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Found 1 result

  1. bshep

    287 SSX for Coastal Boating

    Hi all, I am back on this forum after a several year hiatus after I sold my 2009 215 SSi W/T. I owned that boat for about 5 years but sold it when I sold my lake place in NH and had no real good place to use the boat anymore. Fast forward a couple of years and now my wife and I are looking for a boat to use at our new place in Portsmouth, RI on the Sakonnet river, which is connected to Narragansett Bay. We went to the Providence Boat Show last weekend and took a close look at the new (2018) 287 SSX. It seems like a boat that addresses our wants and needs very well. And since I enjoyed my first Chaparral, I have no qualms about buying one again. But, since this will be my first experience in salt water and coastal boating, I wanted to reach out to this forum to get any opinions on: 1. I/O's in salt water. It seems most people would steer me to outboards in salt water, which I understand, but, I can't really find an OB set-up that I like as much as the 287 SSX. My boat will be in the water at a dock all season (May-Oct). I know there will be increased maintenance costs on the I/O due to use in salt, but, other than that it's not "crazy" to use an I/O in salt, is it? 2. The bay can apparently get choppy. There are a lot of center console fishing boats and big express cruisers out there normally. But those boats aren't a match for me. So, do you think I will be happy with the performance/ride of the SSX hull in real conditions? I'm not looking to go out when the weather is crappy, but, I also want to be able to be comfortable in the normal conditions in the bay. In my experience with the 215 SSI I didn't think it handled small lake waves and chop all that well. It was OK, but, not super smooth. The water around my new digs will surely be a lot rougher than what I saw on the small lake. 3. I should paint the hull and outdrive, right? 4. Would you take a bow rider like the 287 SSX out into the ocean? I don't want to go too far out and would only go when conditions are forecasted to be good. But, conditions can change unexpectedly... 5. Any current 287 SSX owners out there with suggestions, regrets, or encouragement??? Thanks! I look forward to (hopefully) being part of the Chap community once again. Brian