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Found 7 results

  1. As a newbie I bought a new 2016 Chapparal 246 SSI, 300HP boat in Sept 2016 and the engine coupling failed at 88 hours. The manual said to lube it at 50 hours and with scheduling I had the marina lube it at 68 hours. Twenty hours later it failed and left my family adrift on the lake June 2018. The marina said they had seen engine couplings last for years and they'd look for defects when repairing ($1300). Mercury declined any warranty support. My question: Did I do something wrong that caused this problem? Too much indle time? Gear change at above a certain RPM? Did I hit something?
  2. Ghost Rider

    New H2o 21

    Hey guys just picked up my new 21 h2o! Blue hull, matching Bimini, Mercury 4.3 220 hp, deluxe package, cockpit carpet, bow and cockpit covers, and bow filler cushion! Sea trial went well and my dealer and salesman was great to work with. Are we allowed to say where we bought our boats? I would love to give a shoutout.
  3. Wingnut

    Test Drive

    During the Chesapeake Raft Up, I decided I might like to buy a new boat, so I borrowed one for a test drive. Did not like it. Added fore and aft "Smart Tabs" and tried it again. Tried another test ride. Still did not end well. I'm walking from now on. W
  4. tsouthar

    2100 SX

    Hey Guys, I am looking at upgrading from my current boat 18ft to a 2100 SX. Everything I have read about them I have liked. Plus they just look cool. Any advice on where to look? Motor of choice? I like to slalom ski so I want to have power. I also really like the sport seating but I feel like that is hard to find. And what kind of $$$ would you give for one of these? The few that I have seen haven't been consistent in price. Thanks in advance for the advice!
  5. Hello all - My wife and I finally got our new Sig 330 two weeks ago and love it. As never owning a boat this size before I'm trying to manage expectations with problems identified. Listed below are the problems found: Water leak in interior cabin - fixedA/C - Heater water pump dead - fixedFiberglass 2 foot creak in steps leading to bow - fixedNew water leak from top speaker - looking intoTV Antenna - not picking up anything - looking intoThe trim tabs are leaning the boat - may need to add lead to the port / bow side??????TWO Big OnesSliding door to salon, the handle and molding came loose - off from floor to top handle, could not open/close door. They reset it but starting to come off again slowlyThe sliding door isn't sliding because the door is rubbing on the fiberglass molded stairs that runs to to bow. To replace the piece is 6 ft x 6 ft including the whole instrumental panel. The windows, top and all electronics would have to be removed as the fiberglass piece mold has a manufacture flaw.My dealer has been very responsive and is working with me to fix the issues. Most were minor until last night when we identified the last two. As you can understand my stress level is very high considering this is a new boat and it was expensive. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  6. MasterChief

    New to Me Chaparral Sunesta

    I bought a new to me 2008 Chaparral Sunesta 244. Had to drive from Seattle to Spokane to get it....but it's been totally worth it! We put 20 hours on it on Lake Washington and Lake Union before the weather turned. Can't wait until next Spring to get it out on the water and try it out through the locks into Puget Sound. Retired Master Chief
  7. Bud C

    New 246 SSI

    I am fairly new to these forums, buying my first boat last year, a 2002 220 SSI. My family and I enjoyed the boat, but also had some major issues with the engine that ended up costing over $2K. With that behind us, we finished off the summer enjoying the boat and exploring the lake with friends and family. So we took another plunge with a new Chaparral, a 2011 246 SSI. We bought it at the New England boat show from the same marina that I had purchased the 2002 from. They gave me a fair price for my old boat, and a great discount on the leftover 2011. It also came with a 2+3 year warranty, (5 years), that made the decision easy. We spent more than we wanted, but feel that owning a new boat with an extended warranty is worth the money. I hope to post some pictures once we have the boat in the water.