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Found 5 results

  1. I have a pretty clean 2014 SSI with only 120 hours. Based on the gauge set up - I do not see room to add a Navi/map screen in the dash. Any recommendation on where to add the equipment. Suggestions on where I can possibly do it and keep the look "factory". Any pics you can share of your set up would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. Slapshot

    LED Project

    I'm starting a new project since I completed my bellows, shift cable, and hose replacement project. I want to upgrade or install the following: Bow Navigation Light (LED bulb upgrade) Cuddy Cabin Lights (LED bulb upgrade) Install 3 Courtesy Lights (1 at the Stern entrance/exit, 1 behind captain's chair and 1 behind passenger chair near the floor) Here is a picture of the original bulbs from the Cuddy Cabin Lights (left), and the Bow Navigation Light (right): Does anyone know the LED replacement for either of these? The one on the right has a part# 2641L, and my local part store had the following LED which looked compatible: I couldn't find anything that resembled the Cuddy Cabin Lights. At least nothing that had the 2 extended prongs. So I may just end up replacing the entire fixtures. Any recommendations? Now on to the Courtesy Lights; I would like to add courtesy lights at the stern exit/entrance where the remote radio controls reside. The radio controls no longer function because the previous owner upgraded the original stereo from the included JBL stereo which utilized this stern remote system. Here is a pic of the area that I am working with: I thought about purchasing an LED light that covered the entire area, which is about 4" long, but I've since cleaned the area up. I could fill in the existing holes with some filler and maybe buff the gelcoat. Either way does anyone have a suggestion for an LED light that could fit this area. Whatever light I end up putting here I will also put the same light behind each chair (captain and passenger), near the floor to light the pathway up on deck. My helm has a wiper switch, but my boat did not come with a windshield wiper so I thought I might use that switch to control these courtesy lights? Thank you Jake
  3. We decided to go back home on Monday as weather turned iffy and the forecast was even worse. Wind, rain, and getting stronger and wetter. The day was like in the picture below … but it was suppose to clear in the afternoon and overnight … it didn't. It was supposed to be an easy going two hour trip. We sailed out of the transient marina in the afternoon, filled up in another, and called Canadian Border Services Agency to report the crossing and clear the landing. As NEXUS card holders it was supposed to be an expedited clearance on water … it wasn't … we got diverted to a reporting center some 10 miles off our intended course. It was a night after a full moon. We were actually looking forward to do some evening cruising basking in the moonlight … it did not happen. A complete overcast and it was dark when we docked at the reporting marina. By the time we left it for the final leg home it was 9 PM, windy, rainy, and pitch black. Now, the radar … and instrument cruising. It is not easy and the unlit buoys are your worst enemy. Keeping the boat within a navigational channel and/or in deep water is not as big of a problem as avoiding these red (black) and green (black) floating chunks of metal. With our 2nm all around light we could spot them maybe 30 feet ahead and only if we looked intensely in the direction as indicated by the radar. The radar … glad we had it working that night. BTW, the CBSA officer never showed up … we were told we are clear to go. The diversion and the wait added 3 hours to our route … for nothing ... well done Canada! We have reached our home dock by 11 PM.
  4. Some links and downloads that can be useful to all boaters in USA. Recommend downloading the US Aids to Navigation System brochure, PDF (see below). USCG BOATING SAFET HOME (resource center) http://www.uscgboating.org/default.aspx USCG BOATING SAFET REGULATIONS (confusing, links to ALL regulations and laws) http://www.uscgboating.org/regulations/default.aspx USCG BOATING SAFET NAVIGATION RULES (some good resources and links) http://www.uscgboating.org/regulations/navigation_rules.aspx - US Aids to Navigation System Brochure, PDF (good reference, minimum of what a boater should know) - http://www.uscgboating.org/assets/1/workflow_staging/Publications/486.PDF USCG NAVIGATION RULES ONLINE (somehow confusing organization but available online) http://www.navcen.uscg.gov/?pageName=navRulesContent - USCG Navigational Rules - International and Inland, Corrected Nov 2011, PDF (the letter of the nav rules) - http://www.navcen.uscg.gov/pdf/navRules/CIM16672_2D_NavRules_111123.pdf - USCG Boat Crew Seamanship Manual, September 2003, PDF (the spirit and application of the nav rules, and more) - http://www.uscg.mil/directives/cim/16000-16999/cim_16114_5c.pdf Hope this helps ...
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