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Found 4 results

  1. G'day. New to the Chapparral Vortex - have the 203 twin engine and I like it. I heard there is a way to adjust something so that it does NOT move at idle. I've worked out pretty much how to do this manually, moving into and out of reverse, but would like a solution for my family - they are scared of it!! thanks,
  2. Boat sat unused for a little over a month. Went to start in preparation for a day on the water Started rough, stalled. Throttle all the way forward with prop disengaged, very rough start and black (ish) smoke, fuel odor. Shut down, checked for water in fuel, found none. Replaced fuel filter, restarted w same results. Any ideas?Thank you.
  3. Hi, new here I have been having a problem with the Chap idling real low in neutral. It ran fine until towards the end of boating season. It cruises fine but it takes a little more to start it and it sounds like it is going to stall out in neutral. Any info or tips would be awesome. Thanks
  4. I am new to boating and just purchased a 2002 Chaparral 200 SSE, Volvo penta 5.0 carbed. It does not like to start up with out leaving the choke on and abiut 1/4 throttle. It warms up eventually. It will idle in neutral but once it is put in gear it stalls. Start it back up and but it in gear befor it stalls. The boat will run good no alarms and seems to get up to full speed (not sure what that is yet) it runs about a little shy of 5000 rpm. When we cruise around for a while we will slow down to stop and when the boat is in gear and going slow an alarm strats to beep faintly and intermittent
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