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Found 8 results

  1. Hi guys. the boat was inspected and was found this: "no continuity was found between the aluminum fuel tank and the vessel's DC negative/engine. Investigate further and correct as necessary ensuring the fuel tank is grounded to the vessel DC negative engine resistance between the two is less than one ohm. ABYC H24" Soooooo.... 1) what am I looking in here? 2) a broken wire? 3) DO I have to make one? 4) what am I looking for? 5) or where should I look for? 6) is this wire should be connected to the tank itself or the sender or somewhere else? 7) my fuel gauge seems not too accurate. in the water shows something different than on the trailer. ex: in the water shows 1/2 on the trailer full! so, could this be the problem? or a sender problem? or a gauge problem? all the above? thank you guys! this is a 2004 Chap 260 Signature
  2. I filled the gas tank of my Sig 290/2008 three times after the fuel gauge showed "E'" (like empty or like "E-ven less than before"). I was able to top up with max 78gls each time. It's a 115gls fuel tank or a 85? The specs show 115.
  3. I own a Chaparral Signature 31 with less than 300 hours on it that is defueled and sitting in its slip with a fuel tank that spontaneously leaked over 50 gallons into the rear and forward bilge areas. I have been trying to contact someone at Chaparral Boats for advise and assistance for over two weeks without reply except to refer me to the local dealer who said he could not help, but would ask the manufacturer to contact me. Still nothing. Does anyone know how to contact someone at Chaparral who cares, and stands behind their product? Any help would be appreciated. My understanding now is that the approximately 6' X 5' tank is only 1/8th inch thick (as opposed to 3/16th inch which would make it safer and 50% more-resistant to corrosion), made of unpainted/unprimed/untreated aluminum and therefore highly prone to corrosion and developing holes near the bottom surface. Before this, my understanding was that Chaparral's larger boats were made to be safe and compatible with salt-water/sea operation. Now I'm really beginning to doubt that.
  4. So, I think I know what my problem is, but I'm not 100% sure. Any feedback/suggestions would be awesome. Labor Day weekend, we took the boat to a different marina to refuel. The one I usually use is sometimes unreliable with staff (the owner is in poor health), so the pumps aren't always open. My sister in law and her husband found another marina, so we went there. When the boat is at idle speed (putting it in the slip), it sputters and dies. They thought this was weird, but were wrapping up the long weekend and didn't give it much thought. Last weekend I experienced the same thing. My slip is hard enough to get into anyway, this made me insane. So I took the boat out again, (not much farther than I was interested in swimming!) and ran it at varying speeds. I noticed the occasional hiccup. Again, it died at idle (forward or reverse) while trying to dock. I am assuming this is water in the gas. I have had suggestions that I should get SeaFoam Fuel Additive to solve the problem. It was also suggested that I use rubbing alcohol, but I'm not a big fan of that. I've been told I will need a new fuel filter and that I need to drain all the gasoline. Anyone been to this rodeo before?
  5. Hi all, Looking for some advice from someone who may have encountered the same problem. My fuel tank is leaking, likely from the bottom, it is a 20 year old aluminum tank. The main problem is how to access the fuel tank without removing the engine and ripping everything out...I have a 1997 signature 270 in excellent condition with a 7.4L mercruiser with a 70+ gallon tank I believe. There is small amounts of fuel leaking into bilge and it doesn't seem to be coming from the top of the tank, or the engine itself. I saw some posts and wanted to find out how one would access the old fuel tank? It looks like you could cut a hole and go through the floor of the aft sleeping quarters? There is no easy way to get at the old tank unless you rip the boat apart. I am also curious if anyone thinks the manufacturer has a suggested solution. Do you think chaparral would know what to do about this? I would guess it's pretty common because it's such an obvious flaw. I don't want to get rid of my beautiful cruiser because of such a simple problem but I am stuck.
  6. I recently bought a 2002 Sunesta 243. Used so no owner's manual. Does anyone know the fuel tank capacity? I'm guessing 63 gallons based upon Chaparral's newer manuals on line. Older manuals are incomplete.
  7. I purchased a H2O 19 Sport with the 4.3L 220 hp MPI engine last year and have loved it. I do have a question and hope someone on here can help me out. According to the website, the 2014 H20 should have a 30 gallon fuel tank. However, the max amount of fuel I have ever been able to pump in has been about 18/19 gallons, and that was when she was nearly empty. Further, when I fill her up with the 18/19 gallons, my fuel gauge is showing her full. I know that you are never actually able to use 100% of a fuel tank's capacity, so I don't expect to fill her up with 30 gallons. However, 18/19 gallons is only about 60% of capacity. Seems to me that the tank is a lot smaller, somewhere in the 20 - 22 gallon range. Has anyone else come across this issue as well? Thanks!
  8. Can anyone tell me how and where to access the fuel tank sending unit on a 2000 260 Signature. Thanks in advance!
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