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Found 1 result

  1. Greg Kiser

    how much should this repair cost?

    I have a Chap SC 250. Leaving the dock yesterday and really blew it. Normally I have some shove my boat out and away from the dock, then slowly cruise forward. Not to difficult. But yesterday I decided to do it "the right way". I turned the wheel away from the dock and nudged it into reverse, backing the boat away from the dock. I got out a ways and then nudged into forward. Note - I did this before turning back toward the dock while still backing up to straighten the boat out. So now when I nudge into forward, the bow starts drifting right back into the dock. That's when I gave it a bit of throttle, intending to push the boat forward and overpower the drift. Worked for a second or two then the boat started moving too far to starboard. So I spun the wheel to the right while keeping the throttle open a bit and the boat turned hard right toward the end of the dock. So now the boat is heading nearly perpendicular toward the end of the dock! The tip of the bow will miss the end of the dock, but the right side of the bow will definitely hit it. I know if I jerk the wheel hard left, I'll simply swing the stern into the dock. So I ease to the right and back off the throttle. But the back of the boat clips the corner of the dock pretty good. I have a 4 foot black scrape (from the floating dock bumper) and it hit right across the lettering! Now all the lettering is gone (except "CHA") and my gelcoat is gouged! What did I learn? To NEVER open the throttle like that near a dock. Never ever. Learned the hard way. I've read through these forums and see all the old salts saying that every boater will scratch their gelcoat so I'm embarrassed but that's how you learn. Question - any ideas on what I should pay to fix the gelcoat and get the lettering replaced? It's a 2017 SC 250.