under there that would allow me to disconnect it and pull the dash panel completely out? Suggestions?
  22. I get a "Maintenance Required" notification when I first start up my 2014 Chaparral 27 Signature (380 volvo V8). Does anyone know what this means and how to clear it?
  23. Well, here is another oddity, it seems that my A/C is blowing some kind of carbon deposit. But mainly out of the main vent in the cabin. it looks and feels like soot, my A/C is set in dehumidifier, I have installed 2 new filters, and the problem is persisting. Any ideas on what would be creating this? Thank you y'all's
  24. Hi! I am new to the forum because I just bought a Chaparral! I have heard pretty good things about them in comparison to some other brands. It came with all the covers and biminis as well. I think I got a pretty good deal. I was wondering if anyone has experience with this boat or has opinions. Also, what am I looking at for top speed if it has a 4.3 Merc LX? Thanks Ahead of time! If you have a 1930 you can pipe in too bc it is practically the same boat I think. I'll attach some pics. It does need a good cleaning, but the floor is sound. I checked all areas before purchasing. I hope it will clean up nice and shiny and look like new!
  25. stevekonther


    1989 30ft 454 magnums
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