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Found 11 results

  1. We are new to boating and need some guidance when taking our boat out of winterization. We had the boat winterized and shrink wrapped for the winter. Now we want to get it ready to go on the water. Is there a checklist that someone can give us as to what we need to do before putting on the water? Also, a checklist on what to do once we are at the dock to get ready to put in the water. For example, turn on the blower, make sure propeller is up in the air, etc... Thank you
  2. Bama Breeze

    Guide post

    So first of all I'm a newbie. My wife and I bought a 60hp pontoon boat last year and I thought I had this boating thing aced. Launching no problem, docking nothing to it, retrieving/trailering easy breezy. THEN towards the end of this summer we sold the pontoon boat and bought a 22' Chaparral Sunesta 5.0 GXi. HUGE difference! I love the boat but I have SOOOO much to learn, I went from ace to disgrace lol. Launching is no problem but docking is tricky and last time we took her out I scuffed her up trailering her on my guide post. What is a good way to remove the scuff I tried buffing it but maybe I don't have the right pad or compound? I'm pretty sure it's because we are going to deep with the trailer and I'm having a hard time even lining her up. All and any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Hey all, I am currently on the hunt for my first boat and came across this 2006 Chaparral 276 SSi from https://www.boattrader.com/boat/2006-chaparral-276-ssi-7422852/ it has pretty low engine hrs but I am not experienced in these engines or out drive. Can anyone say yay or nay on this boat simply by looking at the stats? Motor: 8.1 Liter Volvo OSi DuoPropHP: 375Outdrive: Volvo Penta 1.78 DPS-B (Installed New in 2015) Again, I’m new to boats and welcome all advice. I’ll be using it in salt/ brackish water. TIA
  4. I have read many of your great responses and I figured I would introduce myself. I am Steve and I have just purchased a one owner 1985 Chaparral 238 XLC. The catch is it has been resting since 2000. I found it to be in pretty good condition for the amount of time it has been resting. It has the 230 Mercruiser with the alpha 1 best I can tell with the high-fire ignition. it was shrunk wrapped and in mostly good condition with some sun fade where the belly bands had allowed the shrink wrap to ride up. The first few things that I have noticed right away was the bellows were falling out of it, a through hull for the sink was broken. I brought it home and have been trying to figure out where to start first after loading the boat by myself onto the trailer with nothing but a jack and stack of wood. I figure there are a number of things I would replace such as the bellows, water pump, lower unit oil, engine oil, shift cable, Gas, and the battery. I think that there should be a number of other things that I should worry about as well and that is where I am hoping to find out from your experience! I know that the window seals are shrunk, and they will need to be replaced, but I figured I should get it running first. although my concern is that there is some water right at the base of the steps while it is just sitting on the trailer. I have seen some similar posts but I don't see a floor drain right there in plain view is there something under the carpet? can I buy the window seals for this? Where do you guys get your parts reasonably? Finally, If you have part numbers for Bellow kit, shift cable kit, water pump kit, and any other advice would be welcome. Regards Steve
  5. Replacing a broken hinge on my 2014 SSI glove box. Removed the screw that holds both parts of the hinge together. I see that the glove box door - which has the top portion of the hinge - has a couple of nuts on the back.. Appears the bottom hinge, which is attached to the glove box trim piece...also has screws and a nut. Didn't see how to access that so I assume the trim pops off?Can someone verify please before I do something stupid. Found my hinge from Cecil Marine for under $30....original part coming soon. Didn't want to break something so asking first before I create a bigger issue. Thanks....
  6. Hello to anyone listening (I’m going to rant so third paragraph begins my questions) I purchased a 2017 H2O sport back in February. It was a holdover model & it is my first experience with owning a boat. I’ve already put 30 hrs on it & so far it’s treated me well besides an anchor issue that will cost me a new seat cushion this winter. I am experiencing an issue with trying to put gas in it that I already read up about. Water is getting into the vent that is in the side of the hull & when I fuel up it pushes the water out but kicks the pump off b/c it’s not venting. I knew from reading reviews that the H2O was not a high end boat but that is what attracted me to it since it’s my first go round boating. Since it was a ‘17 that was being sold at a huge discount I bought it from only seeing pictures online from a dealer in northern Iowa. I live in central Nebraska & the dealer in my hometown is a Chap dealer but the same boat in an ‘18 would have cost me $15k more. For this reason I believe the dealer I purchased it from gave me less than mediocre service. The boat was filthy, scuffed up a lot (removed with a lot of effort) & has a couple chips in the fiberglass in the interior (possibly from repairs that had to be done that delayed delivery for 3 weeks). The dealer offered an on water orientation that sucked. The guy was rude, gave horrible advice, & had me dock in a terrible spot with no bumpers & against my better judgement I followed his instructions & put a big scuff down the side. The salesman won’t answer my emails or returns calls & looking at their website they don’t sell Chaparrals anymore. Interesting thing is the boat had obviously been in the water a couple times but the hour meter said 0 when I took delivery. For the above reasons above I don’t want to bother with them or give them another penny but not buying from my local dealer pissed them off. The boat is missing a decal in the bow. A simple H2O emblem with the bird that should have been there & I would like to get one. Does anyone know if this can be acquired directly from Chaparral or know a part number? This winter I plan to upgrade the wimpy stereo (mine is the deluxe w/ a clarion head unit) any suggestions on speakers? I’m thinking the Infinity’s with lights in them & I’m thinking about adding 2 more below the seats in the back. Probably will add some underwater lights in the back also so any suggestions there would be great. The glovebox is a joke & I’m considering having a friend that used to build boats extend it back into the storage area. Anyone done something like this? I’m sure that would void a warranty though. I ran across an article before I took delivery regarding different props for cruising but I can’t find it now. If you’ve changed props what did you go with & what was the results? Since I’m completely new to boating any suggestions for maintenance on these 21 H2Os or things to watch out for is appreciated. Sorry for the tldr novel Happy boating to you all.
  7. Sopadepollo

    New 257SSX

    Just got a new 257SSX.
  8. I have a 1985 Chaparral 238 XLC that is now going to get a special place on a trailer away from the bunk that it has been resting on since 2000. I have a load rite trailer that I think is big enough for it, but the main question that I have is how do I set the trailer up for the boat? I am wondering if there is any specific measurements that should be taken or set up? the things I am worried about is the width of the bunks, where the bow stop should be placed.
  9. I have a 1985 Chaparral 238 XLC that is now going to get a special place on a trailer away from the bunk that it has been resting on since 2000. I have a load rite trailer that I think is big enough for it, but the main question that I have is how do I set the trailer up for the boat? I am wondering if there is any specific measurements that should be taken or set up? the things I am worried about is the width of the bunks, where the bow stop should be placed.
  10. Hello, I'd like to get into wakeboarding and I know nothing about what to purchase. I'm a snow skier, but know nothing about water sports. I did a brief search on buying wakeboards such as size per weight, etc. but it's daunting. My girlfriend and I would like to both wakeboard, I assume I'll need two wakeboards or can we share one with our weights differing? What do I need for the boots/bindings (whatever it is) and are they universal or do I need also one for her and one for me? Any suggestions on what to get and how all this works would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  11. Hello everyone, Glad to see there is a forum for chaparral's. I am new to owning a boat and my first is A 1998 Chaparral 205LE. Got a great price for it and am having lots of fun. It was very well taken care of. Has a 5.0 in it. Hope to contribute what I can to this forum. Most of my experience comes from Automotive. I have a 2012 Camaro 2SS 45th that I have done quite a few things to. It puts down 450 to the wheels. What that means is that I will want to tinker with this engine and see what I can do to get more power. I GPS'd it the other day and it hit 50+mph. I am not interested in more speed but instead more power out of the hole. Any ideas Here are pictures of it [
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