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Found 4 results

  1. Brainfuzz

    Vortex 223 VRX Oil change

    I hit 25 hours on my 2016 Vortex 223 VRX my last time out on the lake which set two error messages on the display: "port engine maintenance required" and "starboard engine maintenance required". The 25 hour scheduled maintenance consists of an oil change and basic inspection, but my dealer wanted $479 (pre-tax) for this service! Two "Sea-Doo XPS 4-Stroke Synthetic Blend Oil Change Kits" from Amazon for $65 each showed up at my house a few days later. It took me and my nine year old son less than an hour to perform the 25 hour service this afternoon. The manuals that came with the boat/engines explain the process fairly well, but they do not mention how to clear the alarm code on the cockpit display. Does anyone know how to clear the maintenance alarm codes? I called Chaparral for this answer, but they told me to contact my dealer. Based on what my dealer wanted to charge for this service, I suspect that he will be less than friendly to help me. Google suggested that holding "set" and "mode" for 3 seconds would solve this on scarab jet boats which use the same engines, but this did not work for me. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Buster

    2014 Chaparral Signature 27

    I am searching for a maintenance manual on how to do basic things like oil changes and fuel filters. Does anyone have a pdf manual or a link for a 2014 Chap 27 Signature with a Volvo 380 engine? Also so have a "maintenance required" message when starting up I'd like to know how to clear. Owners manual doesn't address this message or how to clear it. Any help out there? Please email me at bustercrabbe@yahoo if so. Many thanks in advance!!!
  3. 2001ChaparralSSi216

    2001 Chaparral SSI 216 with Volvo Penta 5.0 gi

    How many qt.'S of Oil is needed in the Volvo penta 5.0 Gi? What is the Oil filter size/brand? What does "Gi" stand for? "5.0 Gi"
  4. Hello all. I bought new a 2008 224 Sunesta with a 5.7 and DPS lower unit. I finally got fed up with the 4 week, $XXX engine/lower unit oil changes by my local boat mechanic and decided to do it myself. All went well with the engine and fuel filter but the lower unit is a different story. I bent the tool VP requires to remove the front prop but after buying a steel rod, managed to remove. The screw which is the drain plug will not come out. I've tried WD40, screwdrivers, drills (battery and electric) and it won't budge. I finally decided to take off the housing that contains the screw (figuring it would be easier to work with on my workbench) and did drain the gear oil but still can't remove the screw. Another concern and to my surprise, the gear oil was solid black, not the golden color described above. Two questions for everyone: 1) I know the color should be golden when going in but is anyone's gear oil black coming out after a season? 2) any ideas on how to remove the screw? You can assume where this is going...have I been paying for 4 years for a lower unit oil change and it has never actually been done? Thanks in advance for the help.