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Found 2 results

  1. terrapinjam99

    Faria Depth gauge has red lights ??

    My depth gauge has red lights on ( below and above the digital LCD numeric readout ) on my Faria Depth Gauge . The manual for this gauge (that came with the boat) says NOTHING about these red lights . I am not violating either of my set depth limits ( upper or lower ) . Looking for any info. I have turned the gauge off and on - red lights still on . Red lights are on at a stand still and when going any speed . Thanks for any input . 2018 H20 21 Sport 22 hours
  2. LambChop

    Gauge Access

    I finally summarized by boat today, including making the speedometer function (the tube to the speedometer wasn't hooked up - the previous owner probably forgot to do so when he replaced the impeller). Anyways, my tach acts funny. It'll work fine 80% of the time, the other 20% it'll have a mind of it's own, rising to various RPM while the engine is idling. I would think that this is a bad ground. Also, my Humminbird depth sounder has never worked properly. So, I think I'm going to kill two birds with one stone and refresh my gauges, including a GPS speedometer. The question is, how do I gain access to them? I tried removing the two screws on either side of the wood panel, but I felt like the panel was going to snap as I tried to pull it away from the dash. Underneath the dash doesn't look any more pleasant: I'm thinking that I have to get that wood panel pried away from the dash in order to remove the gauges. Are there additional clips that hold it in? Perhaps I need to take a putty knife or similar tool and run it behind the wood panel to separate it from the vinyl dash...