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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guys, If you haven't been following my carb thread, than you don't know this, but I have been having some bizarre electrical gremlins. So, I ripped out my old Chap (original) speakers and stereo and installed an aftermarket Boss 240W stereo with two kicker speakers. However, after I was done wiring the new stereo in, (12v to power, ground to ground, power antenna b+ to antenna, and memory to memory) my ignition switch went out. I think the stereo is wired to the ignition, but they may be unrelated. So, I can't start the boat or even power on the gauge cluster to attempt to crank. The blower, horn, trim, etc. works, but nothing tied to the ignition switch is getting power. The throttle is in neutral. Battery is connected correctly. Perko switch works (I bypassed the switch). It should also be noted that the stereo doesn't work yet either even though I am 99% sure I wired it correctly. I think this is because it may be tied to the ignition switch which is no longer working. My first step is going to be to disconnect everything I did and see if that helps. My mechanic and an engineer friend think my Yamaha ignition switch may be fried, so if anyone has a part number that'd be great. My key switch has the key and kill switch all in one. I may have to bypass the pill switch if I can't find one with it. Thoughts?
  2. I'm just about done with my rescue project of a 2002 Sunesta 233 and ran into a problem with the wiring behind the panel that holds the ignition switch, 12 volt power supply, blower switch, and 3 fuse breakers. I'm getting a negative voltage reading on the red w/purple stripe wire that connects to the "B" terminal of the ignition switch. I'm getting a 12 volt reading from the battery to the circuitry in the engine compartment and also to the bus bar terminal at the cockpit but I'm getting no positive power at the ignition switch or the dash cluster. I have some wires connected wrong somewhere but I can't get my hands on any kind of wiring diagram for this year and model. If anyone can send me a few pictures of a similar model of what they have behind that particular panel that would be extremely helpful. I should also mention that all wiring has remained intact except for the wiring behind the panel that houses the ignition switch.
  3. After turning off the ignition switch while our 2007 SSI 246 (Volvo Penta 5.7L V8 engine) was in gear, we could not restart after putting the system in neutral. The entire electrical system was somehow shut down, not just the starter circuit (no other electrical system components had any power). The only way we could re-establish electrical operation was to put jumper cables on the actual battery posts (not the remote extension battery posts available under the seats)..... Then everything worked again. And shutting down the boat and restarting the boat worked fine. A check of the battery showed nearly full capacity, so it was not a battery failure that caused the sudden lack of electrical in all boat systems. Anyone have similar experience? Seems there is some circuit that is triggered to protect the entire electrical and mechanical system that can only be reversed by external power to the circuit..... Can find nothing in the boat literature or online about this phenomena But it has now happened to us twice at very distinctly different times. We finally traced it to the shutoff of the ignition switch while the boat is in gear..... Help!!! 5-15-2013
  4. How do you test to determine if the boat won't start due to a bad ignition switch?
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