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Found 11 results

  1. LambChop

    Gauge Access

    I finally summarized by boat today, including making the speedometer function (the tube to the speedometer wasn't hooked up - the previous owner probably forgot to do so when he replaced the impeller). Anyways, my tach acts funny. It'll work fine 80% of the time, the other 20% it'll have a mind of it's own, rising to various RPM while the engine is idling. I would think that this is a bad ground. Also, my Humminbird depth sounder has never worked properly. So, I think I'm going to kill two birds with one stone and refresh my gauges, including a GPS speedometer. The question is, how do I gain access to them? I tried removing the two screws on either side of the wood panel, but I felt like the panel was going to snap as I tried to pull it away from the dash. Underneath the dash doesn't look any more pleasant: I'm thinking that I have to get that wood panel pried away from the dash in order to remove the gauges. Are there additional clips that hold it in? Perhaps I need to take a putty knife or similar tool and run it behind the wood panel to separate it from the vinyl dash...
  2. Hey Everyone, I'm new to the forum, but have had my 2005 Chaparral 350 Sig for two seasons now. Over the winter, I will be updating the tired dash panels and gauges on my helm and am looking for advice and inspiration to help update the look. Here are my projects: (1) Determine whether I should refresh the existing gauges through Faria or replace them with new gauges (2) Source new, old stock or custom dash panels, which will be hydrodipped with woodgrain look - color TBD. (3) Considering upgrading the cheap SS steering wheel I put on last year with the current gen 270 Signature steering wheel. Not sure who I can order this through or how much it'll cost. (4) Considering replacing my Raymarine E80 unit with a newer, touchscreen model that also has Fusion stereo control. I appreciate any advice I can get! Jason Pawelsky 'Nauti Escape' Minneapolis, MN
  3. Ccoy

    1989 Yamaha Tach

    I have the digital tachometer, when I first turn on the key, 88 displays on the gauge then after a few seconds the display shows 0. I have power and ground to the tachometer. When I start the motor the displays remains at 0. The motor tilt indicator on the tachometer is working. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. Just wondering if any of you have every experienced your gauges going dark when you turn on your docking lights. I have played with the dimmer and had no impact on the gauges. It happens every time i turn on the docking lights. Thanks in advance for your help and wisdom.
  5. mwemet


    Does anyone know who the manufacturer is for the attached gauge or where I can find a replacement? It's from a 1999 Sunesta 232 - Tach. Hour meter hasn't worked in years. Thanks. Mike
  6. mwemet


    Does anyone know where I can find replacement gauges for my boat, or who the manufacturer is? The hour meter on the tach hasn't work in a few years. Would like to replace it, and if possible put the correct hours on it (I should be able to pull the hours from the computer), See attached photos. It's a 1999 Sunesta 232. Thanks. Mike
  7. My center gauge is hazy , not foggy compared to my outer gauges that are crystal clear. Is there something I can do. Like remove the glass. What are the warranties on gauges. How do you remove them
  8. The voltage on my 4 in 1 (GFC009A) gauge doesn't work and the temp is off by who knows what at any given time. I haven't checked for good connections (will this weekend) and am assuming the gauge is bad. If the gauge is bad, Faria runs about 125 deer to repair it, which is reasonable considering I can't find a used one anywhere. The bad news is who knows how long it will take to get it back. Will the boat operate without a guage or is there some sort of relay back to the systems to shut it down?
  9. I'm looking to replace all of my gauges. I've been looking at Teleflex gauges but some web sites say these gauges won't work on this old of a boat especially the trim gauge???? Help?..
  10. About to paint my dash panels, thinking of going with a hammered/wrinkled paint look. Anything is better than the corroded panes on there now. Either paint or some carbon fiber vinyl overlay, haven't decided yet. I'm afraid the vinly may peel, so not sure I want to deal with "redoing" it later on. Anyway, I've never taken the dash panels off. Any secrets, tips, tips? I see most of them or just screwed into place (good old stainless steel next to Aluminum panes causing the corrosion), but how are the gauges attached behind the panels? Anything to look for or be aware of before I start? I figure once I get them unscrewed and take a peak behind the panel, I'll be able to tell how all the gauges/switches are attached, but I'm sure those fine folks on here that have been back there could chime in on what to expect. Cheers!
  11. glass on my act is smashed out and don't hunk i can replace just the glass. Anyone have an idea of where i can find an identical replacement so my instrument panel looks the same without having to replace every instrument. Thanks
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