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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I currently have a JL 4/400 powering 4 Polk audio 6 1/2" tower speakers and was going to upgrade to JL audio mx650's to take the polks place. The JL's don't fit the speaker cans to my standards and was wondering if 4 m770's would sound better than 2 m880's? I'm not wanting to change my amp set up but just want to get the best sound for the buck. Any help with experiance would be greatly appreciated. Also, I will be having 4 Polk Audio 61/2" speakers for sale that only have one season on them and custom tower speaker cans that have red front and back with brushed aluminum cans. Clamps will fit 2.375" or smaller towers.
  2. Hello everyone. We just ordered a 21' H20 Ski & Fish which will arrive in May. This will be our 2nd boat; the 1st was a 17' Crestliner with a 115HP Evinrude that was older than I am. So this is our first new/nice boat. We wanted something with enough room to host a few friends on the lake for swimming/tubing that would still work well for fishing. We thought the H20 S&F was the ticket. Intro aside, I'm well aware that the factory stereo leaves a lot to be desired. We chose not to pay for the upgraded option from Chaparral as we were planning on going aftermarket anyway. I'm looking for any advice/experience/recommendations you all may have concerning stereo components and LED lighting as I may add some lights as well. Items of note: Budget of $2K or less, preferably less We opted for the Yamaha F200 outboard, which has a 50 amp alternator/stator We chose NOT to get a tower, so tower speakers are not an option We are upgrading to a larger 36V trolling motor w/3 size 31 AGM batteries in addition to the starting battery Optimally would like high SQ and decent volume within the boat and nearby while swimming. We don't need someone being towed on a tube/skis to hear the music. I've looked at JL and Wet Sounds Questions: Is the stock head unit sufficient (I think the base is a Jensen) considering power will be coming from an external Amp? Can one of the trolling motor batteries be easily used for both trolling motor and stereo (not simultaneously, but via a battery selector/switch)? Personal recommendations on JL vs Wet Sounds? Stick with 6.5" replacements, or move up to 7.7"? Add another pair of speakers in the stern? Stock it only comes with 2 in the bow and 2 by driver/passenger. Can people seated in the stern hear the music given this placement? LED lighting recommendations? Speaker rings or behind tweeter, cup holder rings, or strips? RGB vs matching the factory 4 blue LED's that come with the boat? Underwater? Thanks in advance!
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