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Found 7 results

  1. Hello Fellow Chappy Fans and Owners, It's been a very long time since last I posted on the Chaparral Forum and for good reason. I have been busy building a startup "RaftUp" and namesake app for recreational boaters could use to keep in touch and potentially add some safety. I am a big Chaparral Boating fan and ex-owner "I sold my boat for my startup", a big portion of what drove me to build this technology was inspired by my long experience with all things boating, boat ownership of a 2008 Chaparral 276 SSX and the Chaparral Community. I know that there are several wonderful navigation apps out there and that's great - RaftUp isn't another nav app, it's something different and I hope that you may be interested to check it out. We are just getting started and hope to learn and grow from this group. We have had some great press of late and I wanted to finally share the news with this community. http://tech.co/how-raftup-is-making-a-splash-this-summer-2016-05? Cheers! RZRBCKCHAP www.raftup.com Corey Boelkens
  2. BioHazrdMan

    New to me 2130SS!

    New to me boat. A '99 2130SS. Has the 5.7 GSi motor with Volvo Penta DP. 180hrs on the boat, 0 hrs on a brand new (not rebuilt) motor. Came with a Ski Pylon installed already so I can try wakeboarding (I am not THAT old)! Upgrading from a '86 17ft bass boat. I did read every thread I could find reserching this boat before I bought it, and think I got a good deal with a good motor and the DP option seems nice. First I/O so have also been researching maintenance/upkeep. Will need that tool to pull the props... Anyways, it is winterized now so not taking it out till spring. Before spring my list of stuff to get done is a ESP, trim tabs, new radio head unit, new speakers, and a sub/amp. Change all fluids/general maintenance.... And should be good to go. Come-on Spring!!! Im sure I will have lots of questions once I start buying parts/working on boat...
  3. CMCD

    Jack At The Helm

    5 year old Jack - Westie at the helm! On the lookout.
  4. 246inColorado

    Table Rock 2014

    From the album: Boating Pictures

    Kimberling City Marina
  5. TexasPilot71

    Anchoring on a steep grade

    I've been having good luck with our plow anchor. It even held the first time we used it in 20+ MPH winds. Last night we anchored at an island on Lake Texoma with the stern to the beach. The muddy bottom has a pretty steep grade until it gets to about 4 feet or so. We dropped anchor in approx 14 feet of water then backed toward the beach until we were in about 5-6 feet of water. Trouble is, we reached that depth rather quickly and before I was able to put out much rode. I estimate I only had about 15 feet of chain and 25 feet of rode played out. I took a stern anchor (box anchor type) and walked it up to the beach to keep the stern from swinging on the bow anchor. With all the traffic on the water last night for the fireworks, there was an almost constant wake trying to push us toward the island. At one point I realized we were slowly drifting toward shore and decided to release the stern anchor and "reel in" a bit of bow anchor in order to pull us to deeper water. I then tied off the stern anchor again. So now I only have about 30 feet of rode and chain deployed. But it held. My real question (besides pointers on how to better anchor which I eagerly anticipate) is does it require less rode if anchoring in deeper water with the stern in shallower water? It would seem the uphill grade would help the plow anchor better set and stay put. Is my theory full of holes?
  6. 246inColorado

    Lake Table Rock

    I guess it doesn't hurt to post, but my wife and I decided we will be visiting Table Rock sometime in July. As of right now we are looking at the region closer to Branson (near Still Waters Resort) but would be open to other regions of the lake. Does anyone know of any friends/family/owners that rent their house and dock somewhere in this region? We are looking to house approximately 14 or so people for a 5/6 night length. Thanks Mid-West group for any suggestions/references in advance.
  7. I live in Wisconsin and boat on the Madison Lakes. Unfortunately, the lakeside attractions are sparse, due mostly to the local government agencies having a giant tree trunk up their arses. So, I started checking out surrounding areas for new lakes to explore. Finding the local knowledge on the lakes is a bit more challenging. Then I came across Active Captain: https://activecaptain.com/index.php I searched and didn't see much mention of it here. My area doesn't seem to have a large catalog of data points, but in other more popular areas, there seem to be many bits of coveted local knowledge. Check it out!