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Found 6 results

  1. Help please! Newbie here and looking to purchase my first cruiser and a Chap. Essentially similarly equipped boats of the 2006 290 Signature are near me. One has Volvo-Penta 5.0 GXI-FSX 270 hp each whereas the other has the Volvo 4.3 OSi-F 220 hp each. This boat will primarily be used for day trips of 2 to 6 people and overnight / weekends with 2 to 4 people. We don't plan to do any water towing sports. Any recommendations on which is the better suited engine in this boat? Thanks so much! Once I decide and purchase I'll update the forum!
  2. On the verge of buying either a 1995 Sunesta 250 or a 1997 Sunesta 252. The 1995 250 has a VP 7.4 has a Duo Prop and is $3,500 more than the 1997 252 which has a VP 5.7 with a single prop. They both seem to be in good condition although the 250 has all the original canvas, while the 252 only has the bimini; the rest of the canvas was misplaced. Also, the 250 seems to have a slightly different hull being a 16 degree deadrise versus the 252 which is a 15 degree deadrise. This is true even within a model year, for example in 1997 the deadrise is still 15 for the 252 and 16 for the 250. If you are familiar with both the 250 and the 252, please give me an opinion on which way you would go and why. Thanks
  3. Splitting off another thread (didn't want to hijack the large SUV thread any more than we already had)..... Looks like Ford did make a decision to re-enter the marine market after all. I knew they were the basis of the PCM engines that were in Nautiques for many years but ironically when they left the market GM started making the blocks for PCM -- weird. Found this article from Fall 2013 announcing Ford taking the Raptor 6.2 liter to the water with Indmar for inboards. Makes me wonder if they will get into I/O packages at some point.... http://www.boatingmag.com/news/ford-motor-company-re-enters-marine-market
  4. Hi i will be under survey next week on a 330 signature year 2004 yje engines are 5.7 GXI W/S4 duo prop drives Volvo i see everyone says stay away from XDP volvo drives i hope this is not them can someone tell me ?
  5. the info says it has 5.7 GXI W/S4 Volvos i hope this is not the dreaded XDP volvo drives you all say are bad can someone let me know survey is next week thanks phil
  6. I bought a new 2008 250 and in 4 years have had the following problems: 1. Engine pressure module replaced 4 times 2. Water pump disengaged from the engine 3. Ceiling came down 4. Out drive repairs 5. Faulty distributor 6. Gauges fog up 7. Most recent - ground fault on boat side. I keep tripping the dockside GFI circuit breaker I have about 150 hours on the engine.... Anyone else experiencing these problems???
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