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Found 6 results

  1. Are there issues with this particular model of engines?

    Engine flush

    Hello, I just recently purchased a used 2016 203 VRX jet boat. I was curious to know if someone can provide me a how to on engine flush (if needed) as I'm hearing mixed stories on whether or not it's needed. Also any tips on maintenance schedule would be greatly. Happy to be joining the Chaparral family. Thanks.
  3. Have a Chaparral sunesta 220. Need to replace the flywheel housing and believe I need to pull the motor, or maybe move it forward?. I have removed the outdrive. Is this a job that is fairly straight forward? Need any expensive tools? I've pulled a seadoo motor, but don't have tons of mechanical experience. Have a shop and lots of tools....anyone pulled a similar motor?
  4. I just purchased this 2000 205 SSE it has a 4.3 Mercruiser, but I am wondering if it is a alpha, or what other nomenclature. Thanks in advance.
  5. Well I have a bit of a problem... I'm leaving for a big trip in 3 days and the ingnition switch is dead. I have checked all fuses under the dash, replaced ingnition switch itself, rewired all old and shorted wires and charged the battery. Every thing works that you can think of. Dash lights and gage's, motor can be moved up and down. (There's power to the motor oneself but not the ignition)Every thing works the ignition doesn't tick or make a sound ethier. I have tested power in many spots and one spot that has nothing is the solenoid wire this is interesting but I have no idea what to
  6. When loading my H2O onto the trailer I am having trouble getting it snug to the front roller. I always end up with about 3 inches of space between the eye and the front V cushion roller/stopper. This allows the boat to bounce up-and-down. I am wondering if I should go ahead and just crank it the rest of the way up tight. That is what I usually do, but it seems to put a lot of stress on the eye. I do not want to mess up the boat. It seems a little tight when I crank it. I usually pull the boat up onto the trailer with the docking rope then once it is aligned I power it up The rest of the way. M
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