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Found 15 results

  1. Dstrain622

    Generator issue

    Generator kicks off shortly after starting at switch. Go down in engine compartment and says check engine. All is good so prime it, clear code and it runs like a champ forever. It does every single time. Any ideas? Kohler is sending a tech out next week because our mechanic can’t figure it out. 330 Signature
  2. Onefastaudi

    More deer for the generator

    Here we go again! Generator would run 5 minutes and stop. Replaced fuel filter, overheating switch, plugs, impeller, and still same issue. Today I replaced the low oil pressure switch and surprise!!! Opaque brown oil! Remind be the dipstick, and et voila! Fuel in the oil!!! So, what say you? fuel pump, carb or rings?? thank you all as usual.
  3. Onefastaudi

    Generator issues... again

    So here we go again. My generator stops running. I have a clean strainer, and I have replaced the fuel filter, the spark plugs, the impeller and the overheating switch. I have good water flow but it just quits after 5 minutes What gives? thank you all for your input.
  4. Skerikeri

    Generator won't stay running

    Our 2007 Chaparral 260 signature has a generator that will start and only runs for a few seconds, does anyone know if this generator has it's own fuel filter? Also need to know what brand and model this generator is?
  5. Sboyer

    255ssi with generator

    I have a 2005 255ssi with a 5kw generator on the aft port side that I recently had removed. With generator remived, In the water with no pasangers on board the boat leans to the starboard side. I can't find any counterbalance weight or ballast on the starboard side that would cause the lean. Looking for ideas. Thanks
  6. TexasPilot71

    Smoke in the bilge!

    SO....out on the water today running the generator powering the air conditioning for the kids. Westerbeke 3.0k. Ran it for about 5 hours and suddenly started hearing what sounded like a very loud belt squeal. Opened the hatch and smelled (and saw) smoke. I shut down the generator (it did not shut down by itself). Smell was identical to burning rubber. Gotta be the belt, right? I haven't had a chance to tear anything down, but at first blush, what could the problem be? It's a raw water cooled generator (no heat exchanger or radiator). It seems the main belt turns only the water pump and the generator itself...nothing else. I'm hoping it was the water pump, but I'm fearful that the generator somehow ceased causing the belt burn. Is this something that happens? Do these generators cease? Just looking for your opinions of what could be the issue before I head back up to the boat and look for myself. On a side note, my Raymarine C70 suddenly stopped receiving data from the transducer. Cables are fine at the C70, and there is no obvious cable breakage or otherwise visible sign of trouble at the transducer. Thinking the transducer failed. And noticed today that the Chaparral logo on starboard side got smashed somehow and has mostly departed the boat. Not a good day. But a god day was had.
  7. Onefastaudi

    bypass valve

    While cleaning the engine bay Sunday, I noticed that the check valve or anti-siphoning valve on the raw water hoses was seriously leaking. First I replaced the valve itself but it was still leaking I proceeded to replace the entire assembly but now I still have some seepage out of thru valve. is that normal? please see attached pic thank you
  8. Four Screws

    Batteries drain while on generator

    Hi all. My batteries are all new & stay charged while on shore power, the charger is putting out the correct voltage. When I am on hook running the GEN everything seems to be working fine and the AC is blowing cold. My problem is batteries are draining, I can't figure out why. The GEN switch on the panel is working bcse the AC is on & running. I never turn off the "battery charger" switch on the panel either! Any suggestions? Thx for the help.
  9. I have 327 ssx and when I switch from shore power to generator it won't switch over. I have the generator turned on and the slide moved but when I flip the switch I get no amps. Any ideas?
  10. Any Westerbeke experts here? Just got my Chap 250 Sig back from the shop yesterday and put her back in the slip. The shop didn't do anything to the generator, but I changed out the impeller before we splashed it yesterday evening. In the slip I started up the genset (no problem at all) and ran it for about 30 minutes under a decent load (A/C, battery charger, refrigerator). I then shut down the genset and went home. This morning we took the boat out and ran it in very choppy water (winds about 20 knots and 3 to 4 foot swells). Went to another marina and loaded up 30 gallons of fuel (estimate we had about 20 gallons already on board). Found a cove somewhat out of the wind put out anchor and did some swimming. Went to start the generator and it shut down the second it "caught". The starter was strong but as soon as there was any sign of combustion it immediately shut down. Came back to the slip and had my mechanic take a look. He wasn't familiar with this model, but he seemed to find a little air in the fuel line. He has since pulled the fuel filter assembly and took it back to the shop to open up and check the filter. Hopefully it's that simple, but I have my doubts. I also checked the impeller that I had replaced and it looked to be in good condition with plenty of water in the pump. Any ideas or things you would check?
  11. Hi everybody! Still working on acquiring the boat (Chaparral 250 Sig), but have a quick question for the group. On survey the generator (3kw Westerbeke) started up just fine and sounded normal. Applied the load of the air conditioning and no problem. Switched on the water heater and the generator couldn't handle both loads. The gasoline is about 9 months old and I don't think it had been stabilized. Do you think this could be the problem? Appreciate the feedback!
  12. rbe1018

    Kohler 5EKD Fault

    New Kohler with 8.9hrs. show ECM voltage fault. Will clear but comes on as soon as you hit the start button. Any help is appreciated.
  13. Hello folks, I have an 01 280 Signature with a Kohler 5kw generator. The exhaust noise from the generator is very loud compared to others at the dock. I have already replaced the water pump/impeller, but that has not changed the sound. I am considering replacing the wet muffler with a different type, but there is very little room from the side of the generator to exhaust port out the side of the boat, only about 22". The original muffler is 6" diameter, about 9" high, with a 2" side inlet and a 2" side outlet. MOst of the replacements I see have a side inlet with a top outlet. That would require a 180 degree fitting off the top, then a 90 degree turn to the side. I'm not sure that I would have enough room to bend the exhaust hose in that short of a distance, or if that would create any undue back pressure for the generator. Another friend has a cylinder exhaust that is about 8" diameter and about 11" long. His generator is quiet, but there is a rather long exhaust hose, about 6' from the end of the muffler to the exhaust ort under the swim platform. Has anyone replaced the muffler on a 280 similar to mine, and if so, do you know what manufacturer model number you used? It is so loud that I hate to use it. I also read that some of you have replaced the blower motor with a quieter version. Does anyone have make and model for those as well? I appreciate any of your input, Thanks Brian
  14. I'm looking to buy a new signature 310, not sure if the generator is worth it or not. Planning on being out on the water all day with 4-6 people. What doesn't run without the generators when on the water? Frig, AC, etc....... to be first time buyer of this size boat. Thanks for your feedback - -
  15. Robale43

    Generator minimum fuel level?

    I've seen a few people post that gensets require the fuel level in your gas tank to be at a certain level (1/4 tank) or they won't run or quit. Is this true? I've ready my entire Kohler manual and can't find a single word about minimum fuel levels for operation. If this IS true how does this work? Is there some sender in the fuel tank that turns off the Generator? How does it do this? I'm very skeptical about this... Thanks! Kohler 5E Genset 2004 Signature 270 Volvo Penta 4.3 GXi