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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I am new to the forum, but life long boater, I have what I consider a privelage to own one of Chaparral's 2300 sx sport boats, with an upgraded aftermarket 454 gen 6, carborated 750 eldebrock marine, with nice after market IMCO POWERFLO offshore manifolds, that comliment the engine's performance well. I am seeking a few replacement interior parts to bring my boat back around to as close to factory as possible. I suppose somewhere in the life of my chaparral someone removed one or both of the polycarb head doors, the ones that are tinted black to keep from viewing the interior of the head. Well I need the one closet to the bow. I replaced the missing door with some clear polycarb I had laying around from snowplowing but would like to replace it with original equipment. with original latch system. I am aas well looking for the fresh water tank that feeds the small sink in the bathroom, and I would imagine feeds the head as well. Not sure, I have not seen a working version of this. My father however ordered and bought this same model boat when I was a kid, He nor my mother never used the head. So to date I dont know the concept behind its operations. anyhow iim looking into get this system for my boat. contact me stevehllsbr@yahoo.com or 513 800 3957 I do have a verified pal account, unless you want to meet me in person, i am traveling a minimum of 3-4 days a week throughout the Midwest so i may potentionall just meet up with you. Name is Steve and look forward to Meeting you very soon. Just curious as well has anyone replace a floor in this style of boat, what sort of work is involved in a project of this magnitude. I relize its probably a winter project but im curious if I could tackle this project on my own given ample room to work and good advice off line. Anyone done this.
  2. I had the light fixture separate that is right before the entrance into the cabin. This is the fixture in the well on the right before you go into the cabin. I was changing a burned out bulb and when I went to push the bulb into the fixture the black inner portion pushed out and fell back into the wall. It made a thump when if fell down. My problem is I don't see an access point to get hold of the wire. It appears to be between the bathroom and couch area. Any advice would be very helpful. Thanks, Bill
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