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Found 5 results

  1. I am looking for some advice. I'm having a strange problem and I think it might be the fuel filter from the tank (not the water separator). I was running the boat on Friday at varying speeds. Spent some time at full throttle, and half throttle on Lake Michigan (<1ft waves). I also spent some time at 1100 RPM on the Milwaukee river. After an hour I left the river back onto the lake, and after about 5 minutes at full throttle the engine just shut down. The engine restarted right away and as long as I kept it under 2300 RPM I was fine. As soon as I went over that RPM the engine would shut down, but restart again right away. I've never had the guardian kick in before, but I thought it just governed your RPM not allowing you to go over a certain point. Does it shut your engine down? I have a Garmin 741 connected to my engine. There is no check engine light and all of the gauges look normal except the Fuel PSI which is reading 90 PSI even at idle. Am I correct that fuel PSI should be about 43 PSI at WOT? I'm guessing that the engine is shutting down because of lack of fuel, but it doesn't sound like its starving before it quits. My first guess is the fuel filter and I will change that out first. Does anyone have any other thoughts? 2002 Mercruiser 8.1L 496 / Bravo 3 Thanks for the Assist.
  2. I have a 1998 5.7 L EFI and am having problems. Yesterday I took it out and it ran fine for about 10 min. I was up on plane and running about 27 MPH at 3300 rpm. Then it sounded like may have backfired...or more like knocked. Then it died. I kept trying to start it and it would fire up and run for a few seconds and die. I recalled that on occasion when fueling when I would open the fuel cap the tank seamed to be on a vac. I then loosened the cap and could not tell if it was under a vac or not. I continued to try to start the engine. It would run sometimes as far as 25 yards or so then die. I finally made it back to the dock and loaded it on the trailer. Once home I put it on the cuffs. It started fine and ran but was hunting to idle smoothly. I thought of changing the Air control again, as I did change it once this summer. But only used the boat a couple times since I replaced it. I hate to think it already failed. I wanted to check the fuel pressure but cannot find any data telling me what it should be. Does anyone know how much pressure should I have? Also I know my #1 Battery is low. It is not strong enough to crank the engine. I was told when I purchased the boat to use #2 as the starter battery. Could this battery cause this issue?
  3. jdbidask

    fuel pump pressure 100+psi

    I am interested in purchasing a 2008 Chap 244 Sunesta. Had an engine inspection today and mechanic said I may have fuel pump issue with fuel pressure gauge showing 100+psi. Has anybody come across this problem?
  4. jdbidask

    fuel pump pressure 100+psi

    I am interested in purchasing 2008 Chap 244 Sunesta. Engine inspection revealed fuel pump pressure above 100 psi!?!?! What causes such a high fuel pump pressure??
  5. Chris Faison

    Vapor Lock......or something?

    Hey guys, need any and or all advice on this one. This has been a 10 month process of OMG/WTF. So last summer my 2006 280 sig started classic vapor locking when the heat outside kicked up. After seeing Merc Vapor lock issues all over the internet, and in Sept once the season was winding down I brought her in to the dealer and said "under high heat and minimal run time one, sometimes both engines are not starting, they always turn over just fine but never catch". Service dept said ok, they would take a look at it. Both engines were under a merc warranty at that time. Winter came with football season and my boat, being at the local chap dealer, was out of mind. Fast forward to January, I get a call that she's ready to go, they had to pull both engines to "replace some seals" and, surprise, surprise, mercs warranty didn't cover it. At this point, thinking all was well with the boat and knowing extended engine warranties are generally crap I picked her up, penned a 5k check for work completed (had some other stuff done too) and went on my happy way. Fast forward to April, started doing some light spring running and low and behold the vapor lock returns, trailer her up, bring her back to the dealer, they test, say it's poor battery voltage (on batteries I replaced last summer), I say ok, pay them for the new batteries, not the diagnosis, pick up, and once again on my happy way. Fast forward to late May, out on the lake, vapor lock issue returns. Take her back in to dealer, do everything but curse them outright and demand for it to be fixed. Now two weeks has passed, they just get around to it (it's mid summer, I know) and I get a call yesterday telling me fuel pressure is just fine and asking if I ever use the blower (which I do), dealer says problem resurfaced on site after a run and after cracking the hatch for 5 minutes they were able to re-start. My retort was something along the lines of "so, is that your answer, crack the hatch?" to which I got "Let us keep it a couple more days and test further" Now at this point it's fourth of July weekend and I'm landlocked with a boat in the shop on and off since September of '13, a Chaparral Dealer that is coming off as more and more incompetent by the day, 2 merc engines with less than 50 hours on each making me, boy oh boy, miss the volvo penta I had on my old 210 ssi that NEVER gave me a problem and am starting to consider asking for a FULL refund, and in lieu of refund, legal council. My question to you guys is this: Have any of you ever experienced an issue like this? Was is this hard to diagnose? Any pointers on what I should tell these guys to look for/do? ....or any adice really, grasping at straws while frustrated to all high heck!