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Found 4 results

  1. dlymoon@yahoo.com

    264 sunesta transom cooler does not drain?

    I have a 264 sunesta with a built in swim platform cooler that is not draining.. It seems there is some sort of drain as it fills with water when it is in the water but when out of the water it does not drain at all.. I need to figure this out so I can winterize the boat.. my fear is it will freeze.. Help!
  2. I am new to boating and just purchased a nearly flawless 1998 2135 Sport Limited Edition. On my last trip out I noticed the carpet was wet where the Porti Pottie sits. After removing said pottie I can look up in there and see the drain for the in floor cooler. This drain has NOTHING attached to it. We hsd a substantial rain storm with the boat uncovered and water did enter the cooler. My question is is something suppose to be connected to the drain fitting or does this water drain into the hull and its suppose to flow back to the bilge area? Maybe I had the trailer nose down a little too much??
  3. sloaty215

    215 SSI Cooler

    I want to buy a cooler that will fit in the compartment under my sink, does anyone know what is the largest size that will fit in there. I'm think the igloo marine 25 qt will squezz in there but I'm not sure.
  4. LambChop

    Integrating a Cooler?

    It's the end of March and we've still got snow on the ground and ice on the water. After a long winter with the boat constantly on my mind, I may finally have a chance to get some pre-sesaon preparations done. While the 2130 SS is the perfect size for the lakes I boat on and accommodates my normal passenger load well, lugging along a cooler makes for a slightly cramped cockpit. Currently, my skis stay in the ski locker, my wakeboard is loosely stowed under the rear hatch, and I have a subwoofer mounted under the rear bench (which makes that space unusable for long items). My boat does have the built in "coolers" in the passenger console and under the seat in the bow, but they are somewhat of an inconvenience to access and they are small. Here's what I was thinking of doing Move the subwoofer into the storage locker in front of the passenger console.Skis get stored under the rear bench.Construct a wakeboard holder suspended under the rear hatchThis would leave the ski locker in the floor open. If I were able to fit a cooler into the ski locker, it would allow cooler/drink access without making a passenger get up from their seat to reveal the cooler and it would keep the cockpit uncluttered. The issue is finding a cooler that would fit in the ski locker or constructing one. Has anyone ever tried this? Any tips on how to go about fitting a cooler into the ski locker?