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Found 4 results

  1. Hey folks, I have a 2001 280 Signature with twin mercruiser 5.0 EFI's. This has a quicksiver top mount dual control with trim, which seems a bit stiff. Does anyone have access to a service manual, or know how to identify, or what model number this is? I believe there is an adjustable drag on the throttle mechanism. The controls slide easily when I depress the button to only control the throttle, as opposed to the shifter and throttle together. I would really like access to a service/parts manual to understand this control. Any help would be appreciated. I found a picture of a similar control, as I did not have a picture of my exact one available. Brian
  2. My son and I bought a 1994 Sunesta 220 last year and have been working on it. It's a great boat and was in pretty good shape but needing some TLC. We finished working on the outdrive, engine, electronics, and hull. The folks at Chaparral have been a lot of help, but - frankly - have limited information on boats this old. We are now looking at working on the freshwater and brown water systems but can't locate any information on how these systems were designed/configured and can't depend upon the current systems to guide us as, for example, the hosing for the freshwater system is not connected and we don't know what might be missing. Nor do we know how the brown water (toilet) system is supposed to be configured. We've looked for shop manuals used by boat repair shops to work on the boat but are unable to find any. Can anyone direct us to where we can find the manuals or provide us with information on the systems? Would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hello, We have just acquired this boat and need a wiring diagram. Does anone out there have such a beast? Or for that matter any manuals at all, as Chaparral do not have any available for a boat of this age. We have numerous issues; a faulty fuel gauge, Trim/Tilt for outdrive not operating on the UPWARD move and it would help to have a diagram / schematic so at least we can check out what is standard and what has been added or changed over the years. I do have the Owner's manual but this only deals with the basics. My phone number is 253 970 2152, Thanks so much, Heather
  4. I just bought a 2004 256SSi. I have a Halon (or what ever the replacement gas is) indicator light on the console. It shows green, which should indicate the system is charged. BUT, I have searched everywhere for the canister and can't find one. Any help on where to look would be much appreciated. Vinworcester.
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