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Found 5 results

  1. Hello- I couldn't find a link, so I hope this isn't a repeat. I have a 2004 230 SSI. The color scheme is listed as Champagne for interior. I spoke to Robin at chaparral customer service, but haven't heard back whether she can provide further details. Does anyone know the names for the vinyl colors? I think there are three colors in the scheme. Great Lakes Skipper has the right vinyl--its foam backed so my upholstery shop recommended trying to find OEM overstock, but there are few colors that are really close. Im just not sure of the individual chaparral color numbers. I will eventually replace the entire interior so I plan to buy enough to do the whole boat. I know if I buy new stock, there will be difference in the color due to the sun-- I can live with that until the redo is done, just need to get the project started. Right now, the biggest need is the off white that is the majority of the upholstery color. Your help is appreciated. I am also open to any other resources you have.... Thanks!!!!
  2. I have a 2004 Signature 240 and after 10 years in salt water the dash and breaker panel need to be replaced. Apparantly, Chaparral only offers these for 7 years (about the time you would need to replace them). Any suggestions for alternate source? Thanks
  3. Has anyone had a similar issue with the cushions in the cabin only? The cockpit is a different material and is perfect. My boat is a 2000 one owner bought new, and I noticed a few years back every bit of surface on the cushions and bumprail pad are cracked. It's progressively gotten worse and looks like a sheep was murdered every time we use the boat. A local upholstery guy has never seen it happen or has seen the foam backing behind the vinyl/pleather whatever it is. I'm looking at about $1000 to replace the old skins.
  4. We have a Chaparral 2006 Signature 280 There as been a fire in the interior cabin and it needs a complete restoration. Is there any suppliers that selles these parts?
  5. So, I was hit by some really ruff weather the other weekend. Afterwards, I started noticing that the boat didnt sound "solid" like it used too when taking decent waves/wake. When I would cross a good size wave I would hear things rattling and moving. I happen to notice that the entire kitchenette piece in the cabin is starting to separate from the boat. Does anyone know how this is attached to the hull? Screws, bolts, epoxy? And, where can you access the areas where it attaches? I am hoping that its just bolted or screwed into wood cleats that I can just tighten or use more screws in. Thanks!
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