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Found 26 results

  1. Just washed boat and getting ready to go fishing for first time this year. Discovered this hole in the top part of my outdrive. I had the impeller replaced last October. What is missing and could the shop have forgot to replace? Thanks!
  2. I have spent months looking for the perfect 290 signature. I found a boat that could be it but am concerned about the hours. It is a 2006 with 380 hours. Don't want to buy a maintenance nightmare! Any feed back would be great.
  3. Hello everyone, I bought 2014 Chaparral 21 Ski and Fish from Auction. I can not get ignition to turn on. I have some hanging wires on instrument panel and do no know what should be there (module or something else). I am new to boats and tried to search online but can not get any info. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. My family recently purchased a 2017 227 Surf SSX. We are in the process of learning how to use the surf gate and cannot find anything on the website. I would love to look at an owner's manual for this boat, but I can only find one on this website for the 2017 ssx sport, which has no information on how to use the surf gate. If someone could provide a link to which I could reach this manual, I would greatly appreciate it!
  5. I recently had my sundeck/engine cover on my 2000 196ssi redone. I forgot to note the location of the gas lift assist brackets and screw holes where the brackets connect to the underside of the sundeck. Anyone able to share a picture of how/where the brackets connect? I've got the main hinge reconnected, but my first attempt to reconnect the brackets tore up the underside of the sundeck. I'd need a picture that is taken from a lower angle than the stock pic I found and attached to this topic.
  6. I'm having a bit of an issue locating some replacement hatches for my 2000 196 SSI. The Ski Locker hatch has cracked down the middle. The Bow Anchor hatch is cracked. And the large back engine hatch is nearly impossible to open, will not stay open, and its back hinges are nearly stripped and falling off. The photos attached aren't my boat but are for reference. Any help or links to replacements would be greatly appreciated.
  7. HELP! chaparrel 310 year 2010 engine hatch malfunction and can’t seem to figure out how to open it manually at all, any pictures would be a great support...I also contacted the local dealership and they seem to have no clue. best regards, Seif
  8. Need advice. Bought a 2000 Chaparral 205 SSE at the beginning of summer, but after test driving with no issues and purchasing from an individual (as is, no warranty), we took it out for the first time. We made it across lake Texoma, the boat running great, then parked for a little swim. The trip took probably 45 minutes and we had no issues. On the way back, it began trying to die on us, alarming 3 times for each timeit tried to die on us. It didn't die initially, but after several of these incidence, it finally died and did this several times more before we had to flag down a game warden to tow us to the nearest dock. We sat for a little while, then tried getting it started again and it stayed running. We tried getting back to our dock, but didn't quite make it. We finally got towed in and got it trailered and had it looked at, but the shop only found a loose wire and fixed it. We took it back out and the same thing happened. Another shop, and another (possible) fix, with the impeller being replaced ( after almost 2 months of not figuring out the actual problem). We were told it had been on the water and run hard to duplicate the issue, but it ran fine. We picked it up and took it straight to the water and only a couple of minutes in, it began alarming as before. Anyone ever have their boat have these symptoms? 3 long beeps /alarms, with it trying to die? The gushes all read fine as it alarmed, so I couldn't see anything going on there. Frustrated......
  9. Does anyone know of a goo Volvo Penta Mechanic that can come to Langhorne Pa 19047 I have a 2003 chaparral 240 signature Volvo penta 5.0 gxi-b (300 hours) I start the engine and it shut down in 2 to 3 sec I can force a start with the throttle and get it to run at 1600 rpm as soon as I touch the throttle it cut off. This is what I done so far checked the fuel ok changed the fuel filter and clean the screen changed the throttle sensor changed all the sensor in the cpu changed the oil sensor checked the fuel lines for pressure hi 60 lbs and low 4-6 and holds also changed the distributor cap and rotor and cleaned the sensor under the rotor. going to try the crankshaft position sensor???? If any one out there could help me I will take all advice..... Thank you.....
  10. I have a 2000 205 SEE, with a mercruiser 5.0 , I am new to the boating thing, whem.i bo ight the boat the person I bought it from said their was a small great lube leak, finding out that its.more than a little, every time we go out which may only be for 30 to 45 minutes we find that we have to add gear live because we get an alarm sound, when we dock her we can see the lube leaking out the back of the stern any thoughts for a rookie.
  11. Hoping some of you Cruiser guys can help with a couple of issues on our new to us, `07 290. When the marine survey was done, the surveyor checked it and included pictures of the cabin TV powered on. (just snow, but it powered on) But now it will not. The power cable disappears into the panel and trim over the aft cabin. Is there a fuse somewhere ? Could it have come unplugged on the truck ride from MN to NV ??? I've checked the TV and it does power up, so it must be that particular power source (cord) As a side bar, I also noticed that the Amp under the front port seat, appears to be connected, and the fuse in the body of the Amp is Not blown, but the Power light is Not on. And the Sub Woofer up at the helm is not working either. (which I would expect if the Amp isn't on) Someone suggested a large fuse at the battery connection ? Radio and all speakers work just fine. Just no Amp and No Sub function. Going down to the marina this weekend and would like a few suggestions and areas to check out on these two problems. Or are they a common power problem ? Are they on a common fuse ? All the circuit breakers are fine and are not tripped. Everything is completely Stock on this boat. The stereo system has not been modified. Any Help or suggestions would be Greatly Appreciated !
  12. Broke my starboard triangular window. Need to know who could replace it or if someone knew the exact measurements so i can have it custom made. Any information would be great. thank you in advance
  13. Okay so I have tried a couple attempts to lay my seats flat and I must be missing something..All I end up doing is moving them as a unit forward and back, but they aren't separating or laying flat. There is a little black handle that I can lift to "ungear it" from whatever locking mechanism is in place that just seems to move the entire seat. Searched the internet and my manuals before asking and I can't seem to find the answer. I think they do need some lubrication as well. Any help please????
  14. Hello Friends, This is my first season with my 04 - Signature 290. I have had a great experience with this boat so far. All was going well until I tried an overnight. I was connected to shore power and getting good readings on my breaker panel. I put the AC unit on and set the thermostat. It was taking a while to cool but the ducts had good flow and the air was chilled. I put the kids to bed and then watched a movie in the cockpit.... AC pumping good. Then we decided to go to be about 2-3 hours later. I went into the cabin and it was literally chilly! Felt great to get in bed with the cool conditioned air. Thermostat was not satisfied by the the temperature I set at 68 degrees but it was reading 73 degrees and felt nice. Then this happens: I wake up at 3:00am in a sweat! For some reason it was an oven in the cabin. I could hear the compressor and the air-conditioner running. Sounded like it always does however the ducts did not have any airflow! Felt like the unit had athsma. Previously the time I had used the air conditioner it was for short amounts of time and worked great. What I did was shut the unit down and open the windows. This was not the greatest plan because it was hot and muggy out but still needed air. After waiting 1.5hrs I tried running the unit again. Seemed to kick on again and start working properly. Has anyone had an experience like this before? I have some ideas on what it could be but I wanted to know first if anyone has had this happen to them before I go trouble shooting something thats been diagnosed and fixed. Figured it can't hurt to ask. Appreciate any and all responses.
  15. My name is Daisy, I am hoping you can help me. We own an Epic V23 boat that has a mercruiser 8.1 motor. Apparently no one can help me .. Ive called multiple people in multiple locations. I found this forum doing research. When I hook up the computer the error codes I get are the following Fuel LVL2 CKT H 5VDC pwr 2 L We have been trying to get this boat to work for 3 months!!!!!!!!!! and Ive had it, i need to figure it out. Can you pleaseeee help me??! The boat starts fine, when we take it out as soon as we go over 3300 RPMs the alarm stays on until we go back to neutral. The message on the screen says "Sensor power supply voltage is low" when I select more I get . STBD system failure 217. Is it possible for you to guide me ? Thanks in advance
  16. A whining sound comes from the engine when ever i try to start the boat. The engine will run for a 15-20 seconds and then dies out. It will then start up immediately but then does the exact same thing. Fuel is about 1 year old, and I haven't tried starting the boat during that year. Thinking it may be a fuel pump issue. Any advise or recomendations would be appreciated.
  17. Hardeeam11

    Trim pump

    I have a 1990 chaparral . The trim pump is leaking somewhere it seems to be at the pump itself. It was milky white. I flushed the system and added 10w30 back.
  18. Hardeeam11

    Trim pump

    I have a 1990 chaparral . The trim pump is leaking somewhere it seems to be at the pump itself. It was milky white. I flushed the system and added 10w30 back.
  19. I bought a boat to work on as a project and I can't find the model of it. The title says it's a lone star and from 1959 but it does not say the model. The last owner painted over the entire boat.
  20. kaitlin


    we own a chapperal sunesta trying to find out where thermostat is located on 305 I/O?
  21. Hello! I know that posts about propellers are very often, but I would like to get some technical specifikations from boat owners with same boat as mine. I have Signature 260 manufactured in 2000 and I have 7.4 MPI with bravo 3 2.2 could someone tell me witch pitch is correct for my boat? Thanks!
  22. Please help - how do we lower the full bimini on a 2002 Sunesta 243. Thanks.
  23. The body shop I work at fixed up a crack and painted the side of a 226 ssi for a customer. It took a long while but we got it all done and ready, but in the process of putting the canvas back on the top of it, a prop bar for the back canvas fell (only about 3 feet) and broke. The part that broke is the clamp that you undo to adjust the prop rod height, it snapped in half. I really need to replace this for him because He just bought the boat and its in brand new condition. I've looked around and the only thing i've found is you can buy a whole new canvas for the boat for around $950. The question is, does anyone know where I can purchase a new clamp or prop rod as a whole for a 226 ssi? This is incredibly urgent. I'll upload pictures tomorrow if this isn't answered.
  24. Boytor

    Cockpit Cover

    Anyone know where I can purchase a Cockpit Cover for my 1984 235 XLC ? email bboytor@aol.com
  25. Hi! I am looking to buy a used boat - 2007- 190ssi with 220 hp. We would like it to pull adult slalom skiers, or multiple kids easily. Can anyone confirm the power of this boat please?? Thanks
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