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Found 10 results

  1. Hello everyone, I bought 2014 Chaparral 21 Ski and Fish from Auction. I can not get ignition to turn on. I have some hanging wires on instrument panel and do no know what should be there (module or something else). I am new to boats and tried to search online but can not get any info. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Couple of questions... 2005 220 SSI. Want to re-finish the dash panels on it. The main wood grain dash panel that holds the gauges doesn't look like it comes out of dash like the other 2 lower panels with the rocker switches. Anyone know if it is removable? Also has anyone done this and what did you do? Meaning did you paint it wrap it etc... thanks...
  3. LambChop

    Gauge Access

    I finally summarized by boat today, including making the speedometer function (the tube to the speedometer wasn't hooked up - the previous owner probably forgot to do so when he replaced the impeller). Anyways, my tach acts funny. It'll work fine 80% of the time, the other 20% it'll have a mind of it's own, rising to various RPM while the engine is idling. I would think that this is a bad ground. Also, my Humminbird depth sounder has never worked properly. So, I think I'm going to kill two birds with one stone and refresh my gauges, including a GPS speedometer. The question is, how do I gain access to them? I tried removing the two screws on either side of the wood panel, but I felt like the panel was going to snap as I tried to pull it away from the dash. Underneath the dash doesn't look any more pleasant: I'm thinking that I have to get that wood panel pried away from the dash in order to remove the gauges. Are there additional clips that hold it in? Perhaps I need to take a putty knife or similar tool and run it behind the wood panel to separate it from the vinyl dash...
  4. Firstly I apologise for the new thread as I couldn't find the right search words to find the old ones on the same topic. I bought a 2006 256 SSI last year, it was in pretty good shape already but I have set about various upgrades as the year progressed. The wood 'metal' dashboards were delaminating around the screw holes and looked untidy so I did some research to work out what to do. Replacement parts are impossible and custom ones are expensive. I found some awesome posts on here where lots of people had been asking the same thing and one or two had posted pictures of their modifications using vinyl wraps. Inspired by these posts I had a go and I can tell you the results are impressive with very little effort (other than re-wiring!) It gave me the oppurtunity to flush mount the chart plotter as there are no good places to mount it on this boat and rearranged some of the switches. The stereo remote had been replaced with a MW4 anyway so it already looked untidy. The result is so close to the original that you could get away with only doing one panel although I did all 3. I cut the panels out of 6mm marine ply, used 3M DI-NOC vinyl wrap with a heat gun to stretch and copious layers of sprayed lacquer to lift out the high gloss. Even up close it looks like a highly polished piece of mahogany, your instruments and switches neatly hide your craftsman imperfections. Remember to label your wires and take lots of photos. This took me a while and I did it in stages over about 6 months. The first panel loos just like the last one that I only just finished today. Total cost was about $60 not including new toys in the dash like the fume detector etc. I hope this will be of use to someone, I have got so much out of posts like this in the past. Cheers Ben
  5. WD

    Engine hatch switch

    While attempting to repair another switch contact I have apparently pulled a connector loose from the engine hatch switch on the dash. I have a 2005 256ssi. There is not enough wire to allow me to pull the dash panel forward enough to get my hand to the back of the switches let alone the ability to pull it out far enough to inspect. Is all of that nest of wiring connected to a harness somewhere under there that would allow me to disconnect it and pull the dash panel completely out? Suggestions?
  6. So the previous owner had a fish finder mount screwed onto the dash and decided to keep it when he sold the boat to me. I'd like to fill in the holes and put a suction cup bracket over the area to put my iPhone. It doesn't need to look perfect, just good enough to make a seal so the suction cup on the new mount makes a seal on the area. Pls share your thoughts on how to fill the holes. Thanks!
  7. I have a 2004 Signature 240 and after 10 years in salt water the dash and breaker panel need to be replaced. Apparantly, Chaparral only offers these for 7 years (about the time you would need to replace them). Any suggestions for alternate source? Thanks
  8. Does anyone know what chaparral calls the stain color. I think they ink stained it. However, I repaired the center dash plate using veneer and planned on using a dark Wallnut, it lappears darker than mahogany.
  9. About to paint my dash panels, thinking of going with a hammered/wrinkled paint look. Anything is better than the corroded panes on there now. Either paint or some carbon fiber vinyl overlay, haven't decided yet. I'm afraid the vinly may peel, so not sure I want to deal with "redoing" it later on. Anyway, I've never taken the dash panels off. Any secrets, tips, tips? I see most of them or just screwed into place (good old stainless steel next to Aluminum panes causing the corrosion), but how are the gauges attached behind the panels? Anything to look for or be aware of before I start? I figure once I get them unscrewed and take a peak behind the panel, I'll be able to tell how all the gauges/switches are attached, but I'm sure those fine folks on here that have been back there could chime in on what to expect. Cheers!
  10. glass on my act is smashed out and don't hunk i can replace just the glass. Anyone have an idea of where i can find an identical replacement so my instrument panel looks the same without having to replace every instrument. Thanks
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