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Found 23 results

  1. Hi guys. the boat was inspected and was found this: "no continuity was found between the aluminum fuel tank and the vessel's DC negative/engine. Investigate further and correct as necessary ensuring the fuel tank is grounded to the vessel DC negative engine resistance between the two is less than one ohm. ABYC H24" Soooooo.... 1) what am I looking in here? 2) a broken wire? 3) DO I have to make one? 4) what am I looking for? 5) or where should I look for? 6) is this wire should be connected to the tank itself or the sender or somewhere else? 7) my fuel gauge seems not too accurate. in the water shows something different than on the trailer. ex: in the water shows 1/2 on the trailer full! so, could this be the problem? or a sender problem? or a gauge problem? all the above? thank you guys! this is a 2004 Chap 260 Signature
  2. I have a 2005 260 SSI. The Trim is stuck in the upper most position and there is no power to the Trim switches. I have been told that there is a 50 Amp circuit breaker that me need to be reset or replaced but I have no clue if that may be true or where it is located. I have the 8.1 Volvo Penta with the Captains call. Any ideas or help would be appreciated. Lots of Family here for the 4th and I need help. Thx
  3. Hey all, I’ve installed some underwater lights and would like to control them with one of the available accessory switches on the dash of my 2009 Sunesta. Does anyone have an easy way to wire this up? Opening the panel in the cubby is near impossible, and going up from the helm is worse. Suggestions?
  4. hi all, new member here, have been browsing the forums for a little while and getting some great info. I bought an 89 2550 SX Sport this year with a 7.4 merc/bravo I, I was wondering if anybody could point me in the direction of a wiring diagram, at least for the engine. Any other documents, owners manual etc would be very appreciated as well. Thanks in advance
  5. I have a 2012 287 SSX. I was a Sea Ray owner/enthusiast for years, and now I am fully converted, and loving everything about my Chaparral. Both blower motors are not working and switch stays lit? I checked the breakers and they seem ok? Is there a fuse anywhere? It is odd that they would both stop working simultaneously?
  6. Hello, new to boating. 1st time out with a 2006 Chap 210SSI 5.0 Merc 160 hrs. Dual batteries with the 1/2/both/off switch system. Started fine and idled fine—-out of marina and when any throttle given, the dash battery gauge jumps around erratically and the boat loses power. If I then back off on the throttle , down to barely in gear) it would run fine. I tried switching from batt 2–batt2-both and the same problem. After 15 min of this, it finally shut off and would not even attempt to start-totally dead. I got a tow into my slip and when I hooked up the on board charger at the dock and turned the key I had power. Any ideas? Thanks for the help in advance
  7. Davy41


    I am new to a boat with shore power. I have a 1993 Signature 24 and looking for any material on the proper use (and switch positions) of the electrical panel. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  8. my son put in a new battery but hooked it up backwards, it smoked the alternator but I re did the connections ,now motor cracks, all elec works but the alarm stays on when I turn the key, and fuel pump doesn't kick on and no spark
  9. I have a 1999 Signature 25 Cruiser that i bought used a couple of years ago. I've gotten several pieces of conflicting advice on the proper Electrical Panel and Battery Selector switch positions when using the internal battery charger to charge the battery when I have it out of the water for the winter and in its nice, warm, weather-protected garage. My "boat guy" says: Shore Power plugged in to 110 Volt AC Battery Selector Switch to "Both" AC Main to "On" AC Battery Charger to "On" DC Main to "On" That just seems like it's a lot of stuff "On", and I was wondering if my batteries will charge from Shore Power if the only thing I do is AC Main "On" and Battery Charger "On" ... with everything else (Battery Selector and DC Power) in the "Off" position? Anybody out there have an authoritative answer for me? Rusty in Bend (OR)
  10. I have a 2014 signature 270 with an internal generator that runs just fine. My problem is that when I switch from shore power to generator power, nothing is energized by the generator. I have all the switches in the correct position as the generator used to power everything just fine. It just stopped powering everything one day for no apparent reason. I have looked at all Circuit breakers and am positive I have the generator switch in the on position. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this, and/or what to look for causing the interruption of power from the generator? thanks so much for any sage advice…
  11. Hello all, I have to replace a bad circuit breaker under dash on my 2003 200 SSI (5.0 MPI Alpha). The post snapped off of it when I was attempting to remove the panel...#^@#*! This push button breaker is for my ignition and is made by JoeMex 77 series 20A 125VAC 50/60Hz 50VDC. I see several 20 AMP breakers made by Blue Sea and Sierra but they all seem to be 32 VDC... The broken breaker is pictured and this is what I'm thinking will replace it: https://www.bluesea.com/products/7057/Push_Button_Reset_Only_Quick_Connect_Circuit_Breaker_-_20_Amps My question, is it safe to replace the 20 AMP 50 VDC Joemex with a 20 AMP 32 VDC from Sierra or Blue Sea systems? If not, does anyone no where I can pick up a replacement breaker? I've searched all over and can't seem to find 20 AMP 50 VDC circuit breakers anywhere. Thank you in advance.
  12. I've got a 2006 220ssi, and yesterday i noticed that the bilge pump breaker keeps tripping. I can reset it, and the bilge will start up again, pump for 30 seconds, and trip. If i try to press the breaker, it will not reset immediately, however it will reset 1min± later. The auto float also is not working due to this issue. From other forum searches, it sounds like there is potentially debris in the bilge water (this is post HEAVY spring cleaning) that is causing the bilge to potentially bind down and trip. Does that have merit? What else could it be?
  13. I see the yellow terminal block for 12v + connections. I'm assuming I can pull power for my AutoGlide controller off that bus as long as I protect it with a properly sized inline fuse. Am I correct? Does the plastic cover just pop off the screws at each end? The Chap wiring diagram in the owners manual shows a ground bus near the engine compartment - Is there a similar ground bus or common ground at the helm as well? Thanks in advance. Also, any tips for how to re-wrap that rats nest of wiring and harnesses under the helm greatly appreciated....of course I'm expecting it to just be brute force.
  14. I see the yellow terminal block for 12v + connections. I'm assuming I can pull power for my AutoGlide controller off that bus as long as I protect it with a properly sized inline fuse. Am I correct? Does the plastic cover just pop off the screws at each end? The Chap wiring diagram in the owners manual shows a ground bus near the engine compartment - Is there a similar ground bus or common ground at the helm as well? Thanks in advance. Also, any tips for how to re-wrap that rats nest of wiring and harnesses under the helm greatly appreciated....of course I'm expecting it to just be brute force.
  15. New owner. I just installed battery, and with ignition off radio (am/fm) comes on and bilge, blower horn etc are all active. shouldn't this be like a car no power till you turn ignition on?
  16. I had the light fixture separate that is right before the entrance into the cabin. This is the fixture in the well on the right before you go into the cabin. I was changing a burned out bulb and when I went to push the bulb into the fixture the black inner portion pushed out and fell back into the wall. It made a thump when if fell down. My problem is I don't see an access point to get hold of the wire. It appears to be between the bathroom and couch area. Any advice would be very helpful. Thanks, Bill
  17. Looking fr help...had to replace my ski arch on my 2011 Sunesta 264 last winter. New arch has multicolored LEDs, old arch had no lights. Had to purchase a !!! harness and switch thru Chaparral to connect to ACC switch wires on dash. Didn't work. Power to switch wires all intact. Local Chaparral dealer doesn't do electrical work, but sent replacement lights for the arch...still don't work when harness hooked up. Local marine electronics guy tried to troubleshoot, no success, needs wiring schematic/diagram for arch lights. Chaparral NOT helpful in troubleshooting or providing any schematic diagram. Anybody know where I can get a wiring schematic for the arch, or have any knowledge how to further troubleshoot/wire the lights? Thanks, Mike Hansen (Mhans)
  18. I bought a new 2008 250 and in 4 years have had the following problems: 1. Engine pressure module replaced 4 times 2. Water pump disengaged from the engine 3. Ceiling came down 4. Out drive repairs 5. Faulty distributor 6. Gauges fog up 7. Most recent - ground fault on boat side. I keep tripping the dockside GFI circuit breaker I have about 150 hours on the engine.... Anyone else experiencing these problems???
  19. We went for a cruise last night and I was frustrated to discover that my joystick-controlled bow spotlight, on my 2008 Signature 270, will only move up and down and not side to side. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Does anyone know of a fix?
  20. Hello boaters! We have a 2007 Chaparral 350 SIG hard top. The helm navigation switch we think is broken. We need a electrical harness schmatic to undertand what plugs into what! Does anyone know the name or contact info for manufacture of the helm electrical switches? We know the lights work, we just need an understanding where to reattach. thanks fellow boaters.
  21. I have been using shore supplied AC for some time at the same dock. Recently when using a 1,500 watt (12.5 amp) heater the GFI popped and would not reset. I replaced the GFI and it still would not reset. I flipped the "check ground polarity" switch and it showed the polarity was reversed. I pulled the panel in the cabin and found the polarity to the AC breaker was incorrect. I then checked the the polarity on the back of the shore cable inside the hull and it was correct. I'm a fairly competent marine electrician but am stymied. Where should I look next.
  22. While installing new fuel guage I accidentally created a short (saw a spark close to rear of fuel guage). Now I have no voltage to ignition or instruments. I do have voltage to all other accessories. 2005 210 SSI with 4.3 GL. Checked circuit breaker for ignition, no voltage leading to it. Wiring diagram shows two fuses, 40a for instruments and 7.5a for ignition; can't locate either of these. Any ideas what I should look for?
  23. I searched the site, but was unable to find an answer to my issue. I purchased a 2007 256 SSX and brought it home yesterday. When I got it home, I tried to raise the engine hatch, but nothing. I tried every other accessory and light and nothing works, however I am able to turn the key, get the beep, and even start the engine. But still no power to any accessories or electrical functions. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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