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Found 5 results

  1. A-Aron

    Depth gage

    Can anyone tell me what the diameter of the depth sounder hole is on the instrument cluster is? I bought the boat used and the gage was missing. I am now trying to replace it with an after market variety. I have a 2002 260 SSI.
  2. Noticed the past 2 times taking her out, that the digital depth gauge would read 0, and then all of a sudden it would read the depth, and then it would go back to 0..!! Very intermittent..!! Anyone else ever had this issue..?? Maybe loose connector, but just checking to see if this is a recurring problem with other owners..?
  3. golfdawg

    Radar Arch

    I am trying to avoid a trip up to slip for measurements. I need to know the depth of my radar arch. I am replacing my speakers and the new ones are a bit to deep and I forgot my measurements and I need to make spacers the correct size. Here is what I am guessing. Depth 2.54"
  4. LambChop

    1998 2130 SS LE - Gauge Issues

    I just picked up '98 2130 SS with a Mercruiser 5.0 EFI engine and Alpha drive. The boat is in great shape and well taken care of, but a couple of the gauges aren't functioning properly. I'm thinking it may be a slight electrical glitch - possibly a faulty ground. Here's what I've found. Speedometer - When I test drove the boat, the speedometer functioned intermittently. When I had it out on Sunday for four hours, the speedometer did not work at all. Depth Sounder - The in dash humminbird depth sounder works intermittently and isn't always accurate. Luckily, it tends to underestimate depth (reading shallower than the dept actually is). It may work for 20 seconds, then goes blank. If I press one of the buttons, it will come back on sometimes. Otherwise, it displays depth intermittently without me interacting with it. Tachometer - The tachometer works 95% of the time. It never goes dead, but when I was running the boat at full throttle at one period, it was reading almost 6,000 RPM. On plane at cruising speed, it'll sometimes read 4,500 RPM. Yes, the boat is propped properly, these are definitely erroneous readings. Any suggestions on where to start to diagnose and repair the issues? I'm fairly competent with tools and a multimeter. - Adam
  5. watercottage

    Depth Gauge in 2008 signature 280

    We are new owners of a 2008 280 signature. I believe the gauge on the far left is supposed to be a depth gauge. The gauge is always blank and nothing ever appears on that gauge. Has anybody else experienced this or does anyone have ideas why it isn't working? Thanks.