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Found 20 results

  1. Hi, 1st time boat owner here ! I have been having problems with my 21' 2015 H20 with 110 hours on it. Merc 4.3l MPI loss of a 1k rpm at WOT only getting 3900rpm Merc Certified mechanic at local marina changed distributor cap, plugs and water/fuel separator. He also cleaned the hull and checked prop. Boat picked up 200 more rpm they charged me $550. Brought the boat back and complained to them. While driving it to the back to the marina it started blowing smoke, misfiring, stalling and loss of power. Left the boat with them they called and said bad fuel reg or pump they told me fuel pressure was at 85psi told them to go ahead and replace. They called me back and told me they had to pull the engine to remove the Cool Fuel System enclosure and they could only get a replacement kit. Got the boat back with a $2800 bill and boat is back to 4100rpm@WOT. I am furious I called them back and they have no answer but to bring it back in. I put this all on my amex card so I can get my money back also the boat is still under extended warranty. Questions; Does the engine need to be pulled to replace the fuel pump? When the mechanic changed the distributer cap is it possible he didn’t reconnect the ignition coil correctly which caused the second round of problems? Should I bring it to another Merc certified Mechanic? Any advise would be appreciated! Thanx frustrated boater!
  2. Hello everyone. We just ordered a 21' H20 Ski & Fish which will arrive in May. This will be our 2nd boat; the 1st was a 17' Crestliner with a 115HP Evinrude that was older than I am. So this is our first new/nice boat. We wanted something with enough room to host a few friends on the lake for swimming/tubing that would still work well for fishing. We thought the H20 S&F was the ticket. Intro aside, I'm well aware that the factory stereo leaves a lot to be desired. We chose not to pay for the upgraded option from Chaparral as we were planning on going aftermarket anyway. I'm looking for any advice/experience/recommendations you all may have concerning stereo components and LED lighting as I may add some lights as well. Items of note: Budget of $2K or less, preferably less We opted for the Yamaha F200 outboard, which has a 50 amp alternator/stator We chose NOT to get a tower, so tower speakers are not an option We are upgrading to a larger 36V trolling motor w/3 size 31 AGM batteries in addition to the starting battery Optimally would like high SQ and decent volume within the boat and nearby while swimming. We don't need someone being towed on a tube/skis to hear the music. I've looked at JL and Wet Sounds Questions: Is the stock head unit sufficient (I think the base is a Jensen) considering power will be coming from an external Amp? Can one of the trolling motor batteries be easily used for both trolling motor and stereo (not simultaneously, but via a battery selector/switch)? Personal recommendations on JL vs Wet Sounds? Stick with 6.5" replacements, or move up to 7.7"? Add another pair of speakers in the stern? Stock it only comes with 2 in the bow and 2 by driver/passenger. Can people seated in the stern hear the music given this placement? LED lighting recommendations? Speaker rings or behind tweeter, cup holder rings, or strips? RGB vs matching the factory 4 blue LED's that come with the boat? Underwater? Thanks in advance!
  3. RichH

    H20 vs. SSI

    I am looking to buy a new boat and considering the 21 foot H20. I currently own a 2005 204 SSI. * The used H20 I am buying will save me a bunch of money from buying a new one. However, it comes with a 4.3 220 hp engine. I bought my 204 SSI new with 5.0 250HP mercruiser. My main uses for the boat are slalom skiing, wakeboarding and tubing. The H20 has a wakeboard tower. So I am wondering the following: * Will the tower actually help me get a little air on wakeboard. I am jumping behind the 204, but not getting any height. I am 50, just learning to wakeboard, and know that I won't ever be a serious wakeboarder. But I would like to be able to have a decent occasional jump. * On rare occasions, I will have 5 or 6 others on the boat with me. Will it be easier or harder for my guests to get up with two skis with the wakeboard tower and less power? * In general, will the tower make up for the drop in power for overall boat performance for watersports? Finally, I know the SSI is considered a premium model and the H20 entry level. What will I be missing though with this boat? I know it won't have pull up cleats or hinges on the bow compartments, but what else am I sacrificing by going down a level? Love to hear your thoughts?
  4. My question is in regards to my 2013 H2O 19' Sport. I have an access door with storage on the starboard side under the windshield. On the port side, there is a a similar area, but there is no access door. I was curious if anyone has cut out hole and installed an new access door to increase storage on the boat. I contacted the local Chaparral dealer and they said that they could do it and install the same factory door used on the starboard side. But they said they weren't too sure on much storage space would be available. I was hoping someone has done this already and could post some pictures or possible provide some feedback. My initial thought was that there would be some decent storage space, if a hole was cut out and a door panel was installed. Here is am picture with an outline of where I would cut out a hole for the door. Thanks
  5. I posted here about a year ago about my 2012 Chap H20 19 Sport's vinyl developing reddish/pinkish colored spots all over it. That thread was for whatever reason deleted after a few days. Well I'm happy to say that after over a year of complaining about it and being blown off by both my local dealer and Chaparral, they replaced my entire interior this spring. Dealer said Chaparral had admitted having problems with vinyl discoloration from a supplier they no longer used. Persistance pays off eventually I guess, and I'm a happy camper now. I also had to have the radio replaced, apart from that everything is going well with 70 hours on the clock. Thanks to everyone who gave me input on that long forgotten thread. Here's a picture of the 2006 World's Strongest Man wakeboarding behind my H20 for your troubles.
  6. bwright

    New 21 H20

    Took delivery of my first boat yesterday, 2017 H20 sport 21. I realize this is an entry level model, but it really seems to fit me (for now). Any help, tips, input, etc is welcomed and appreciated.
  7. Good morning all, we picked up our first boat this week, a non-current year new Chaparral H20 21' Ski and Fish. My wife and I are on the Illinois side of the Quad Cities and plan to boat on the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers plus trailer to some lakes in the Midwest. We hoped to get out this weekend but it is only supposed to be high of 53F today!
  8. MasterT

    Engine choice

    What is the difference between these engine choices for H2O? Volvo V-6 Gen V 1.66 SX 240 HP Volvo V-6 Gen V 1.97 SX 240 HP Catalyst Does absence of "Catalyst" in the first choice mean no cat converter? I thought all engines now require cat - am I wrong? If the above two engines are the same, why is the gear ration different? And what does it mean? Thank you
  9. MasterT

    Engine choice

    What is the difference between these engine choices for H2O? Volvo V-6 Gen V 1.66 SX 240 HP Volvo V-6 Gen V 1.97 SX 240 HP Catalyst Does absence of "Catalyst" in the first choice mean no cat converter? I thought all engines now require cat - am I wrong? If the above two engines are the same, why is the gear ration different? And what does it mean? Thank you
  10. I'm researching what to get between H2O 21 or 216 SSi and cant seem to find comparison of pros and cons for Mercury vs Volvo. From what I read it's mainly service availability for each. So, without stirring Merc vs. Volvo debate, can someone point out the main technical differences between the two? On H2O side the choice is pretty easy between Mercury 4.5L MPI 1.62 Alpha 250 HP Volvo V-6 Gen V 1.66 SX 240 HP Volvo V-6 Gen V 1.97 SX 240 HP Catalyst. I like that the new Volvos have closed freshwater cooling system but not sure if 1.66 to 1.97 ratio would warrant going to Catalyst option. So, why would you chose one over another? On 216 SSi choses a bit more complicated: Mercury 6.2L 2.20 Bravo 3 300 HP Mercury 350 MAG 1.47 Alpha 300 HP Volvo V-6 Gen V 1.60 SX 280 HP Volvo V-6 Gen V 1.66 SX 300 HP Catalyst Volvo V-8 Gen V 1.95 DP 300 HP Catalyst Would you go with alpha or bravo? I think bravo is a bit too much for 216 SSi which mainly will be use for cruising and watersports. Is Merc 350 MAG older that 6.2L? Should I still consider Bravo 3 even if I keep the boat in water year-round? Your input is appreciated. P.S. For additional info, I'll keep the boat at my dock, always in the water (Miami).
  11. I purchased a H2O 19 Sport with the 4.3L 220 hp MPI engine last year and have loved it. I do have a question and hope someone on here can help me out. According to the website, the 2014 H20 should have a 30 gallon fuel tank. However, the max amount of fuel I have ever been able to pump in has been about 18/19 gallons, and that was when she was nearly empty. Further, when I fill her up with the 18/19 gallons, my fuel gauge is showing her full. I know that you are never actually able to use 100% of a fuel tank's capacity, so I don't expect to fill her up with 30 gallons. However, 18/19 gallons is only about 60% of capacity. Seems to me that the tank is a lot smaller, somewhere in the 20 - 22 gallon range. Has anyone else come across this issue as well? Thanks!
  12. Although, I grew up with boats, and have owned a few, I am new to Chaparral and this is my first new boat!. I very much like to fish for many species, but I also enjoy hanging out with friends, yanking the kids around on tubes or skis. We had just gotten rid of a 19' 1975 Galaxy bow rider that I managed to fish 40-60 days a year off of and it treated us very well for an old boat. so this model seemed to be a good fit for us. I have been following along all winter on here reading everyone's rants and raves, just waiting for the weather to break. We had pulled the trigger on a leftover 2014 21' H20 Fish & Ski following the season last year, and after a long, cold winter, Saturday was the day! Air temp and water temp were the same at a balmy 43 degrees. Admiral and I took the pre-pick up test drive on Sodus Bay. Needless to say, we had the place to ourselves. Everything on the boat worked perfectly. I was impressed with the minimal effort to get on plane and how quiet the EFI 4.3 L is. Went over it from top to bottom, noting some tippy tappy things, double checking that the bilge bump was wired correctly and worked with the battery switch off, even though we will be trailering it this year, finding very little to complain about. Sunday was spent re-reading the manuals, test fitting the 75lb trolling motor and learning how to use the mooring cover. I was impressed with the covers as well. The mooring cover in it's own storage bag is awesome, and the cockpit and bow covers are just as nice. Who knew? I've had an old boat for a while, and never really put alot of cash into it, and a custom fitted mooring cover is not something to be taken for granted. I don't expect there will be much I am not happy with on our new Chap, but I will certainly look here for insight and assistance if we come up with anything. I have enjoyed the wait with everyone's knowledge and humor to keep me company.
  13. Hi Everyone, I'm in the middle of building a house and have been seriously contemplating the purchase of an H2O 21 Ski & Fish. My concern is that I'm going to buy the boat and get it home to find out I can't squeeze it in the garage. If that's the case, I'll be out additional funds due to off site storage and would regret my purchase. Do most of you store this boat in your garage? If so, what height is the opening on your door? Also, I'd love the tower but I think that may be pushing it. The house is being built with 7' garage doors. What do you think? Thanks!!
  14. Hi Everyone, After 10 years of talking about it, we're finally pulling the trigger on a boat. We've been doing a lot of research and budgeting want to go with the H20 Sport. We are debating between the 18 ft and 19ft. Is the 135hp motor in the 18ft enough? We are a family of 4..6 if you count the dogs... and want the arch on top because it looks cool... but would the engine be stressed? We may have a few guests now and then which would add to the weight. If we go with the 19, should we toss in the 220hp or is the 2 grand not worth the upgrade over the 190hp? We don't ski and would pull a tube when our girls got older. I love to go fast.. but speed is not the main goal, just cruising around and going from beach to beach on Lake Michigan. Any and all advice between the 18ft and 19ft would be much appreciated. Thanks for your help..
  15. Hello everyone, I recently purchased a 2014 H20 19 Sport. I love it, great boat and have had a lot of fun so far. The one downside to the boat is that there is no head compartment. I want to check to see if anyone here has come up with a creative solution to stow a porta potty. Would love see some creative solutions, Thanks,
  16. Hoping to find someone looking to upgrade into a bigger boat.. I'm looking for the 19' fish and ski... Thanks, Rob
  17. mullhaupt

    H20 Owners

    Just wanted to let you know my radio volume stopped working, couldnt turn it up or down, looked in the owners manuel no reset so I thought it would be like many of you guys saying the radio is junk and needs to be replaced. So I thought to my self that I might be able to reset it myself, so I just went under the dash and unplugged the large wire connector plug, left it unpugged for for a minute then plugged it together and what do you know, it worked again, So heres a tip if your radio goes A wall
  18. i just installed a hatch on the port side of my 2012 19 H20. It came with a factory fit on the starboard side which is great for storage. After doing some investigating I realised that there is a large void on the port side. Here is what I did: 1. sourced a hatch from the loacal boating/fishing and camping store in Aus measuring 596mm high x 255mm wide. 2. measured the cut out (twice) and then rechecked 3. drilled 6 pilot holes. One in each corner, and on in the middle of bothe the left and right sides. 4. Masked out the outer edgest so as not to scrtach the fibreglass. 5. used a jigsaw with fine tooth metal attachement to make the cuts using the pilot holes. The H20 on the portside has some extra fibreglass on the port panel on the inside used to strengthen that wall so you may need to cut through that by hand if the jigsaw blade is not long enough. I used a hacksaw blade. Cutting into this is not a problem as once the hatch is installed it provideds additional support for that wall. So Good luck if you want to give it a try for yourself. Just be careful about measurments and take your time. It took me around 4 hours all up
  19. Hi, Just bought a 19 H20 and I'm in the process of upgrading the stereo system. I will be installing a 1600 watt amp and was wondering if anyone knows where to run the positive/negative power cables. There is a terminal under the helm and a on/off switch at the rear near the battery. Any advice appreciated
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