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Found 16 results

  1. My son and I bought a 1994 Sunesta 220 last year and have been working on it. It's a great boat and was in pretty good shape but needing some TLC. We finished working on the outdrive, engine, electronics, and hull. The folks at Chaparral have been a lot of help, but - frankly - have limited information on boats this old. We are now looking at working on the freshwater and brown water systems but can't locate any information on how these systems were designed/configured and can't depend upon the current systems to guide us as, for example, the hosing for the freshwater system is not connected and we don't know what might be missing. Nor do we know how the brown water (toilet) system is supposed to be configured. We've looked for shop manuals used by boat repair shops to work on the boat but are unable to find any. Can anyone direct us to where we can find the manuals or provide us with information on the systems? Would be greatly appreciated.

    Engine flush

    Hello, I just recently purchased a used 2016 203 VRX jet boat. I was curious to know if someone can provide me a how to on engine flush (if needed) as I'm hearing mixed stories on whether or not it's needed. Also any tips on maintenance schedule would be greatly. Happy to be joining the Chaparral family. Thanks.
  3. Can anyone assist me on a wiring diagram for a windlass on a 300 signature. I specifically need from the fuse / breaker back to the battery. I have cleaned or rewired from the motor to rhe fuse. Every time I clean one connection it seems to create a problem further back. It is a lewmar windlass on a 2001. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hey everyone, Looking for some advice on my Alpha one drive. It's a 2003 and i'm not sure what the previous owner did as far as maintenance. I have replace the impeller last season so I know that has been replace recently, but as far as getting deeper in the drive i'm not sure. How often are you supposed to look into changing the gimbal bearing, bellows etc? Are their any warning signs to look out for that they need to be replaced?
  5. This will be the second season of ownership of my 2004 215 SSI with Mercury 5.0, Alpha 1 Gen II. Boat, motor, and drive have just over 300 hours on them. I contacted our local marina this week to determine if they could change the impeller on the Alpha 1 because I have no knowledge on how to do such a task. My question is what else should I have the marina due in terms of maintenance considering I'm at the 300+ hour mark? I already know the exterior exhaust bellows needs replaced due to dry rot. OOil and filter were changed in the fall before storage. I'm going to change the distributor and spark plugs on my own. Thank you in advance.
  6. Hi - I bought a 240 Signature Series last September and I had a trouble free and very enjoyable season this year. In preparation for the end of the boating season I wanted to get your input on what preventive maintenance I should do before I winterize it. please keep in mind that my boat is used in salt water and I don't have maintenance records from the previous owners. The boat has 850 hours on it. what should I be checking for possible end of life service to avoid having a more costly repair in the middle of next season? all input is appreciated. Thank you, Erich
  7. Toddavid

    VP V8 380 C D

    Bought the VP official service manual for this engine, and was surprised to find no info on fluid specs or maintenance intervals. 1) what oil should I be using in this engine, and how much 2) where can I find maintenance info Thanks.
  8. I am searching for a maintenance manual on how to do basic things like oil changes and fuel filters. Does anyone have a pdf manual or a link for a 2014 Chap 27 Signature with a Volvo 380 engine? Also so have a "maintenance required" message when starting up I'd like to know how to clear. Owners manual doesn't address this message or how to clear it. Any help out there? Please email me at bustercrabbe@yahoo if so. Many thanks in advance!!!
  9. I just bought a 1999 2130 SS here in Florida. It's missing the port aft hi-low jump seat. I've scoured the web, Craigslist, eBay, and all other boat-related sites I can think of, looking for OEM parts and seats with no luck. Anyone have a recommendation for finding a matching seat cushion? Are there some good sites for boat junk yards, like there are for cars? Also, is it possible to convert the rear seating configuration from standard (with the engine cover between two jump seats) to the sport configuration, where it's just one lounge seat across the back? This is my preferred seating configuration, but the boat was such a good deal, I figured I could reconfigure it, if possible, or just live with it the way it is. Thanks for any and all feedback!
  10. Hi all, My brother just acquired a '24 four winns i/o deckboat from his father-in-law's barn. It has been sitting there for about the last 5 years. From what he knows it was properly winterized before going into storage, and it was under a mooring cover. Our exposure to boat maintenance has been keeping up with our sailboats, sea-doos, various outboard motors and Chaparral 224 (as well as occasionally helping the lake neighbors with oil changes and winterizing). We know the complete history of all of our boats and have always done the routine, and sometimes non-routine, maintenance ourselves. This deckboat is somewhat of a puzzle due to age (early 90's?) and being a marine motor with a carb. We have plenty of experience with carbs on cars, but not a marine engine. Also, it is pretty filthy and has had some mice living in it. So far he has started cleaning it out, and pulled the batteries (which are dated 2012!) and put them on a charger. Besides the standard de-winterization and oil change is there advice on how to prepare this thing to get back in the water? Also, it is a fiberglass hull with a carpeted and plywood deck; much like a pontoon boat. Can we pressure-wash the interior or would it be bad to exposes the plywood to that much moisture? Any tips would be appreciated, I can try and get a picture up later today to help with the diagnosis! Thanks!
  11. When we finally got out on (rather in) the lake again this weekend, I used my son's mask to inspect the outdrive. To my horror, I found the anodes are almost completely gone!! They are a year old, and the reason the went so quickly is because I installed Magnesium anodes which protect better, but dissolve faster. Boat is scheduled to be hauled out either this week or next. But that has been the case since April! I'm getting a little frustrated and a lot nervous about the anode situation. I know it's not easy, but can the anodes be changed in the water? At least the prop anode and the trim bars? I have a set of aluminum anodes, but have been waiting for haul out. How important is it to get these things on immediately versus waiting a couple or three weeks?
  12. Does anyone have a trusted boat tech/dealer for Chaps in the Springfield/Nixa, MO area? (65801, 65714). I'm not looking for something you can google but past experience. Thanks!
  13. My boat now has 312 hrs. on it and it's in the 7th season. Just wondering what the avg. life is of some of the normal wear items. Such as: starter, alternator, gimbal bearing, bellows, etc. I'm very particular about my preventative maintenance and I try to replace things before they actually break and leave me stranded. So what does everyone think?
  14. I was reading some posts the other day trying to get advice on this and that regarding maintenance and upkeep, and I kept finding mentions of peoples' 'boat boxes". You know, that box of things you collect onboard after one project or another. I came to understand that most peoples' "boat boxes" are the result of many many seasons of maintenance, upkeep, transporting, cleaning, and repairing usually more than one boat over the years. So, from a veteran to a relative newbie, tell: What goes into your boat box? What stuff do you keep on board that you would never pull the trailer out of the driveway without, or that you would never leave the dock without? What fluids, cleaners, tools, even toys!?
  15. 2009 256 SSI 6.2L Merc. Bravo 3 Ok. Boat this boat in November with 93 hours of salt water use, stored on a lift. Raw water cooled. Hull looks new. I'm taking the better part of this week off to do the following. I am changing the Risers, manifolds and associated gaskets. Thermostat and gasket. Changing the outdrive oil. Valve covers and gaskets (little rust on one, gotta have tripple plated chrome). Oil and filter change. Is there anything else I shoukd be lubing/greasing??? I don't have the original manuals. Installing new sound system, JL audio. Installing new standard Horizon gps 1700 VHF radio and Shakespeare 4' 3db antenna on radrar arch. Installing lowrence elite 5 gps chartplotter. Installing Lumitec 3 Seablaze blue LED's under swim platform. Blue led strips under gunwalls. Thanks for your advice. I don't want to be out there and say. I wish I knew about that.
  16. I'm very new regarding boats, but I really fell in love with this one and couldn't resist buying it last year in June. It has less than 20 hrs. Went to see lakes Horsetooth, Boyd Lake, and Carter Lake. Because of the drought we couldn't boat much longer. I love this new experience. May needs right now are to add more hand rails to go up and down the ladder , it's kind of hard for me and my family. Should I go to any hardware store and get them or need to go to my dealer? When I park my boat in the lake the feel I need to add more cleats so more bumpers can be attached. Or I'm wrong? The only downside about my Chap is the radio. Try to connect my iPod and couldn't get good sound from it, so I just turn it off and radio alone doesn't have a good sound either. It seems to be a radio defect. Any ideas? Or should I get a new radio. A little upset because was planning to get the tower this Spring with nice speakers. I'm in Northern Colorado area Fort Collins
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