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Found 2 results

  1. Hi guys. the boat was inspected and was found this: "no continuity was found between the aluminum fuel tank and the vessel's DC negative/engine. Investigate further and correct as necessary ensuring the fuel tank is grounded to the vessel DC negative engine resistance between the two is less than one ohm. ABYC H24" Soooooo.... 1) what am I looking in here? 2) a broken wire? 3) DO I have to make one? 4) what am I looking for? 5) or where should I look for? 6) is this wire should be connected to the tank itself or the sender or somewhere else? 7) my fuel gauge seems not too accurate. in the water shows something different than on the trailer. ex: in the water shows 1/2 on the trailer full! so, could this be the problem? or a sender problem? or a gauge problem? all the above? thank you guys! this is a 2004 Chap 260 Signature
  2. I have a 2018 Chaparral Vortex 203 VRX that I purchased in June 2017. In August I discovered that both of my batteries were getting fully discharged after after the boat would sit on a lift for 4-5 days. I recharged the battery with charger I bought in the Walmart and in 2 days they got discharged again. Then the engine light came on... I took the boat to the dealer - the Advanced Marina of Ocean City, MD - and they detected that an electric fuse for the bilge pump got blown and as a result there were some water - a few gallons - on the bottom of the engine compartment which seems to have affected the alternator (which would explain why batteries were loosing its power). The bilge pump seems to have been not pumping water out as a result and somehow also causing the batteries to discharge. While I always turn the batteries switch to the zero position (OFF), the bilge pump is connected to the battery directly. The dealer ordered parts that are needed for repairs and will check with Chaparral if these repairs would be covered by Chaparral as a warranty items since there was a defective electric fuse that caused the further damage to the bilge and alternator. Meanwhile, I don't have my brand new boat now for two weeks of our pretty short boating season of 12-16 weeks as it sits in the dealer's repair facility waiting for parts. Has anyone discovered this issue with the bilge pump and failed electric fuses? I will update you all on whether Chaparral agreed to cover these repairs under the warranty. Cheers. Alex.
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